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Vicious the Jester

Winterfell 2012 Schedule

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I thought I saw one posted, but I can't find it again, so I must either suck at searching, or had been hallucinating.

Anyone? Marrow? Bueller?

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I can't find it either, so here it is:


April 27-78-29---Gates of Fire in PA


May--Iron Hills --May 12 (PA) with local battle day tentatively scheduled for May 26 (more precise location will be forthcoming, but will be Syracuse)


June--Ragnarok. June 17-24. Superbowl of Dag. There is nothing else.


July---Local event scheduled for July 28.


August--Either TI or Anvard event, once I hear a date.


September--Badon Hill, Sept 20-24


October--Local: Clash of Kings Oct 12-14 at Vanderkamp

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