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Best of September 2014

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Despite the humidity, I had a great time! Here are my highlights:



+Hookers of distraction! Dancing and jingling!

+Getting to play a Status 5 Senator despite the plot going all wonky. I think it worked out well in the end, engaged many different players, and let me explore how I want to play status with a future PC.

+Being the Exile's creepy henchwoman.

+Buzzers vs. Brownies with assistance (?) From The Covenant. Can't believe you mother fuckers murdered buzzers.

+Buzzer Queen calls The Covenant out in front of the town with an Earth Arcon in tow. Watched him drop someone's dissipate and then drop a pit on their asses like *mic drop* while Lauren's fae warden's all "LOLBYE!"

+Everyone's sweet compliments. I felt flooded with flattery and it makes me love my Novitas people more and more.



+Rachel's hair magic! I loooove it!

+Getting to play out Eliana's and Baevynn's weird relationship dynamics while Sylas drama went to hell.

+Singing a lullaby to Baevynn.

+Geoffriedo. All day, erryday. Geoffriedo: Where did you go? Me: *literally standing at his 4 o'clock*

+Eliana's lecture time for newer players. "Master Resto mages: we don't heal stupid."

+New Vleanoan gal pal in Lori.

+All of the dick jokes going over Eliana's head all of the time. Atticus: DICKS. Lemons: You can't just cram it down her throat like that.

+Eliana and Vany'a as very different kinds of mommies to the Children's Crusade.

+Intense RP discussion about religious philosophies with Snow Goblins. Eliana's all, "I lyke tee moar tee plz also don't eat me."

+Pulling a catatonic episode followed by a paranoid delusion paired with a perfectly timed and aimed "fear" tag by an angry ghost. Thanks for beating me down, Abel.

+Watching Abel use a poison-immunity'd Baldisere as a human shield to beat down an ooze.

+Freshly undead ambush and RP with the paranoid lone survivor of the Exile's village-by-village destruction.

+Eliana accidentally sitting on the corpse in the Temple.

+Undead o'clock with four fighters and dirty incants.


And last but not least...


+Going to the Temple following Baevynn's drive-by spark stealing stunt to tell people who would care what happened only to stop and spot something dark in the road, poke it with the spire, and realize it's Baevynn's hat. All of the feels.


I'm so excited about all of the new players and impressed by their hard work! I hope you all come back next month!

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This event was jammed with so much awesome, despite the humidity.


Slot 1: PC


Tripping over a log in the dark while fighting undead, rolling my shield out from under me to fend off their attacks and make it out completely intact. Thank you Matt for the assist while I scrabbled away like a hermit crab under my shield.


Getting poisoned and losing 1/4 of my body points, and only remembering after an hour of safety (and an entire bottle of Terran Thunder) to get that fixed...had to buy more Terran Thunder to catch back up after the purify spirits, and carried bottles halfway to the lake to share with the rest of the Covenant.


First Initiation ritual for our two newer members. Blagar: "This is the fae circle. No weapons in the fae circle. Miss, can you step in here with me? Now, shady ex-faekin, the Covenant will Bless Your Hearts."


Taking my oath to become a full member of The Covenant. This is going to be a long season...


Taking on scarecrows to save an NPC's sister. The fact that we had to use a treasure map to find her was interesting, but luckily it was simple to interpret. The shrine of Draconus drawn in one corner was almost misinterpreted as "we're gonna have to fight a minotaur," though.


First time getting my spark reaped. I was calmer than some in that pile of bodies...



Slot 2: PC


Covenant takes on the first orc wave alone, belt of WAaaagh! finishes it off. We go off to do RP in the woods, while the rest of the town handles the subsequent waves...without a primal weapon to dispatch the troll. Roll back into town in time to dispatch the troll before he breaks pin.


The buzzers vs. the brownies. The reason Michael Mordison will be pursuing Druid 1 next year. Those buzzers were wronged, and he won't forget it. The Earth Archon later just further cemented his thoughts on the matter.


First time in primal form, to take on trolls guarding the bridge. Of course first Ambrose pays them to let the farmer through, but since we'd blown some expensive scrolls to be ready for a fight, we picked one anyway.


Blagar Lightwing's Hoard Aplenty got off the ground and made a lot of coin, and helped facilitate my acquisition of a nice bracelet and a magic shirt. Apparently getting my spark reaped and looted the night before wasn't a deterrent against magic items...


