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Gong Wei Xingfeng

My Gift To You

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A large poster is hung outside the Inn. Written in black ink flecked with motes of gold on thick pink paper, the precise shade of a cherry blossom in May, it reads thusly:


Residents of Pinedale, Greetings.


It has been made known to us that some of you are departing soon to represent Pinedale in some sort of competition. As many of you know, the Koshaku Iga Shinzen is a degenerate gambler, and he has bet heavily on the outcome of these Xin Yun Dong Hui, these "Blood Games". We ourselves know little about the games, but in a show of support for the Lord Iga, we have instructed our servant Chang Tzu to accompany you with a great cache of swords and other armaments, since subsequent to the sale of Omar's Hammer to Master Castigus he is without task.


He will be supporting the competitors of Pinedale with his meager healing magics and magical production skills. Seek him out if you need his aid.


Hao yun, yi lu ping an.


Gong Wei Xingfeng

Daimyo of the Tuq vo' Ying Hwa

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