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RPness Notes - Nov. 4th, 2012

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There's an rtf file attached in case the forum royally effs up the formatting like I'm expecting. But here are the notes:


RPness Minutes – 11-4-12


RPness 2012: RPness Begins OR RPness Rising (the latter has my vote, huehuehue)


People in Charge of Things -

  1. Troll – Kerrie
  2. Combat and Safety - Zach
    1. Combat Refs in Orange cloaks
    2. Brobro does weapon check
    3. Jimmy does armor check
    4. Neecy does arrow check
    5. Medics handled here
    6. [*]Items and Economy – Dan[*]Rules, monster stats – Dan

      1. looting rules

          [*]Plot – Dave M.[*]Operations – Dave H.

          1. Advertising, etc.
          2. tags
          3. setup

          [*]Props – Scott Chapin

          1. items, weapons, special stuff that is fancy
          2. Tshirts!
          3. Bags and white/black marbles for Rez penalty drawings
          4. use KoN npc armor?

          [*]Tavern – Zach and Christina


          1. Mechanics finalized before Pre-reg

              [*]Group leaders to set up their own deadlines and communicate with team

              Pre-reg to start by Feb/March




              What buildings? - All cabins reserved,fellowship for logistics, confirmation + resurrection




              Feast? - no feast




              Game on - Fri evening til 2am, sat10am-2am, sun 10am - 6pm, final field battle at 6pm Sunday, thenawards ceremony, then wrap up. Players can stay til Mon, cleanup isMon.




              Who PCs -

              • attending players don't NPC,
              • Legion is fulltime NPCing; players stay in-character all weekend

              Setting –

              • plan is to set them against each other, set it in Novitas, rival factions (good vs evil)
                • Evenandra vs. Vlean?

                [*]PCs to pick side, must pick side, and fight each other.[*]NPC "Advisers" for both factions (don't call them leaders).[*]Final Plan = two rival elven sisters, one Evenandran, one is a Nosferatu, fighting against each other (Christina and Katie respectively)

              Factions -

              • People must declare by midnight Friday for a side;
              • Advisers should be in contact, text Logistics as people declare for sides so we can maintain a running count.
              • If a player wants to be neutral, tell them they can NPC for the weekend. Otherwise they must pick a side. No cop outs.
              • Limit number of slots for each side to balance
                • But fit in teams if they go over, then accept that last team and close recruitment

                [*]Armbands for each side?

                • Or make the players figure it out
                • they have to learn who is on their side
                • Final Answer: Two tags per person:
                  • red/blue for faction (unlootable)
                  • white tags for looting and points.
                  • Hand out faction tags when they swear fealty

                [*]Allow them to switch sides?

                • We think this will not work.
                • Pick by midnight Friday, must stay on side, cannot switch sides

              Scenarios -

              • example: monster scenario, send hook to both camps, hook both factions, then they fight each other to win encounter
              • railroading hooks, lead them around
              • some random encounters, some metaplot encounters
              • Put out scavenger hunts, treasure boxes
              • Treasure Goblin
              • put out all kinds of challenges like write poems, dance contest, etc.
              • Adviser gets word of item to fetch, players must fetch item successfully/in time, etc.
              • Adviser challenges other Adviser, send out best archers, send out best runners, Spirit of the rooster, etc.
                • Win/Fail challenges = adjust number of white and black beads in the Resurrection Bag

                [*]No restriction to party sizes[*]Large Endurance Battles - NPCs fight until overwhelmed, physically can't continue[*]Encourage raiding between camps[*]Issue scheduled challenges (each Adviser will have a scheduled time to do certain challenges)[*]Flag of truce to parlay so enemy players can enter each other's camps for non-combat challenges if necessary

              Scoring -

              • Explain point system and scoring to all attendees, transparency
                • Discretionary XP awarded – [[Figure out all categories]]

                    [*]Whichever team uses less rezzes gets a set amount of extra points [[How Many]]

                    Tournament(s)? -

                    • NPC giving assassination targets?
                    • NPCs with items for prizes for competition
                    • Advisers ask for champions
                    • Loot counts toward points for final score
                    • Bonus points for killing camps, leaders, Advisers, etc.
                    • Lootable white dog tags to count as points

                    Alcohol –

                    • discretely damp, we are not serving.
                    • If they drink, they are out of combat until 8am next morning.
                      • Orange strip is given when they sign in, tie it around wrist when drinking, they can stay in char. but they can't fight after that.

                    Food -

                    • Barracks tent = tavern
                      • set up grill sell hotdogs $1 a piece, get a mug of soda with it

                      [*]Vanderkamp meal plan or bring their own food

                    Sleeping/Tenting -

                    • Merchants row off of bathhouse
                    • non-period tents in back field
                    • Track beds in Resurrection
                    • reserve cabins, but need 10 prepaid pre-reg'd for each cabin before it can be reserved

                    Camp wood -

                    • Cord of Wood via Dave H. $75
                    • campfire outside of tavern, CHL buys that cord
                    • Weekend before event, some Legion members drive up to cut VK fallen wood?

