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Best of November

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I would just like to say, thanks for all of the great feedback about Autumn from errbody! ^^ Also, thanks for everyone's patience while I was out of it. I was suffering from hormonal rashes all weekend and taking something for it made me completely out of it.




+Being the leader of a bandit group, viciously murdered because PCs couldn't be bothered to go into town and retrieve a truth serum. >.>


+Watching PCs react to their friendly Scaven "neighbors."


+Raines and Angus realizing they were getting a damsel-in-distress-save-the-baby-treasure-goblin plot. Perfect.


+The RP with the girl who was frozen for 20 years on her wedding day. Didn't expect anyone to care.




+Autumn regarding every dead/dying PC, including poor Akane: "You know you should end her misery, right?" "She's already dead!" "You know you should bury her, right?" "She's trying to win her honor back!" "You know you should burn her on a pyre, right?"


+Treeman accusing Autumn of "bigotry." Get it? Eh? Eh?


+Pinedale's "aggressively friendly" attitude toward Autumn. Scarlet refused to take a hint and Nalowen just smiles and keeps trying.


+Deciding upon Ithvendish introducing himself with "hello cousin" that Autumn hates elves as well as Dellins.


+"You're a good warrior and I look forward to killing you on the field of battle" to every Dellin. :D


+Hating Van'ya. :D


+Drinking with McFathom! Even more fun without the righteous indignation!


+Looting! Made a buttload looting maybe a little more than half a dozen bodies.


+Facing down a pack of unarmed bagmen to get them to leave town. Because fuck bagmen.


+Squaring off with the Wight King without Eliana's fear of all things.


+Watching the hoarde of vampires materialize everywhere out of the dark. Very cool!


+Killing the innocent NPC running from the vampires, letting it get blamed on the vampires. >.>


+Not feeling the least bit guitly about the lack of healing in town. :)

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+Not feeling the least bit guitly about the lack of healing in town. :)/>


Gotta learn to stand on their own feets eventually... :D

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The best part of this event was seeing everyone again and getting all those hugs. It's been a really long emotional week and I was so very glad to see everyone. Also, my new elf ears are fabulous and I will enjoy NPCing in them when necessary.


NPC: Water elementals want this bridge gone - lets drop PC's by getting them "wet". (Sorry again Kat for the tag bags to the face)

Getting searched by a PC as a stinging nettle - PC - "I search your leaves." Me - "You find thorns. They probably sting and hurt your hands as you dig through them."


PC: Rhaveniel's final chapter is complete. RPing in the Inn with JC was fucking amazing and so intense. "Tell me the most dangerous thing you know about Miles Castigus". . . Rhaveniel doesn't hesitate to share things that only she and Miles know. Random person wanders over to make sandwich and says they will deafen their ears. Rhaveniel is pointedly silent until they leave.This man, this stranger who holds her lover's location in his hands, he may know, but none other because that is more than even she cares to risk. JC's NPC wanted her to convince him why he should take her to Miles, but I don't think he was prepared for me to have spend the night before reviewing all of the conversations that Miles and Rhaveniel had throughout the years to put myself in the right mindset. Even I didn't know what was coming, how it would end. I can't say thank you enough. I may blog about it at some point. Send some letters via Crimson Courier to those who were not at game who she did not get messages to. If you're curious, the merchants guild and the Bazaar were deeded to Dano as the only surviving member of Sy' Tel Quessir interested. Vany'a will be getting a care package in December as there are some belongings of Gaius' that I want her to have.

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I'm glad that worked, Denise. We had a good time brainstorming how to make it satisfying and emotional and worth it, without putting your PC's future on rails you couldn't get off of.

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First time I've NPC'd for an entire weekend, in a long time... Needless to say, I'm definitely feeling it today, but it was totally worth it.


Best moments:


- Ascension day Geezers with AJ... By far the funniest moment of the event for me. We had an absolute blast, and seem to have entertained some PCs.


