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Props & buying from the Emporium

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Due to recent production snafus that have come to a head this year, all items purchased under contract to the Magic Emporium are now subject to the following rule, effective immediately:



If you don't back out 3 days prior to the end of pre-production, you're item(s) go to the back of the line. Period.



In the past there has been some funny-business of people being assigned a number & providing the prop at a later time/event. That's BS and there are now safeguards in place to prevent that sort of thing from happening.


Also BS is telling someone I can do it, I can do it, I can do it....and then showing up with no prop to the event (which has happened, more than once).


That is all.

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Because I am tired of running all over the camp and being dead last to sign in, I am instituting a second addendum to the above rule.


If I don't have your item, coin, scroll(s), and anything else that may be needed to make your item in my hand by 7pm on friday night, then it won't be created for that event.


If you miss the 7pm hard cap, this means that you will have to wait until the next opening in my crafting schedule, which in most cases will likely be a month or more away.



Thanks and have a good day.

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