                    Fighting in Town -

                    • not allowed

                    • Indestructible Iron golem standing by, to send in to center of town to keep peace in case people ignore rules and fight in town
                      • Make an example Friday night, send two NPCs to fight, cop bot shows up breaks em up with a beat down, shows he's a boss and let's people know there is consequences to fighting in town

                    Fighting in buildings? -

                    • Yes, but 2 lodges are out of game.
                      • Logistics in Fellowship

                    • Keep a lodge for ourselves (confirmation)
                    • Don't obstruct doors
                    • discourage fighting inside buildings, but if you must do so, use discretion, don't destroy our shit

                    Where to locate the faction leaders? Where the faction camps are? -

                    • HQ is not place to hang out, just to go get missions, etc.
                    • set up tents/tarps for Adviser HQs
                    • Give Advisers stipend to decorate, they never leave the HQ

                    Resurrection System -


                    • Figure out what # is balanced – number of players per faction x 2?
                      • put in magic items that affect this (increase number of rezzes)
                      • we are counting # of rezzes, give them limited number

                    • NERO style rezzes? They report to be rezzed, counts towards camps number, but they randomly roll to chance the rez not counting.
                    • Fail rez = wait til Blanket Rez
                    • we balance with NPCs/buffs if the sides are uneven (one side has way more players/higher rez allowance than the other)
                    • Adjust numbers if needed
                      • send rez scrolls via courier to advisers if they need more rezzes
                      • Encourage people to join sides to make it even

                    Final Decision:

                    • Player Dies = return to Adviser, they use a clicker to keep track of rezzes used and provides rez at HQ
                    • Penalty for death = draw stone from bag of white and black stones
                      • black stone = the Adviser can't rez for 10 min. and person who drew the stone gets rezzed, but therest who are dead must wait in line for 10 min
                        • they blame that guy for being forced to wait

                      [*]Adviser reports back to Logistics at noon/6pm/Midnight/2am to report number of rezzes used

                    • Every 6 hours = Blanket rez = everybody rezzes, without expending towards camp #
                      • This will allow for strategy

                      [*]PCs decide for themselves ultimately whether to wait or to use a rez, the Adviser and other players can advise, but they get to decide[*]The team with the least number of rezzes used gets set number of extra points

                    Coins? -

                    • So we can send in merchants to sell consumables
                      • crafting scrolls?

                      [*]Receive coin at sign in

                      • show up = 1 coin, prereg = 1 extra coin

                      [*]loot coin from monsters

                    How to ID magic? -

                    • Each prop has name and lore, must take to Adviser to get it identified
                    • Plot and experienced Dag players to make list of items with references

                    Raffle at the end? - No.




                    Winning team reward? -

                    • Plaque? Engraved, with winning teams name, and units, etc.

                    • post on national forums with team and units



                    Tshirts to sell? -

                    • SURE! Props to handle this

                    Heralds -

                    • Garb gates?
                    • Roving Garb check
                      • Coin incentive for great garb

                    Figure out:

                    1. how much magic + mechanics, and skills/powers we can add while keeping Dag. feel

                    • non-com magic? Keep healing poems
                    • scrolls in bottles, etc., one-shot, read off incant and buff next hit to be Red (Hits for Red, 1 charge, until expended); or whatever
                    • no convergence

                    1. Maps needed

                        [*]Do we need portapotties?

                        1. Base this on attendance, play by ear

                        [*]Can people from Operations pick the trails that will be used and check and remark them if necessary? Trail markers might be missing. Make sure the marks are clear and match the maps?[*]Should some of the rewards buff the Advisers instead of just being an item with a combat use?

                        RPness notes.rtf

                    2. Use GoST treasure map for template (Christina has this)
                1. Whoever looks the best
                2. Best RP
                3. Best Combat, etc.
                4. Keep track of whatever awesome things happen
          2. official announcement Mid March
          3. economy, points, combat, etc.
      2. Say "I'm looting you" 10x, then the player must give up everything they have
      3. They can take weapon, but must stay in immediate area with it

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Katie, thanks so much for taking the notes. We'd be hopeless without the Coven.

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Sorry I wasn't able to make it. Can I head up Garb Gates?

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Katie, thanks so much for taking the notes. We'd be hopeless without the Coven.

It was my pleasure :)

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OK, so, here's what I'm taking care of:


Facility reservations - done

Promotion and Advertising - started on FB and national Dag forums, going to expand this to Reddit as well

Orange strips - one per person

White tags - one per person

Red & Blue tags - one per 1/2 person of each

Coins - we'll use a handful of KoN coppers - done

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Dave if you want some Midland silvers, to keep KoN coppers out of circulation, I have a few thousand. They're aluminum and noticeably light...



Also, the date you have on Facebook is a Thursday???

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We'll take the silvers.


I fixed the damned date. Stupid Facebook.

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