- Naidre's back story.... I was fortunate enough to be selected to be a major character in it, and it was a blast to RP for the few minutes.


- Boggarts with Steve M and Zach. I don't NPC with these guys alot, but when I do, it's always memorable.


- True Lycanthropes with Scotty... All I can say is that PCs are extremely blood thirsty ALL the time. lol, but it was fun for us!


- Bagman on Friday night... It was extremely fun to just taunt the PCs and spook some of the players in game. Not to mention I got to fear my Girlfriend, which made me chuckle. I'm sure I'll pay for it at a later time, however; totally worth it!! biggrin.gif/>


- Helping GM on Saturday Night. Throwing out some things that were fun for the players with limited NPCs. I thank everyone who stayed up, stuck things out and really worked hard to make up for the small numbers!!! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves Saturday Night.

Not so good Moments:

- Ticks... I can name 3 or 4 people that had ticks in them this event. So please check yourselves accordingly and take the necessary steps if you find you have been bitten.


- Skaven fight by the lake... Idk what is wrong with the mask I had, but I felt completely unsafe using it with the shoulder pads. I got hit once and the entire mask turned on my head and I couldn't see, resulting in a few painful blows to my head while I was trying to avoid things I couldn't see.

Worst Moments:

- There was a lot of hostility this event.. It seemed like people's emotions were running high about in game things. People need to remember that this is a GAME. I hold no grudges for what happens in game and I certainly hope that others don't hold them with me. I like to think everyone here is a friend of mine. If you feel that you have been wronged IC or that something is wrong between us OOC, please approach me respectfully and address the situation accordingly. I will NEVER personally attack someone, or do things to make their weekend less enjoyable. So I apologize if you feel this way, and we need to fix this ASAP. I'm here to have fun, but I also want to help others have fun too!


I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. This was a great event for me!!

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Fun weekend, thanks to all!


* Not Logistics Wench anymore! Woot! I loved doing it for the last 5 years, but I'm burned out. Knowing that Kerrie's got the ball and is running with it is a relief I didn't expect.

* Am now part of the Rules team. I ... um... need to learn a bunch of rules details that I've spent the last 7 years pretending I didn't need to know. It'll be good for me. I think.

* I'm glad the chicken casserole worked out. I sort of made it up on the fly this week, so yay!

* I really like working in the Inn. It's super fun to get to see the town from a different perspective, and to see different sides of the adventurers, adventuring parties, and also just watch the quieter side of the game unfold.

* Hooray for working the Inn during the Bard's shift!

* Heather Marsh as Sidhan's betrothed's lady-in-waiting. She tasted all the drinks for her mistress, and when I offered food, asked for "fresh fruit, cut into bite-sized pieces that will not be a choking hazard." Made me laugh. (I did it.)

* Sandwich Son of Sandwich! And "so, would his son be Krod son of Krod son of Krod? There's gotta be a better naming convention."

* Grilling sausages and watching all the adventurers fall to vampires and werewolves (I think) and thinking, "well, this is going poorly" just as Octavius came charging in from the side of the Inn. Ah. Yes. Him.

* Brainstorming about the right way to engage various PCs on the morning shift, and pulling out continuations of long running stories. Black Stone bandits, giving Raines and Angus one last lady and baby to save, Miles Castigus, Naidre's backstory. Several of those pulled on the acting and RP skills of our NPCs, and they did great.


On the downside, I miss PCing. Ah, well, next year. :)/>

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+ RP with Neecey. Dayum. My NPC's motivations for keeping Miles away from her were legit as far as he was concerned, but he knew the crafty bastard would find out eventually. (Miles was in line to take up the head role in a major criminal organization and my NPC wanted to avoid the "distraction" Rhav might be.) Tried to buy her off, threaten her, guilt her... Nothing. All I got was rock-solid emotional perseverance. I was rooting for her 5 minutes in. When I told her "I'm going to get up leave. You can follow me out the door. No second chances..." she was out the door with zero hesitation and an absolute serenity on her face. That's a top-notch role player. This woman has GAME.


