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Best of the Crawl!

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I couldn't be there so tell me everything! All the best things. There shouldn't be any worsts except maybe that it's probably really hot in the barn. Blah, blah, blah "my entire party died." "I can't find my spark" "My magic items got stuck when I ley linesed out."


I'm kidding, but what happened! Tell me!

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The event was awesome! No complaints about any of the magical leylines PCDed my character jk jk. I should probably wait until I hear back from Lauren's group.


Anyways here goes:


-Golems of just dead

-Playing the crazy cultist. "just let me out of the cage"... nothing can go wrong!


Then there was our crawl...

-Ritual of Greater Revenant--I got all of the back rubs.

-The skaven bride. I will wed you two if you want.

-Busting through the wall at the end. I felt like a god.

-As for the final fight, it was totally sick. I am now a dirty necromancer.


Thank you to the house of hounds. We walked through the crawl because of you and Akken who were so willing to buff and heal me at will. You guys were the reason that crawl went so smoothly. More will come when the we get done rafting tomorrow.

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Best part of the event was obviously my triumphant return to Novitas. For all you bitter vets, it was great to see you again. I missed all your ugly mugs and resting bitch faces. For all you newbs, it was awesome to meet you, fight with, and against you. You're a hell of a good addition to the game.


SO my personal best moments (other than having a bitching job that lets me come to game again):

Setting up the dungeon on Friday. Chris is a dab hand with a hand saw. Richard and I built one sweet ass dungeon with his and Fred's abel... able assistance.

Watching Chris slowly disappear into the pit of packing peanuts with a huge grin on his face was unutterably hilarious.

The actual crawls went stupendously well. Rachel was terrific resetting the whole damn dungeon, also it was good to finally meet her.

I appreciated JC letting me run as the boss for the first crawl, it was a nice way to jump back in and get into a good scrap. I also appreciated Scotty knocking the rust off of me.

Al, was a madman running hither an yon all day long. You may not have always known who you were at any given moment, but you ran a great set of crawls.

The mind flayer boss fight was just tons of fun. GoST knew they'd been in a boss battle for sure.

Stinging Nettle used stinging nettle, it's super effective.

It was hard to see/breathe as a cyclops but that minute or so of rage on the Hounds and company was brutally enjoyable.

Recognizing Gaius even though I never saw him before and knowing how incredible the bagman realm plot was going to be. That dungeon had to be the end of the crawl, there was no way to top it.

The only way more pc's could have fallen in pit traps was to make that dungeon one big pit trap.



Ivan casting disenchant instead of Dispel.

Justin-golem throwing tagbags for ten fire, wait no primal, uh... nature... on exploding.

Too many other things to recall.


To sum it all up. This was a fantastic event. I'm so very glad to be back. I can't wait for September.

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For the amount of time I was abe to attend it was very good time. Thank you to everyone who makes the wheels turn.

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Let's see...


Crawl 1: Earth golem. Was told not to move until the box was opened, was coup de graced as Ivan walked through the room (better than the others who were pummeled to death the normal combat way as they stood there motionless...)

Crawl 2: Operated one half of the moving/crushing wall, then escorted people that fell in the pit out to be locked in their cages. For a giant block of open cell foam, that was tiring...Must have been the heat.

Crawl 3: I was told I could get ready for my crawl (4) during, but really that was an unnecessary amount of time, and I wish I had NPC'd for that crawl as well. Heard medieval Batman did his thing

Crawl 4: Any plans we had going in disappeared almost right away. Burnheart ran through the traps, fell in the pit, broke out of his cell, fought his way back up the stairs to us, and then back down. He was the only one to fall in the pit. Then looting/face-trap-disarming, breaking through a wall to fight orcs as a troll and more goblinoids come down the stairs behind us. Dragging Dave H's dead body a few feet only to realize the trapdoor wasn't actually under him...Finding out we'd finished in 45 minutes.

Crawl 5: I'm so glad I got to be a part of this one. Playing an undead kasvak-headed ettin hiding behind the ladder door and being told "no combat until the door is closed," only for the PCs to notice us as they came up the ladder and try to stab us over the door. Then running downstairs to be a kasvak eating Gaius for Vany'a's repeated horror. Your group was amazing for how much you kept in character during all the nightmare inducing mayhem of the fay realm, it made my little part as an NPC so enjoyable.


No PCD, but that last crawl came close...a lot of people falling into cells or limbs torn off, and bagmen being born nearby...it was tense.