Bog lurkers behind the Barracks, bag men coming out of the woods, and bandit/assassin "merchants," all in the same 5 minutes? Yeah, we got this.



Slot 3: NPC


low level bandits for a (hopefully) low level party. Who shows up? One of Sylas' old friends (who has the lion's share of Sylas' magic loot), his newbie friend, and Abel. So happy to be a 2:2 bandit with no magic.


Inquisitors interrogating a darkness worshiper. Walked him into town to the Temple, passing by Sylas holding Maggie hostage-style near the inn and thinking, "Not important. Darkness worshiper to deal with." Watching Sebastian and other religious men at the temple argue with us about our methods of interrogation, I honestly think I prefer politics to theological discussions while an evil man is plotting his escape.


Crazy skaven going to mess up encampments was a minor success. We accidentally knocked over stuff in the pagoda during combat (I was so scared we were going to break something), and then in the Oddfellows' we flipped benches over as they unhallowed the building and forced us to run out through their slaughter tunnel.


The large kasvac fight was a little underwhelming, and a few of the PC's seemed to think so too. Afterwards some were heard saying "This must have been a distraction while something happens in town!" Ironically, nothing was planned to be happening in the town, but while they were wrapping up looting kasvacs and true lycanthropes, Dave M. sent me into town as a kasvac to terrorize people. I howled in the field near the Oddfellows' Cabin, and heard across the field towards the Field of Giants, "You're on the wrong porch, motherfucker!" I then ran to the inn, scratched at the door and howled again, then howled behind the inn, then at the window as I pawed at it. By this point the Brave Companions had shown up, killed me, then went scouring the town 'cause "There's gotta be more of 'em." When they didn't find any more, they thought about raising me to interrogate me, to which Ivan said, "Fuck that, let's get a beer."



Slot 4: NPC


Lady Ara's handmaiden. First time gender-bending in my life. Prosthetics? Done that. makeup and spray paint? Done that. "We need a snow goblin," they say. "That's a lot better than skeleton," I reply. "By the way, you're gonna be playing a woman," They finish as they start painting. Seriously though, it was pretty fun. I always look forward to interacting with snow goblins, and sometimes it's fun not to be a nice person. Props to Brian Loughlin for playing Gershan games outside the inn with us while undead were running about.


Smart orcs was alright, but hitting my head on the corner of the steps to temple took a lot of the fun out of it for me.


Undead O'clock was silly. Watching wraiths and bodaks specifically target Jaroth the entire time, while Richter and Baldiserrie constantly dropped lesser undead, and the necromancers shouted lewd incants and raise the dead over and over. It was great fun.

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The Cheese Forge was brutal on Friday night, however, I had to endure to fill the hungry bellies of PC and NPC alike.



Thank you to all of my NPCs. You guys are excellent and I appreciate all of your hard work. The shift literally couldn't run without you.



The Role Play this event was excellent as usual. Thank you to everyone!




I'm looking forward to playing Raines next event and actually being able to smile, laugh, drink, eat and gamble. I'll see everyone next month!

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I had an amazing weekend.


So first and foremost The Merchants guild is a bunch of idiots, Between trying to extort 300 coin from Blagar, Colossus following me like a puppy, I loved that part, then the Wandering merchants selling healing scrolls, lots of fun RP, and I brought the guild back to Pinedale. Your welcome Oz


The treasure goblin, I did not use Kato as bait, natures command for the win.


Scarecrows and saving the sister. We are good guys...


RP with Acalius as he did everything in his power to not stab trolling NPCs yet showing me he could... Just yes.


I am true my sorry about the buzzers but that was a serious No win situation made worse by an hour of both sides not budging. That being said I enjoyed the RP and I did what I believed was the right thing. If someone invaded my home, stole from me, and came back to do it again I would kill them. If we left the buzzers then we would be just as bad. the gnomes would have killed them, and if we killed innocents in their own home because of flowers we would be just as evil.


I took my beating from the Earth Archon King. If I could do it over I would have made the same decision.


That being said if there is a plot like that happens again I am not sticking around, the lives of the Covenant are more important than a resolved plot.


Killing evil humans who were evil Fae.

Burnheart running down a human fiend.


My shop opening.just yes. Sell all the things to everyone.


The Crimson Currier plot. Blagar running back to get reinforcements only to get yelled at for leaving to get help?


Saturday morning orcs. We had a better plan for you guys, Burnheart forgot it in the heat of the moment... being said it was still epic.