+ Playing Janos' mentor. Showing them a tomb raider's tool kit, digging out something mysterious, and opening a can of worms for Jimmy. I don't get to play enough with him, so this was great.


+Sobering McFathom against his will. He was cheating at the "pass the bottle"!


+ Diagnosing an entire room full of inn patrons. Whew!


+ Wraith and vampire killing with an 18" knife. I was sore as hell that night, but I can still hold my own. Felt good.


+ Sarah and her perfect one-time retention of makeup gun instruction. Well done!


+ Our new players impress me. Enthusiasm! Great attitudes! Smart questions! Love these players already.


+"Run run run, as fast as you can. Can't escape me, I'm the ginger-beard man!"


+ Autumn has some weird ideas. Sidhan has no clue where to start with this one.


+ Sidhan's bride. Asking her for permission for EVERYTHING. Apologizing for McFathom's filth. Ith's jealousy. (Covetousness is the root of all evil in the world, Cousin.) Nalowen's curveball when she asked Sidhan marry her mom too.... Awesome story there.


+ The way Ferrous became the first Terran to survive Lycanthropy was epic in its own way. Every element for how that played out was perfect in its luck and timing. I observed the whole thing and it was like watching your friends roll 5 20's in a row.


+ Nalowen's perspective revealed IC to Sidhan in so many tiny ways. Made my game.


+ Sitting down on the crapper and hearing "SOPHIA" outside. Well shit... Wonder how this is going to go... Aaaand Octavius saves the day!


+ "I am Sidhan Celeberyn, Seventh s..." All I hear is "AACK! Sidhan! Here's a present for you. Don't kill us!!" and the bad-guys running away while a silver sword lands at my feet.


+ Diner time is always a great closer to the event.

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It was a cold and wet event, but that's to be expected of November. We had less brand new players this event but I hope to the two of you (at least I only met two?) that came to your first game had a wonderful time and will come back next month! :D


On to the list!




- I got to try my hand at GM'ing and sending out plots this event for the first time. I wasn't expecting to do so and so I pulled some things out of my butt and enjoyed the random deck a bit. I had fun and hope the things I threw out there were enjoyed by the PC's. I look forward to coming up with new things for the future!


- Pissing off / semi threatening Sidhan's bethrothed's body guard. Wondering if I am going to see any backlash for that. >_>


- A group of bagmen coming in to lead Vany'a into the dark, alone. Ambrose's simple answer; "Just because a group of bagmen tell you to go with them, doesn't mean you have to do it." But I did, because you know.... why not?


- Soft-shift with the playboys and the awesome RP that occurred. Vany'a is Pinedale's Aquaman. "I KNOW GUYS! WE CAN USE DRAGONS. DRRAAAGGONNNSS."


- Catching Autumn glaring at me. What do you say to an angry lady that you've only heard negative things about, who is currently staring you down? "Sorry my bagmen scared you." I think it may have been a poor choice of words.


- Sleepy rituals with Ambrose, lots of chat with Oddfellows. Happy cows and sad onions.


- Vany'a got to see monsters she hadn't seen before. Vampires and an Oni. She does not want to play with either one of them again.


- Creeping people out in the Inn by speaking diabolic with Oz. Thinking maybe I should learn another lesser known language that doesn't make the surrounding people so unhappy...


- Using the command nature spell is fun.


- Joanna saying she wants to be a "convulsion" master, and the lulz that followed. Temple cabin is fun at night. Loud, but fun.


- Vany'a; "[insert long story here] .... and so now I have this necromantic vase."

Ambrose; "You could put flowers in the vase, but then they'd be undead flowers."

Vany'a; "We'd have to cast.... Ghastly VASE-age!"

(Paraphrased heavily)






- Weather was wet and yuck but that's to be expected this time of year.


- I learned not to be stupid and donate blood right before the event. I felt fatigued and had to drop after 3rd shift.

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+ Sarah and her perfect one-time retention of makeup gun instruction. Well done!

