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2012 Ragnarok Cairnhold Camp Rules

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1. Don't fuck with sleeping people.


2. No flashing in camp.


3. Do your chores when it's your turn. You didn't pay for a free ride, you paid for food, booze, and admission.


4. Ragnarok is a Fighting event. If you're constantly too hung-over to fight, expect to be punished.


5. Cairnhold has ranks. They're pretty good representations of how much effort someone has put into the group. If someone of a higher rank asks you to do something, attempt to do it. Not "Zombie bitch fill my drink" but "I'm a wight and I'm busy repairing the shower, please take the garbage out even though it's not your chore day"


6. In the interest of us all staying friends after living together for a week; Respect the wishes of couples. If somebody says "Dude stop hitting on my girlfriend" do it, likewise to "Stop breaking my boyfriend's dick" "Stop vomiting on my boyfriend" "Stop trying to give my boyfriend the DagorHiv from the DagorWhores" "Stop making my wife drinks" etc etc etc.


7. Last call for non-legion folk is at 2:00 AM. The wight on duty will put out the call, then turn out the lights and music within 10 minutes. They don't have to go home but they can't stay here.



Problems, Questions, Concerns?



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A little clarification and amplification:


#1: I don't care where they're sleeping or if their shoes are on or off.

#2: Don't do it. I guarantee I'll just confiscate all your fucking clothes since you like being nakey so much.

#3: no bitching, no whining, no slacking

#4: I have the correct drugs to be healthy this year. If I'm fighting, you're fighting.

#5: Or "Hey retard, stop doing that" or "Shut your whore mouth, he's from an ally unit" or "You and you, get this shit over to weapons check"

#6: Fo' serious.

#7: After last call, any non-Legion members in camp either GTFO or get in someone's sleeping bag with them. We don't care which.

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