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Grabbing someone's weapon

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Alright, trying to dust off the details of this rule and make a proposal.


As it stands now, one can grab and hold any part of someone's weapon that is not a striking surface, yes? Including the handle? And if they grab a striking surface, they take the limb wound?


If my summation is correct, I would like to offer the following observations:


This makes all weapons that aren't just long blades much much worse. People wanting to go the extra mile and have a weapon that suits their character more are handicapped significantly. If you use an axe as a terran, or a staff as more archetypal magic user, you just open yourself up to unnecessary headache. It is a disincentive to use creative weaponry.


Our weapons are not meant to be played tug of war with. JC made me a high quality staff that was broken by someone grabbing it and twisting around forcefully trying to disarm me last year.


Grabbing weapons is by far the most forceful part of our game. In a game where we ask people to offer detailed searches for personal space reasons, forbid grappling, shield bashing, and even charging, players frequently will grab and yank someone around by their weapon. And in the case of reaching for the handle of a sword, they will also be likely touching the person's hand and grabbing as hard as they can.


Just wondering aloud if this rule has outlived its usefulness, or if others feel there is some big balancing aspect to it that I am not understanding. Thanks!

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