A student is only as good as her teacher, but thanks ^_^


~Playing a hag and then being amused as players went out of their way to help me.


~Being really glad I didn't screw up Sandra's new shirt and that it looked all right with only having a sewing machine and a pair of borrowed scissors for tools.


~RP with Octavius as a Poltergeist. She could either be nice and helpful or mean and annoying. I'm glad she got to be nice and helpful.


~As always, seeing everyone again.

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It was an amazing first event for me. I'm used to cold and wet from reenacting various events and sleeping in the field, but I'm amazed and excited about the sheer number of amazing rp'ers in one place I got to interact with this weekend.


Good NPC stuff--


Standing in a shadow of a treed near the inn as an undead Friday night, getting a PC within sword reach because he can't tell exactly what I am, then getting whacked in the face by a mace. Definitely a good primer as to how hard people swing and not to try anything too fancy. :lol:/>


Skaven--"You stay there, we'll bring you back shinies!" down by the lake was hilarious and fun.


The simultaneous "Whoa" moment of PC's in the inn as blue flame people including myself turned violent.


Bad NPC stuff--

Some of the larger masks are incredibly hard to see out of. I died most often because I couldn't see what was going on around me, and it's a weird feeling to get whacked about on multiple sides while effectively being blindfolded by rubber or latex. The only thing I could think of to fix it would be to spirit gum the nose piece of the mask to the NPC's face, but I was told it'd get messy based on the ears situation...


Good PC stuff--


Kind townsfolk are kind. Nearly died to a puppet weed within the first 10 minutes PC'ing, having my guts held in as people ran around for a healer, not sure whether I was PC'ing or NPC'ing that shift.


Teaching "Egyptian Rat Race" as "Skaven Slap" in the inn to NPC's and PC's and watching as the whole inn jumped every time someone hit the table.


Learning the importance of distinguising the difference of NPC and PC relationships as a person who was a friendly PC will still stab you in the back as an NPC, loot you, and leave you unconscious in the woods with your mind blanked. It was a good, albeit cold, lesson.


Bad PC stuff--

PC'ing 3rd and 4th shift after running Humans Vs. Zombies all week prior. I was relatively fine while NPC'ing, but by time I started PC'ing I couldn't really feel anything but pain below the waist whenever I tried to move. By 4th shift I was content with just sitting in the inn and then sleeping through the last undead attack, as much as I wanted to help.

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Unfortunately my event was cut short, but ya know real life calls. At least it was short and.... sweet?


+Raines leaving was depressing, I never even got to say goodbye (Really kicking myself for that one)

+Accidently getting Blagar killed... Miscommunication is a doozy, guys. Karma got me though, because about a minute later my caring boyfriend feared me. (I really need to work on my cardio)

+Oz and I had a pretty good little chat though, ya learn something new everyday

+Baevyn!! I'm so glad I have a friend in Pinedale, she saves me from boredom

+Happy Ascension Day!!! The bearded geezers definitely lightened my mood. Plus, my sword and were gifted Primal form


+Be the buzzer!!! Getting chased by 3 waspoids (Again, I need to work on my cardio)... And the imagination that followed on the way back on the way to logistics with a javelin, an oversized tag bag, and Tony

+Waiting in the woods for what like forever as a stinging nettle

+Octavius and Raines debating on if they should take the coin I offered... I somehow got paid. And shared the love with Twiggy

+Show the michanoids some love!!! They're creatures too!!!



Over all I had a great event. I had so much fun NPCing with everyone and had a rough night PCing but hey, it happens. Just gotta roll with it.... I can't wait until the next event to get back at it again though!!!

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Since I am not LARPing at full capacity, I got to spend a lot more time observing other players and their characters. It was a lot of fun. Here's my top stuff.



1) THE INN! Christina, you have serious inn-shui. The place was so roomy and comfortable and it was really easy to have a large group of players in it. I raise my tankard to your effort.

