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Basic Adventuring 101: Die Loudly or Die Permanently

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Please let me introduce - Die Loudly or Die Permanently. It is a short webseries focusing on an adventuring group in a LARP world with all of the ins and outs of playing a larp, IC and OOC. We feel these guys have been making an honest attempt to portray LARP in a positive and accurate light. Such a project deserves our support. As such w are happy to announce that any player who donates to this Kickstarter, provided it's successful, and brings us their receipt after the campaign is over will be awarded with 1 XP per $10 spent on the campaign. So, you are able to receive the rewards of the kickstarter AND get XP from us.


This is their second campagin. You can view the result of their first kickstarter here: http://youtu.be/1mpkWyUOU-Y.


Any amount will help them out so I encourage all of you to check them out.


Here is their current kickstarter: https://www.kickstar...series-season-1

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The second link is dead - You can find the pilot episode




It's a bit sad to see that this show - while also just plain entertaining - has to do this "let us tell you how it *really* is" thing. I assume the reason for this is that LARP in the US is, as far as i can tell, usually treated as a joke by the public and the media. At best. I guess it's might be telling how most comments on european LARP videos on the net that use the words "nerd", "gay" or "virgin" are usually by english speakers.


Over here, it's quite relaxed in that regard. Major news outlets run articles and reports on some of the larger events every other year or so - generally favorably as "fun escapism" or "fun with history" - and if you tell anyone of your hobby, chances are good they've heard of it and either just don't care or even think it sounds fun. I've had "LARPing" on my CV for years, to no ill effect, and at my last (successful) job interview the HR guy said he'd love to try it too, but lacks the time. And that still pales in comparison to Scandinavia, where LARPing is almost mainstream, seen as educational, and even gets funding from the governments here and there.


I guess we should hope that videos like this help in a small way, and they certainly deserve to be supported.

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