RP with Lord Ricter,


RP with Riona Blagar is no longer the boy you left him as.






The children plot. Who wants to play a fanatical crazy Septon...


Black ops orc. Yes just yes.

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--Hanging out with Beryl, Myra, Rosh, and Ug on the Oddfellows porch.


--A very good shift 1! Thank you all who made it happen!


---Agatha's letter and funeral was at times poignant, disturbing, and honorable. Sad she's gone, but looking forward to the next PC, MK


--Arlen the survivor.

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Despite confusion, headaches, and 1 or 2 hours of sleep Friday night, I definitely still enjoyed my event. Why you ask? Let me count the ways...



1) New. Players. Your enthusiasm and questions were all very good to hear. I feel bad for not remembering names, but I felt very appreciated when one of the new players, leaving game, thanked me for all that I had done to get her used to our system. The feels.

2) The newbie funeral plot/Steve Arnold's new character. We enjoyed screaming in terror when the darkness worshipers ran out of the woods. Upon coming back, we each got to say some words about Palidan Talius, and I really enjoyed what transpired between the two brothers who had converted to the Sept because of the Palidan. Made-up backstory becomes solid PC/NPC interaction between them and Steve (Maximus?). Don't forget to put it in your PEL guys!

3) Giant battle, undead vs. town in the field of giants. Dragging away bodies that have fallen and piling them up for the PCs to come rescue.

4) Playing a Crimson Currier for the first time, and doing it wrong...embarrassed, yet laughed about it after.



1) Ornimentor 4. I'm gonna get my Rod of Resilience soon, then I can enter battle way more often and be less afraid of all the things.

2) Everybody loving Oshi. I figured it'd be a good game for Novitas, and was right! Too bad I didn't get to go to the Snow Goblin PCs to entertain them this month.

3) Geoffriedo: "I'd like to ask, is there anyone here who can cast Memory Loss?" (attacks guy next to him for blunt, to general astonishment). Teridan: "I can." I do so. Geoffriedo: "Good, now, I was never here." Nobody questions any of this.

4) Improving that I found myself a drinking buddy who got so drunk he blacked out, and that's why he lost his memory. This is why Teridan is trained as an actor. Suzie's inn PC saying "oh well you should TOTALLY pay for all those drinks he had" and I had to buy her silence. Gabe's inn PC "Whaaaa?"

5) Meeting new PCs, and reuniting with old ones.

6) Being pissed at inept bandits. Chris, I love that you don't mind me physically interacting with you. Twisting your leg wound for dramatic effect was awesome. I think a lot of people were shocked at Teridan's level of vindictiveness toward bandits.

7) Even though nothing happened, I really enjoyed hiring that group of mercs. It's totally something a person in town would do, and I thoroughly enjoyed walking the woods hunting for my sword (that was eventually returned to me by Blagar's superfriends).

8) Seriously pissed off spirit 4th shift. All 4 mediums did great work trying to calm him down. Teridan was so torn, given his backstory, between giving the spirit what it wanted and finding another solution. There was a long time where he was really considering going through with it. Those in the plot, you know what I"m talking about. I really need to step up my game with Medium advancement, and start to push story.

9) Conversation with Geoffriedo after memory lossing the guy sent to look for him. I always love theology discussions and conversations about morality with him. Al, it's such an awesome character.

10) Medium talk with Ditoro (sp?). Sharing our stories of how we awakened was great. At the end of this, we spot a dark shape in the trees, which I point out to Ditoro, at which point he dashes to the inn door, leaps in, and proclaims "There's something out there!"

11) Meatball subs *jaw-drop*.


And lastly:

12 with a gold star: Playing Oshi outside with Lady Ara. Teridan was not about to refuse a noble's request to play his games, despite being DEATHLY afraid of all the wraiths and other terribleness. The whole time he was thinking "you're an idiot, this is a REALLY bad plan. Are you a fool?" but he would not give in. He wanted to save face, and prove himself to the lady. For some reason, he considered it a test of his resolve.

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I miss you all so much. I'm so sad we were sick this month!

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Honestly, I think it should be illegal to have this much fun running around and NPCing all shifts.


Friday night:


- Running after the blue haired man trying to get him to buy a favor was the first plot I did. I was more than a little nervous, so I let Rick take the reigns on this one and observed how he RPd and tried to implement what I learned onto my own Rp this weekend. I believed it worked! biggrin.gif


- Yeah, I was left to die and ran into town breathless screaming for help. Pro tip: make sure that when you sign up to be a bodyguard, there's two of you. Not just you. And a greedy man named Rico the Scholar. Ugh.