2) Obrick and Soren running around town like Batman and Robin, trying to do good deeds and go in on adventures with other groups. You guys were everywhere, and it was great newbie enthusiasm.

3) New players. Your PCs are fun, and you are pursuing adventure with excitement and purpose. Keep it up!

4) Big-a-tree!! Apparently the tree puns went on for hours after that, so I'm sorry everybody, but so hilarious!

5) "Elmntls at my frm."

6) Being pulled into the darkness by an undead and screaming to have the PCs come save me from the advancing undead horde at the end of shift 1

7) Vampire raid on the town. Nobody expected so many, and the town flipped out.



1) Tracking down the bandits who I THOUGHT had my ring, only to discover they weren't in possession of it. Still, losing the ring provided a great vehicle to outstanding role-play situations. Teridan got to intimidate a group of bandits by threatening to take over their minds in a loud, carrying voice, with only ONE POWER LEFT!

2) Taking Servant, Micha, Obrick, Soren, and a few others through the woods looking for a box left by the Blackstone Bandits. Buying that intel from a traveling PC and then going off in search of it was fun (though tiring for some of my companions). We wound up going down the low bridge and around the back side of the bog, finding the bridge washed out, and walking across fallen logs and stepping stones to get over the stream because we refused to go back the way we'd come. It felt very explorer-like, and the noobs with me seemed to enjoy it.

3) Presenting the Shut-The-Box box to Rains as a going-aweay present. The look on his face was that of a child who got a huge gleeful shock on christmas morning. Even though we didn't even get to gamble that day, it was a great moment.

4) Everybody playing Hive! I'm really happy that that game has taken off. It's one of the more interesting games Teridan has. Also, Gershan Checkers saw some play.

5) Rob playing my bodyguard. I'm so glad I gave a new player a purpose, and he has accepted it with gusto. He hardly ever left my side, and I thoroughly enjoyed buying 40 coin worth of alchemical items to supply him, and handing him a magic item.

6) NPCing the Alchemist on shift 1 supplying info on alchemical items to new players. All the alchemy that went out this game! GMs did a great job executing their plan of Alchemy 101. Even I didn't know half the abilities of the kit I put together, but by the end of the event I felt very knowledgable.

7) Amanda as the enchanted bride who'd been asleep for twenty years. Girl, you tear-jerk like nobody else, and I LOVE those emotional plots!

8) Teridan being a Bog Lurker killing machine. Got to stretch my poison immunity muscles.

9) Helping out Rook by casting some memory losses, only to have him explaining the situation out loud after they'd been woken up. "Why are you telling me this while they're awake after I just did that?" "Oh, right! Well I don't think she heard me…"

10) "My fancy shirt becomes strong as steel. Improved Magic Armor." Love my new shirt. Realizing after getting hit for 8 damage that between the shirt and my body that I could actually take it!

11) I hate wraiths in my inn. Had no dissipate. RUN FOR YOUR--2 pierce 2 pierce 2 pierce. Damnit…

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Overall it was a great weekend i had a blast and all the planning done to make it down was well worth it


Good NPC'ing

  • Being a creepy but harmless bagman and making our way into town trying to find vany'a and trying to get Autumn to bring her to us by making little horns on our heads
  • All the flaming blue people pushing Octavius into the inn to get to Naidre only to have the entire inn knock us all out shortly afterward
  • Spending most of 3rd shift as a sleepy vampire victim laughing at the tree puns
  • Ditching the playboys and running away as scavens laughing the whole time

Good PC'ing

  • Watching an NPC get attacked by undead, racing to help him and coming face to face with a horde of undead scared the crap out of me
  • Beating Teridan at Hive made me feel awesome
  • Stepping out of the inn for the first time 4th shift and immediately being downed by a wraith without anyone noticing was surprising but funny
  • Sitting in the inn minding my own business and boom wraith sneak attack
  • watching Ferrous turn to a werewolf in the inn was crazy and awesome especially since he was cured

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You are awesome for beating me at Hive! :D I thoroughly enjoyed losing to you.


