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Guild Recruitment

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Yogi is addressing the members of the Guild Past and Present about the restart that has been put into affect.


"I have recently decided to stay in Pinedale, before this I traveled Novitas as a Merchant on the move and now I would like to use my knowledge gained to benefit all the citizens of my new home. I have never held a Shop here in town but many of you know me and my wears, the time has come to branch out and expand my personal business. I have recently merged with the Merchants Guild and in doing so Lady Rhaveniel and myself are now in charge of it and its assets. I have come to her to breathe new life into the organization and want you, the people of Pinedale, to join us in resurgence of the Merchants Guild and the Creation of Freedom Hall.


The opening of Freedom Hall will provide a central place to Merchants, Game's Masters, Performers and Religious Providers to gather and practice their trades in a safe and well maintained environment. Each member would be encouraged to sell their wears or practice their trades on the Hall's premises and point people to our shrine to make donations for our healers and the shrines up keep. This Hall also brings the focus of the Heroes of Pinedale back to a central location. The Inn has acted as a rest stop and den to many travelers but the Hall would be a place for those that fight to protect our home. Focused upon valor and honor it would stand as a beacon of power in the Freelands.


All Members that are trades's men would have their shop hours in this place, once again bringing in business, seeing to the upkeep of the hall. All would support other members in their attempts to provide services to the people and recommend other guild members as people to shop with pressing people to keep their business within the Guild. Now let us discuss money and the simple issues raised with making us rich and providing more to the community. The asking price for membership is going to be 10 coin a person, monthly. A more then small asking price, and those that are merchants with open shop hours it is next to nothing. This price maybe set to increase or decrease with the success of the Guild, but that is with in our hands to see to this.


That membership fee will collect and be banked with in the Guild's coffers, once with have reached 1 Slave Token (100 coin) and every slave token after, we will take 50% of that and equally distribute that coin to the members of the Guild. The other 50% will stay in the Guild's Bank.


All members will be asked to provide 20% of their days earnings to the Guild… Now before you become an alarmist, this is that starting price, it may waver depending upon membership and how the individual members of the Guild are doing. What will happen to that 20%? It is cycled into the Guild's bank and goes toward our 1 Slave Token (100 coin), to build money for the guild and repay you. Let's be honest not everyone has a day they make sales or gain a lot of money from performing, this will help to keep your pockets lined on even the worst of days. A the end of each day upon leaving each merchant will be responsible for recording their total earning in a ledger. And provide the coin to one of the Guilds Leaders. This System is based on Honor and will be watched over to protect your assets, but you will have to do little more the keep an eye open your Leaders will be watching out for Offenders and dealing with them.


The 50% that gets banked will go toward paying Guards and other workers, offering bounties on Offenders, holding parties, gaining performers and holding contests. This money will also go toward paying for anything that maybe needed for the Guild supplies.


Your Guild Leaders will also be paying in on the required 10 coin membership fee, but not the % off of their sales. They will not take a cut of the pay off from the earnings reaching 1 slave token. They will only bonus when the Guilds Bank has reached 2 slave tokens after everyone has been paid out and every 2 slave tokens after that that has become banked. This payout is 50 coin. This encourages your leaders to do their job and make money for the Guild, making money for you and it's other members. Also it ensures that money is being held within the organization. Protecting the guilds members and the assets of the Guild are our goals, second only to making money and enriching the lives of the people of Pinedale and the Freelands as a whole.