- That big battle at the end of shift 1 was reeeeeeeeally overwhelming for me, but myself and a couple of newbies stuck together, died, respawned, and laughed together. And I got trampled by Tony S (my fault and completely by accident). Ouch!




Saturday (the shifts start to merge together):


- Playing a merchant's dead wife who was actively being eaten by orcs. The dialogue had me trying really hard to not break character. (Rick had this ridiculous voice and he kept saying "Mah waiiiife" in the funniest way possible)


- Playing Oshi with Teridan. Even the inn keeper agreed that I won due to a technicality that none of us saw, but I had to let my significant other walk away as the winner. Fun game!!


- Having my face and hands painted blue! And then, shortly after that, being painted brown so I could bark, snarl, and howl at the PCs during the Kasvac/Werewolf fight in the Field of Giants (where we NPC got our asses handed to us).


- The huge plan that Steve, Ben, Jackie, and I came up with while NPCing for the big Kasvac/Werewolf fight. It failed TERRIBLY. Yep. I was the tiny little Kasvac girl barking her little heart out equipping a spear three times her size. #swag


- I got a lot of exercise during a plot in which I ended up having to run into town twice all the way from the sandbox near the lake. Yes. I literally ran all the way there both times. The first time to get a group of brave PCs to help kill the Scarecrows and revive my sister. When the first group was having a very hard time with the Scarecrows, I ran back to town to fetch some more brave PCs. It was probably the most intense plot I played all event, and I loved it! Amazing RPing and intense fighting!





They were both on Shift 3, if I remember correctly.


1) Playing water elementals with other NPCs. Oh. My. God. It was hilarious. Our little group had decided it'd be a good idea to flood a swamp belonging to the Lizards instead of just hanging out in our little watery area, and then hilarity ensued. Ivan and another PC (I'm so sorry, I forgot his name!!!!!) approached us and the PC whose name escapes me tried to reason with us. Yeah. Didn't work. All we elementals kept doing was screaming "Water!" and "Bubbles!" and "Blub Blub!!!!" while flailing our arms around, sometimes spinning, and making flooding motions to our surroundings. It was all fun and games until they commanded one of us to kill our group and then we all tragically died. We were doing great about not breaking character until the PC (I have got to learn his name, he was great!) comes back and yells "YOU UNINTELLIGENT IDIOTS!!!!" and storms off. We laughed for about 5 minutes, and laughed so hard we snorted.



2) 5 of us NPCd a plot where three sisters were kidnapped by an old hag and dominated by her, being forced to have a picnic and hang out with her. Our brother runs into town (I believe during the time the Kasvac were terrorizing town the first time that day) and comes back with the GoST and Richard the Bard. Funny dialogue in between the sisters regarding the picnic and how "the fish are so pretty and I love them, look at them in the pond!" made it really hard to not break character, but that was the one plot where all of us remained in character till the very end (level up!). It ended up with Octavious using dispell on the youngest sister and then the group running back to town to save the PCs (when in reality, it was just the children's plot taking place), the older and middle sister getting up to run to town to find someone to revive their "best friend" old hag, and then getting knocked unconscious by Richard the Bard in an attempt to cure us from our dominated state. It was awesome.


3) I got randomly assassinated by a Wraith at the inn. It scared me when I heard somebody scream "STOP TIME!" outside the inn but then quickly realized we were about to get slaughtered in there as we closed our eyes and started singing "lalalalalalalalalalalalalala", only to resume the game with two Wraiths in there. Awesome!


4) This isn't a plot, but a funny fact - for some hilarious reason, everytime my NPC was in some dangerous situation that involved a sister of mine, Richard the Bard was there. It became an inside joke that we were bffs and meant to meet during troublesome times. I thought it was just coincidence until he got killed by a Wraith at the inn right after I had just sat down with a bowl of soup. Coincidence??? I think not!




I want to thank everyone, PCing and NPCing, for being so patient, sweet, nice, and explaining things to myself and other noobies. The experience was amazing and I cannot wait until October!!!


Brace yourselves. My PC is coming!

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I had an amazing time seeing all myold friends and making new ones. Thank you all for welcoming me home :)

*can I get all the faekin to pm me at riona tvarus, I want to do some faekin stuff!