How I forgot about Ferrus wolfing out I have no idea, but that was INCREDIBLE. The look on Rains' face was just fantastic.


Also, the ambush with Bagmen and Werewolves was exciting.

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~The Good PC~


- Ferrous' wolfing out was one of the most mind shattering experiences I've had at game. The whole night, I was on edge ready to stab anyone or anything. I was convinced IC and OOC that this was clearly a Doppel-Lycanthrope. In the end, Dragons win.


- Getting the box from the Gameskeep. It was probably the coolest thing that could have happened between the two. It was a really nice moment for Raines. I can assure you that the box will be appearing in my next few blogs.


- Saying good-bye to Vany'a. Raines has helped her out a lot and thought of her as one of his closest friends in Pinedale. Out of all the people in Pinedale, he thought she was the one who saw him for who he was best.


- Adventuring with Atticus and Octavius before heading out. It's always good to mix things up between the groups.


- Handing out some special gifts to people. (No Magic Items, just information and other fun things.)


- The big fight at the Shrine of Grak was awesome... ONE LAST TREASURE GOBLIN!


- Getting rolled by 4 bandits and 2 trolls.... What? (We got out fought. Hard.)


- Getting to see the Doctor before heading out was a nice surprise.


- I probably forgot something, so I'm sorry if I did. But this was one of my favorite events ever. Thank you to everyone who made it special.






~The Bad PC~

- Raines didn't really get to say good-bye to everyone and that kinda sucked. But, oh well.





~The GM~


- My staff is awesome. Thank you guys for all your help.


- My NPCs are incredible. Thank you guys for going out into the cold. Fear not, next month, I'll be joining you.




~The OOC~

- Seeing everyone at game. You guys are all awesome. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people on Sunday morning talking about the great time they had.

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1st shift pc

Undead who kept coming back to life until he was buried with his sword. The 2nd time that I served the dead that could no longer serve itself. Also creation of a Wight? Hmmmm...


Torturing a bandit on the same plot. There will be no forgiveness.


Troll hunting was and will be a horrible idea for all of those involved.


Giving Errost all of my coin to get Blagar out of trouble... We all know how that turned out. . . . . . . . .


Slaying Swarm, My arm is complete again.


Ferrous?!? Holy SHIT!


Talking with The Shepherds about winter travels. If all goes well I am going to thoroughly enjoy talking to all of you in the future.

On that note I should not have primal form around Baevynn.


Brians npc getting dragging into a massive swarm of undead. 2nd scariest thing I have ever seen at Novitas.


2nd shift npc

Not getting raped by Saturday morning orcs.


Skaven and the Playboys


The Grak shrine showdown, Also with the playboys and Atticus.


Old man plot... started it by being poison stunned and my sun being feared... I am glad Amanda is really good at this because after that I just sucked.


3rd shift

Coming out as Eric, living brother :) safe XD


Jokingly telling the inn that I would pay first person who silenced Oz a slave token. Surprised by the lack of people who were willing to do it.


Deciding weather or not my merchant would attack the town after witnessing the town murder 3 other "Merchants".

The interesting RP that occurred after... "Who has Michael invited to come travel with us?"... Said in a deep sexy voice ;)


Getting my ass kicked as a bog lurker.


And Vampires lots! and lots of Vampires!!!


4th shift pc

Running to help the inn, when I got back the Wight King was already dead. . . . . . GODDAMNIT!!!!


Enjoyed the stories by GoST's fire.


Sparring with Octavius and getting my ass kicked.


Ambrose's belt, which is now my sash.


Got an item that keeps coming back to me. Michael is very interested in figuring out how this works. Lore request sent almost instantly. :D


It was a pretty laid back night.

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Yet another fun event. Kinda sucks that it rained the whole time, but oh well.



