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Call-Out to the Blood Games

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Hello fellow LARPers!


The summer time is rapidly approaching, and the Blood Games 2010 are early this year - on July 2 and 3. Once again we are organizing this event to bring together LARPers from all manner of games, to share in competition, story, and battle. High time to build your character, gather your team and come enjoy the companionship and excitement of another fun-filled event of tournaments and challenges!

We will again have plenty of activities for those who like to do battle, those who like to solve mental challenges, and those who like to perform! And of course, the biggest challenge faced by each of you will be your opponents - hungry for the same prize and glory. This year - is it your year?


To add even more motivation, in 2010 we have the pleasure to be able to offer great prizes sponsored by LARP Distribution, the US distributor of LARP supplier Epic Armoury:


1st Prize: Two Handed War Sword http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-112-two-handed-war-sword.aspx


2nd Prize: Adventurer Sword http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-109-adventurer-larp-sword.aspx


3rd Prize: Ready For Battle Knights Fighter Sword http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-34-larp-knights-fighter-sword.aspx


4th Prize: Three Throwing Knives and a Three Knife Holder http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-201-la....ew-edition.aspx & http://www.larpdistribution.com/p-193-la....r-3-knives.aspx


Please check out the details at http://www.thebloodgames.com/, and register! Any questions? Please ask us!






Ye Olde Commons



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Hey Harald!


No deal with Iron Liege this year for custom prizes? I have a lot of contacts in the industry, would you like me to see if I can rustle up some custom stuff for you?

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