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Stainless Steel Sallet

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As seen in this picture:




It's not that shiny anymore, but it is 16 gauge stainless. It has a little bit of rust on it from so many years of doing nothing, but I have a buffer and I'll get it shiny again before you get it. I haven't done anything with this helmet in at least seven years, and it's not remotely SCA legal, so it's time for it to stop taking up space. It has a movable visor that stays up pretty well, and a chinstrap and padding already installed. Would be great for LARP or Dagorhir, totally legal for KoN or Dag. Honestly, should be worn with a bevor to be historically correct, but not entirely necessary.


Looking for trades, mostly historical wool and linen garb in me size. Also interested in drums, tools, SCA-legal armor and gauntlets, non-LARP wood-shafted arrows for traditional archery, viking bling.


I value this helmet at about $100. I suppose if anyone wants to buy it, I'd take that for it too.

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