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Preparation for next year at Clash of Kings

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Here is a list of things we need to get/do for next year:

*Maps of site

*Something for receipts. We had requests but just put it on scrap paper.

*Printed list of people who are pre-reged. If it is a cabin having a list as well would help (we could bring a laptop if we don't want to print it.

*If there are special requests for where people are sleeping or whatever a list would be great.

*Schedule people for weapons check, setting up and running battles, troll and auction.

*Offer breakfast in the morning even if its doughnuts and coffee. It will help to keep people on site.

*Correct schedule for the event.


If anyone can think of anything else to help the event run smoother input some ideas.

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Regarding dinner:

* Continue to offer an appetizer before dinner because it took a while to get food to everyone. I'm not sure what the feedback was on the spinach artichoke dip in particular.

* Allow pre-reg for group seating at dinner. Mark tables with units/chapters, etc. and make a chart. Then we help others find seating at any unassigned seat. We fill open seats at tables with Legion members.

* Assign servers to certain tables, then switch halfway through so we can eat. This should help to avoid the confusion over who had been served firsts, seconds, etc.

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Clearly delegate more tasks:


1. Weapons check (duh)

2. Armor check (duh)

3. Head Herald / Assistant Heralds (design scenarios and run them, keep shit moving)

4. Troll (including cabin assignments and table assignments)

5. Head Grunt / Peons (set up tents & canopies, ground guides/campsite assignments, heaters, parking, torches, firewood, tear down [this is clearly the shit job and gets all my wubs])

6. Night Life / Winterfell University / entertainment (need more options to attempt to offer something to everyone)

7. Dayboard (duh)

8. Feast & Servers (duh)

9. Medics / Security (need a sober person hanging around)

10. Raffle (run dat bitch)


What am I forgetting?

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