-The Fail-goyle. A group of Skeivins were trying to sacrifice a guy to Nox at a statue that happened to be a gargoyle. I was said Gargoyle. When anyone tried to touch the sacrifice I was supposed to come to life and swing for the fences. Plan worked out perfectly except that I tripped over the sacrifice while trying to wail on Atticus with my hammer and went down hard. The PC's proceeded to stab me repeatedly until I ceased to function. I just couldn't stop laughing at all of the fail.

-Getting to be a hook for a quest. It was a good opportunity to grab some breakfast while waiting for the PC party to get their shit together. Plus it was refreshing to do some roleplaying as opposed to trying to hit people with my hurt stick.

-Being the Cockney guard for the Casvac during the bagman/werewolf plot. The look on this one guys face when I turned right next to him. The second he opened his eyes after the time stop I brought the hammer down at him (I used Omars hammer for alot of my NPC shenanigans). He flipped and it was beautiful.

-Being a Bog Lurker for the first time. I tormented the town for near an hour and a half and it was colossal amounts of fun, especially when I snuck up to the inn, banged on the window and disappeared before anyone could react. I heard people scream. I loved it.

-Puppet Vine Ogre. Dying as an ogre is the most comfortable death I have ever experienced. The shoulder pads make for a nice pillow. Downside was I couldn't move once the plot had ended.

-Super Bandits. It was pretty cool being a member of the bandit group that almost dropped the playboys. I stole a guys money pouch and instantly felt bad because it was huge and completely stuffed with coin. Then I got over it. He got his loot back though, so all was well.



-The rain kinda sucked. I died face up a lot and had to lie there with rain in my face until the PC's move on. Oh well, that's the nature of the beast.

-Despite how funny the Fail-goyle was, I fell on a pile of wood and banged up my side. That wasn't fun, but the hilarity of the event made up for it.

-Shin deep mud puddles. I hid in one as a bog lurker. Cleaning my boots when I got home was a nightmare.



-Getting to play Richard is always awesome, especially since I got to meet Delia and play a song or two with her.

-Hanging with Daitoro. For some reason the Ninja and the Bard get along pretty damn well.

-Fighting off the undead Ogre with Baldur at the final undead fight. I got kneecapped, but I did some good damage. Then Daitoro tripped over a bench dragging me back to the inn.

-Richard and Daitoro's last stand. We were the only people still in the inn when the final undead wave came. We barricaded ourselves in the inn for a minute before deciding to charge out and go down in a blaze of glory, only to discover the other PC's had showed up while we were preparing for the fight. A GM said it was like a moment out of the worlds strangest buddy movie.

-Killing a puppet weed pretty much solo. Only me and a guy who was playing his PC for the first time were on shift. He got murdered by the puppet weeds ogre right off the bat, then I got my sword arm broken by the same ogre. I had to finish the fight by myself, and with my left hand. I cut my way though an Ogre, an orc, and three people to get to that weed. Victory has never tasted so sweet. I still feel like a massive bad ass. I gave most of the loot to the new guy because I feel I probably should have warned him that ogres hit like a truck.

-Sandwich Son of Sandwich! Actually pretty damn good.

-Finally being part of a group is pretty awesome.

-A lot of things have been falling into place for me that make my back story make sense, like Richard for some reason being a pretty good fighter, and a lot of my personality traits I've been developing for him.

-Having my fellow group members argue with Autumn to keep me alive when Autumn wanted to "End my suffering" When I got dropped by a vampire. They really went all out to keep me alive and I am deeply grateful.



-I didn't fall down much this even, but I sure did get limbed a lot. I lost my leg at least three times, and my arm twice. Once I lost both.

-Awesome victory over puppet weed, ten minutes later rolled by orcs. Humility returned like a sack of bricks from space.

-Getting Kneecapped by the undead ogre. I felt my knee shift.

-My big puffy white bard shirt is terrible for cold weather. I must has a cloak.


Overall I had a blast at this event as always. I look forward to my weekend a month where I get to go and become Richard and earn my living entertaining the masses. Im looking forward to the next one.

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-My big puffy white bard shirt is terrible for cold weather. I must has a cloak.


Gleeman's cloak? :D/>

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