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If you find a vendor for period stuff or LARP accessories, post up the info here. A quick review and thumbs up or down if you've dealt with them would also be helpful.

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That is the site where I got all of the Zhuhao's garb. It's good quality, comparitively inexpensive (lined silk brocade gowns for under $100? Awesome...), ships fast, and comes in manly sizes. You can do an amazing oriental impression there for well under $200 shipped - I'm talking shoes, pants, gown, and accessories.


They have some new stuff this year, and I'm thinking the Zhuhao needs to expand his wardrobe:








That's where we've bought the majority of the props and furnishings in the pagoda and (this season) the Inn. Paper lanterns, tatami, tea sets, wall hangings, that site has all that stuff cheap. And some of it is ridiculously cool. I mean, come on, how is hanging this in your doorway not made of awesome and win:



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Fangs and Teefs!


I have a set of Dental Distortions Pro FX Veneers that I got here:




They're super easy to fit, very easy to work with, and if you screw up you can fit them over and over again with no damage or wear to the proths. All they need to fit them is hot water and some scissors or an Ex-acto knife.


I have a pair of the "Lucius" veneers:






Once they warm up to your mouth's temperature, they flex nicely, so they don't stress your teeth like wearing braces. They also sort of hinge upwards and downwards if there's too much pressure on them, so you can, say, bite your lip with them - or anyone else's, for that matter. :)


They were about $40 shipped, and are a worthy investment, either for a PC, or for playing that awesome orc chief NPC:




I highly recommend them. The website even has tutorial videos to help you fit them!

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The Sportsman's Guide Boots 1 & Boots 2



By The Sword: Quality re-enactment gear



Museum Replicas



Chivalry Sports, Inc. A great source of garb, armor, books, jewelry, and period music.



Hauntworld: Source For Props and Costumes



Castle Blood: Source For Props and Costumes



Hollow Earth Swordworks: LARP legal crossbows!



Boots by Bohemond



Center Stage Costumes



Giacomo Di Grasse, rapier fencing video manual


LRPSTORE - the World of Roleplay


Adventurer's Mart


Fantastic Supplies


The Badger's Den - Historical, Fantasy, Specialty Gifts & Supplies


For chicks: www.hippieshop.com


Edhellen Armory - Latex and Other Weapons


Carey Costuming


Knighthawk Armory


Ateliers - Nemesis Masks and Stuff They have some really nice masks and their garb is not too bad.




Prosthetic masks


If you are making your own weapons, consider getting these Fiberglass Cores . The 505L's. These work well for swords and daggers and such. You will definately notice a difference in your weapons.


Lots of blankets Good for making ponchos or tabards. Also for cloth for cloaks. SOLD OUT


Darkblade Ltd. Nice site for some accessories and such.


For you followers of the Sept, check out the Fairy Star Amulets. They would be a great addition to your garb.


Another seven pointed star pendant. 10 british pounds = ~$17


Dopey Dragon Dry Goods Purveyor of beads, feathers, fans, leather, horsehair, scarves, celtic themed items, hats, warhammers, maces, axes, wooden utensils, custom made goods and other really neat stuff for the re-enactor and the historically inclined.


Blue Heron Mercantile Featuring sundry bits of useful information and their most current catalogue of supplies and provitions for ye wilderness traveler and Indian trade.


Medieval Mayhem Ltd All things Medieval, Renaissance, Pagan & Fantasy- From the pages of history, to the far reaches of one's imagination...


Panther Primitives We bring the past to life by supplying historical reproduction tents and supplies for historical re-enactors and collectors. Our dedication to quality and customer service has made Panther the world's largest manufacturer of historical tentage.


Aurora History Boutique They have props and stuff from a large span of History. They have a Roman Legion Store, Renaissance Store, Medieval Store and even a PIRATE store. Check them out.


Tartan Time - In Europe, but nice items and decent prices.


Pewter Collectables - Another company in Europe but nice items.


Royal Selangor - Nice muge, a bit higher priced, but if you want a really nice prop for your Noble character...


Witches-n-Stitches A local place in Syracuse that has some garp and other good props.


Mandrake Armory A good place for the large, aluminum shield blanks.


The Steel Source A Museum Replicas retailer in Rochester


Ravenswood Leather Great shirts and other neat stuff


SCA Boots Nice looking boots for around $100.


The Pillaged Village A great source for all types of random LARP gear.


Turtle Island Moccasins Personalized and expensive boots.

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Horns for your drake or snow goblin. Most are not prosthetic, but attached with a clear band.

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Weapon Cores:


After searching around for a post I was looking for that was around here, I figured it was probably good to put this somewhere it could be found again. (The post I was looking for turned out to be in a thread welcoming some new players.)


8' Fiberglass Poles:

http://www.bandshoppe.com/catalog/productD...lass_Flag_Poles (Good for larger (5 or more) orders)

http://www.wwbw.com/StylePlus-Black-Fiberg...e-i149103.music (Good for smaller (4 or less) orders)


Sword cores:


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I think this is the company JC got his boots from.




Close. ;)


Son of Sandlar is the company.

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A few people asked where Nasri's moccasins came from. I got them here: Moccasin Shop.


Mine are the front-lace hardsole knee-high boots, but there are something like 6 pages of options in Women's, and 3 in Men's. Men's sizes go up to 13. Mine are holding up really well, but they're a) not waterproof, and b ) have NO arch support. So be warned: Your feet will be wet and sore by the end of a game. ;)

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Another place to find one-of-a-kind stuff is Etsy.com -- it's designed to be a storefront for handcrafters. I just did a search for LARP on the site, and found garb, jewelry, footwear, and monster horns -- and that was just results page one of 19. Check it out!

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Etsy.com is actually mentioned in the "new player" section of the Adventuring chapter... *cough* *cough*


Y'know. I case anybody decides to read it.. :)

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Dave, which of those sites did you suggest for Karate pants?

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