Once again the Guilds bank will be used to higher guards, entertainers, offer bounties and host celebrations. The Hall's open hours rely on the support of its members and what say you all in the event you decide to stay with in the Guild. Freedom Hall is our first venture and we hope to see many more to come in the seasons that fall. Join us and help make a mainstay with in Pinedale that lasts until the end of time. New members are starting to trickle in, I would like to see some of the elder member fall in, or aid the Guild in this new insurrection"





((I needed a shop, wanted an organization and this is the outcome. More or less we are restarting the Merchants Guild, all old characters can come to us (Denise and myself) to get grandfathered in and all new players have things as they stand. I want to offer a new In Character location to hang out in. Freedom Hall will be that new hot spot. It's being created as a symbol of strength and a cool place to chill out. More then all this I want to rope in more of the players that have put themselves out there as character types. We have some one that considers herself a Bard, we have Priests and so on. I think that these people that have taken the extra steps to further develop characters with more depth and articulation have proven themselves willing to do more and ultimately should be rewarded. Now I haven't seen a lot of activity from the Merchants Guild in the last few games, but instead of creating a new faction or new organization Denise and I have come together to REBUILD the idea of this organization and present the game with something new to work with. You want more out a game you got it…. We are creating it!


Now politically this place (Freedom Hall) is going to stand for the Defense and Safety of the Freelands and it's independence from the rest of Novitas. It's people and the heroes within are fierce survivalists and they need a moral structure to rally behind. this is how societies are built, give all the little NPC children something to look up to and all that. On the inside of the organization each player will kinda have to stand up for the rights of the Hall and the staff publicly. Outside of that forum up and create petty rivalries, it enhances game and is kinda fun. Staffing the Hall will have to be something we work on as a team. We can create a schedule once we see who wants to be involved and then go from there. we are looking at about 1-2 to hours of you hanging out in there each, think about it like a shift with in a shift and you guys and flex that out between each other if you are all on shift together as long as one member is left behind each time, when the place is open. We also want to encourage people to use the Hall and it's merchants so PLEASE if see people are looking for something or want to do something like have a meeting offer GUILD's Hall as an option.


The money system is based in a small amount of honorable bartering but we will have eyes out there. And its near pointless to try to steal from all the people working around you. the money is almost nothing in asking prices or possible amounts to gain and the system is the way it is largely so that it doesn't become the focus of the game. We want Role Playing and development to be at the front. Most of the bank would go toward paying for entertainers and whatever else comes about, leave most of that to Denise and myself. We will keep tract of peoples earnings in a book/receipts/whatever. More then anything we will press upon the staff and players to RP or provide things when they are needed to show signs of money problems. The system is very cut and paste and will be managed tightly. We are bringing in some more players that have been floating about as Independents to use as guards. We can offer them coin and maybe drinks depending on how things go. This is am opportunity for people to work in teams while still remaining individuals away from people they may not want to group with.


Last I cant stress enough I want you guys to push sales by sending people to other guild members, every person that enters should be asked if they have donated to the shrine today, and if yes then what are they if not more generous to give again. And applaud our performers everyone loves a good rub down, lap dance or song…. I will talk to the staff about doing stuff as far as sending NPCs to us and the like. The Responsibility is yours, these things increase sales and makes more money for us all. ))

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Olov stands to the side listening to the address, when it is finished he leaves, returning a short time later. "I heard you mention a shrine being set up on the premises, my own is based in the Temple yet there are other Ordained in the town. I spoke with them and if needed we can provide the shrine to you if you have no one to set it yourselves. The only stipulation would be that a shrine provided from the temple would be free for all people." He tells the assembled merchants.

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Posted in various places about town, including the message board outside the inn:


The Merchant's Guild of Pinedale is once again recruiting reputable merchants. If you produce items, whether they be magical, mundane, or alchemical, you are welcome to join the guild. The purpose of the merchant's guild is to ensure that quality goods and services are available to all, to apprentice new merchants, and ensure that merchants are reasonably compensated for their work. Guild Merchants are welcome to use available space in the Gift Giver's Bazaar to set up shop with a portion of your guild fees going towards paying for guards during your hours of business. Guild fees will be 2 silver per year, collected at 6 month intervals. Any who wish to serve as guards for the Merchants Guild are welcome to apply. Those serving the guild in that capacity shall be compensated at a rate of 1 silver per 2 hours of your time. If you are interested, please speak with Lady Rhaveniel Telrunya, Guild Bondswoman, owner and proprietor of the Gift Giver's Bazaar.

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