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Ragnarok 2012 Garb Gates

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This is a shit sandwich. Let's get that said now.


Having said that, Ducky, this year's Head Herald, is looking for people to man garb gates. He promises me they will be enforced, and that he (and security if needed) will have your backs 100%. Neither me nor Bones can do this; we are both already in charge of leather and metal armor check stations, respectively.


What Ducky needs is a couple-three people who will man the garb gates every day for the hour leading up to the field battles. Maybe two man the gate and one does a roving field check. Whatever. These need to be people who are comfortable with being assertive and removing people with failing garb (failing according to Magnus' MOA changes that were passed last year). Not dicks, per se, but assertive and not able to be bullied.


If it turns out he's leaving you swinging in the breeze, you have my full support when you decide you no longer want the job. Fair warning: Narnia tried this three years ago, and it was a miserable failure. You also won't make a lot of friends doing this.


Anyone want this job?

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