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Requiem for a Dagorhirrim

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So since the Auburn practices basically fizzled out in July, I feel that it's been difficult to get any sort of practice on a regular basis. There have been times that I have felt that I have gotten WORSE in between events, from not having anyone to hit with.


I seriously want to increase my fighting skills, not just for Dag, but for Novitas as well. Since I have neither youth nor experience, nor so much the time to travel long distances every week looking for a practice, I decided to use something that I do have; some tools, a little ingenuity, and a garage full of crap. So after a few days of pondering, I came up with this:





This is my new practice dummy; I call him Fred. It got cold so I only hit him a couple of times. I will most likely add some blue foam to the exposed wood later. Was going to add crossbeams to the feet for stability, but he used up all the 2x4's that I had on hand. I needz moar wood.


I took two 6' beams for the body and nailed them together, making basically a 4x4 beam, then screwed on a couple of tires at about the shoulder and thigh area. Then I used four 30" beams for the feet so he is 5' wide.


Pros: He was basically free, I had everything that I needed to build him. Build time was only about 90 minutes. Takes hits pretty well.


Cons: Not quite as stable as I would like. (should be ok, as long as I don't shield bash him or anything stupid like that) The tires could be a little higher, but I didn't want to make him top-heavy. Not really portable.


Now, all I have to do is set up a regular routine to practice my shots. I read somewhere that it's best to practice each shot 50 times, ~3 times per week.



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I think i am in love =]

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