I had an amazing time, thanks to everyone that put it together, from plot to trapsmiths to the craftsmen that built the maze, the NPCs...it was awesome.

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+I loved NPCING every dungeon I got to be a part of. The pre-planning is really what made this event shine. Thanks to everyone who made it go!


+The flavor of our dungeon was great. The correct answer was fall in the pit. Might have made it canon that Mind blank helps inoculate Eliana's episodes, but could be a placebo effect.


+Kool-aid Man wall. Every damn dungeon.


+Packing Peanuts pit. Best idea.


+Drinks and chats with everybody. And Secret Service. Poor Don.


+Getting to meet the Pook! What a delightful little thing. And Malcom. What a big, loveable furball.


Can't wait to see you guys in September!

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Playing Raines Scarcella was great. It's so refreshing to play him again after being a Snow Goblin.


Raines falling down the pit was Naidre's favorite moment. "Raines is having a hard time with these beams...AHHHH!!!" "No, no, you misunderstood...I jumped in after Jace and Ferrous." *Slow nod*


The Illithid Broodmother fight was very intense with many back and forths. Disengaging the spear man, so I could actually fight without getting smashed.


"WHERE'S OCTAVIUS?!" "HE'S DEAD" "WELL, REVIVE HIM!" *Sees Octavius walking at him with lethal intent* "Oh... no."


Killing an Illithid Broodmother was pretty sweet as well.







Actually getting to NPC was awesome. I love being able to PLAY the game every once in a while as an NPC that's not making food. =P





Thanks for showing up everyone!




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It was awesome to be back. I missed y'all.


First, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped out with Gwyn so Justin and I could both PC the crawl as druids. If we needed to go separately, he could have Alt'd, but it was great to get Sidhan and Temperance back together, and the people who babysat during our crawl made that possible. THANK YOU.


A second giant thank you to everyone who did setup and takedown. I know how much work that is, and you are all rockstars for doing it and making this event possible.


As for my favorite bits... I was super proud of myself for remembering to use Garlic Paste when confronted with a horde of undead, and equally pleased that almost all of my tagbags hit their targets during that fight. 4 Magic is damned useful when you have a shield fighter in front of you.


Big kudos to Susie for "I'm going to cast Triage on you and spam you with healing until you kill everything standing in front of you, so GO!" to Narene. Super smart use of that spell!


And a reminder to anyone who doesn't know... Nalowen may be small and cheerful, but she's FIERCE.


Again, thanks to everyone -- can't wait to be back in September!

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Oh where do I even begin?


First and foremost, helping build the crawl was awesome. I loved seeing it go from planks on the floor to a fully formed dungeon.


Getting to NPC was great. I enjoy being a GM but sometimes it's wonderful to enjoy getting to NPC instead of stand behind the table.


LOVED Playing the Illithid Broodmother! I was happy we were able to give GOST a good fight, it was excellent being able to send Jace and Octavious back at their own group. happy.gif



And here's the thing.


The bagman realm? EPIC! From start to finish, Adam's dialog as we walked across the field towards certain doom really set the mood, the image of walking through darkness across a sea of faces, hearing screams and chains rattling is still in my mind. Dog headed ettin monsters? Crying nymph popping out bagmen babies? Eliana's mother crying and being crushed by stones? GAIUS BEING EATEN BY A SKELETAL KASVAC while screaming "You could have saved me"?!??!?! That's the kind of shit that turns women into banshees, yo.


You people are evil, evil, evil, and I LOVE you. My PC was taken down a spiral of horror that I couldn't have begun to imagine.


A big finale finish to a three-year long plot - I love everything about it. Now I just have to write a blog worthy of the experience.


Guile, you were awesome with your whispers to Kyle's new PC. Awesome way to get to introduce a character to Pinedale, in my opinion. I look forward to more interactions with Oscar!

Roth (Alex's PC, sorry if I'm spelling that wrong) was a great addition as well and I look forward to more interactions. I love his backstory and hope he can keep it a secret at least until we get to know him better, haha.


Al, Christina, Julie, Richard, the amount of crazy running around and work you did was insane. Major kudos to all of you.


Only con I can think of about this whole thing was when I actually poured the black sand into richard's mouth. I honestly meant to fake it and pour it on the ground next to your head while "feeding" it to you. Felt like a total jerk.



In any case, it was an amazing time and I loved seeing all you goobers again and meeting baby G biggrin.gif

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