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Winterfell Dag Build Day

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To Winterfell/Cairnhold Legion: Wight Mal and myself will be hosting a Dag Build Day at 241 Martin St, Syracuse NY on Saturday, May 26, starting about 1. This will replace the battle day scheduled for that weekend. If you are interested in making some fighting gear, this is the time to do it.


If you want to make a shield, you will need to bring with you:

-=-A core

-=-3-4 Rolls of Blue Camp Mat from walmart for a barrel-size shield, more rolls for larger shields (they should be about 5bucks a roll; ask if you don't know what kind of foam this is)

-==- 2 cans (1 quart each) of Contact Cement (dap). You will have left-overs.

-=-Tough Fabric that looks appropriate--duck cloth, rodeo cloth are acceptable and last a long time. Blue denim--no. Thinner fabrics won't last as long. You will need enough to cover your shield, about 3 yards or so.


Optional: a buckle for the arm strap. I have cheap-o thin ones I can give out, but if you want something nicer, bring your own.


If you want to make a basic sword, you will need to bring with you:




--A core

-- Roll of Blue Camp Mat

--Roll of Hockey Tape

We have cloth available for covers--if you want something specific, bring it yourself.


If you need green stabby tips on your sword, bring the sword. I'll have some material for stabby tips--when it's gone, it's gone.


Also--Wight Mal may (emphasis on MAY) have some cores/materials--talk with him to see if they're spoken for. Unless you have specifically heard from him that you have a core earmarked--bring your own! Do not assume!


Watch for rain, we'll post here if things change.


You're on your own for lunch; burgers and dogs to follow in the evening.

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