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[Compulsion] Why stun when you can Dominate?

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The lvl 5 compulsion spells need to be looked at and I believe a replacement for the stun spell seems to be in order.


Look at the effects


Stun- totally incapacitates a target for 1 min- any damage brakes the stun.


Dominate- Controls the target for 10 min able to give the follow, defend, attack commands


While on the surface they seem to be different spells in practice I would never cast a stun on someone when I could dominate them instead- the duration is longer, the effect can not be broken with damage and the end result (usually the death or capture of the target) is the same - stunned target- "Time to die!" whack whack whack in the back- Dominated target "Sit!" "Time to die!" whack whack ect ....


The question, in my mind, is what to replace stun with


Possible suggestions


1. A Mass charm- don't know how effective it would be and could be difficult to adjudicate

2. Nightmare- the caster becomes the targets worst nightmare making the caster become monstrous, dr silver for the target only?


Any others?

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I think of Stun as the combat-effective version of Dominate.. mostly because Dominate technically only let's you issue 4 commands, where Stun is less talky talky and more fighting fighting. Being hit with Dominate means you spend a few seconds giving instructions. When you're hit with Stun, it's time to lay down and hope your party members defend you.


Still, coming up with new effects is fun. So, here goes:



Domain - Within one's established encampment, no one may attack that person. (This is a clumsy knock off of Majesty, yeah I know)


Mind Mastery - Double the amount of tagbags from any other Compulsion effect -- spells cast from self, items, scrolls, etc.


Mind over Meat - Target may fight on for 1 minute after they have been "killed". Limb wounds, spell effects, and trap limitations still hamper the target; they may only effectively ignore the depletion of body and torso wounds, though these still occur as normal. Once the minute duration is up, the target drops.


Triggered Compulsion: Allows application of an 'If/then' statement into any other Compulsion spell. For example, "If I ever utter the word monkeypants, then you take a Fear spell to the chest." "If you ever consider murdering me, then you suffer a Dominate spell with the command to come tell me of your plans." etc etc.


/quick thoughts

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