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Crafting Changes!!

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Definitly not an attempt to get out of making my stuff blue. I spend gobs of time making stuff and could have quite easily added blue.


Id just like to have the rules say, it must be blue, if that is whats going to be enforced. no exceptions. not hard.


if however I do not have to add blue to my orange and red outfit I dont want to cause i think it looks bad.


man I wish people would quite thinking my intentions are to subvert or be secretive. I would think you'd all know me by now... guess I screwed the pouch with malice.


anyways. I'm willing to do whatever is asked of me and I try to follow the spirit of the rules. but their is some awesome garb out there that doesn't have blue in, but if we must have blue, those items will never be seen. example: I spent an hour looking for bracers with Kai online and we found some hot stuff, but honestly not much good "blue" stuff, especially with metal bracers, we found none.


So you all figure out what you want, but please for our sanity don't leave it vague, so then we are accused of motivations that our not even close to the mark.



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In my opinion the only part of the game this rule means anything is looting. People tend to ask whats magical or not anyways in game.

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