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Finding a group

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, and its certainly a poor time of year to try and figure out, since there wont be a normal even for several months. But Its something that I would really like to try to get set up.


Me and donna would like to try and join up with an at least somewhat stable group. Trying to accomplish this in game seems to have a bad habit of us trying to work with groups that are falling apart or restructuring or whatnot. Its very frustrating to be the guy thats allowed to tag along, but doesnt really feel like part of a group.


Are there any groups out there that could use two generally good morality, non-military minded level 14ish characters?

Obviously, it would be subject to roleplaying it out and seeing if we mesh and all, but I'm just trying to get a starting point.


We are not high level or high powered characters, but we can hold our own at our chosen roles for the most part. I am a shield using melee, and she is a druid healer.


Feel free to send me a pm, or reply here if you might have room for us.


-Bill / Phatheon

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This is a good place to post and you could do it in character In Omar's Hammer.


don't forget to nudge this post every once in a while because this tends to be a slow point in the year for people to check the forums.

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