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one pierce one pierce one pierce one pierce one pierce one pierce

*whispers* Hey Zach, is this a master's blade?



two pierce two pierce two pierce two pierce two pierce two pierce

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- Buzzers Vs. Brownies. My buzzer kamikaze'd right into the garden gnome just to get her pink flower... only to be killed by Alex. Getting killed by your boyfriend in LARP: priceless


- I have never been so many undead things in a row. Aaaalll the braaaaains


- Getting to be a plot hook for the first time! And fighting viciously with a mute at the Inn. Throwing a spoon at him, and having him follow me back outside with a bowl full of crackers. Me: "... are you trying to say that I'm GRUMPY BECAUSE I'M HUNGRY!??!?!" *throws the bowl at his head*


- Laziest guards in the world, the sequel. Arbor (sp?) and friends stunned my guard and then put my finger in my nose. Thanks guys.


- Listening to Al play Geoffriedo for the first time. All the chills.





- Lori FINALLY finding someone to help ease her guilt about not being able to defend Sylas the night he died. Geoffriedo told her that if she couldn't use a sword to defend him then she could use her words... and she bolted out of the temple to the Inn to see what she could do


- Meeting Baevynn and being able to help console her. Lori doesn't know if she'll ever see that girl again, but she has a hell of a lot of respect for having the guts and determination to bring Sylas back (after he'd been killed... 2, 3 times now?) During a debate between Eliana and Vany'a about love and the consequences of Baevynn's actions, Lori realized she would have done the same thing for Krod, and she really couldn't fault Baevynn.


- Meeting Eliana and making jokes about Vleanoan women being awesome. Lori has a lot of respect for Eliana and her opinions, even when the two of them differ on certain points


- Going to Geoffriedo's sermon on The Mother and telling the story about how Krod saved her. Geoffriedo's response: "Hm... the more I hear about this Krod fellow, the more he seems to me to be a good man... despite being a kilt-wearing barbarian."


- Being told about a raid of kasvacs and to go to the temple with Vanose and Shyla (sp?).

Krod: "Lori! Where are you going?"

Lori: "You heard them. Squishy people to the temple, so that's where I'm going."

Krod: "Then I'm coming with you."

Lori: "No! You need to be out there fighting. I'll be fine."

Krod: "I'm going wherever you're going."

Shyla: Awwww! *smacks Vanose* Why can't you be more like him?!?!


- Our group was having a debate about a farmer bringing us to get rid of some skaven (?) who stole money, about whether it was a trap or not. Krod was betting it was a trap and Artemis wasn't. After disposing of a group of skaven (sp?) and noticing our NPC hook eating their corpse, they attacked the farmer, who called time stop, only to find out he was a werewolf. Our group started "lalallalaa" ing until we were all singing, "TrololololOOOOOOOOLOLOLOLOOOOOLOLL!!!" Then Artemis and Krod wailed on the werewolf until they both killed it, yelling out in unison with synchronized swings, "SILVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!"


- In character conversations with Krod in the temple after I took off my boots (which had holes in them and my feet were killing me) and he took off his armor. Tony came into the temple and told us if we needed to be out of character we should indicate that we're out of game, and Lauren spoke up from behind the curtain: "No, they're telling the truth. They've been in character the entire time and they're cracking me up."






- Krod staring down a Wraith as it stood on the porch outside the temple door, and saying it was ugly until it felt bad about itself and left...


- Lori and Krod basically being told by the Brother in the temple to "take advantage of the Mother's gift of procreation". Lori, having grown up in Vlean, was absolutely mortified to hear a man of the cloth say this and buried her head under a pillow, declaring that she didn't want to live on this planet anymore. Krod was grinning from ear to ear.


- Krod gave Lori a wand of heal mortal wound, since he knows she hates to feel useless and doesn't have enough magic to use her rod of triage. She jumped up off her seat and hugged him, bouncing on her toes like an idiot. Probably one of the few times ever people will see her giggly and happy.


- The very heartfelt conversation Lori had with Krod when he got the note from the Reaper. She begged him not to risk his spark for Grog's axe, and finally after going back and forth about who the axe really belonged to and honor... Lori folded her arms on her pillow, turned her eyes away from Krod and said "If you lose your spark I have no one left to live for" and meant it.


- After Eliana sat on a corpse in the temple.

Eliana: "I sat on it because it was soft and squishy..."



- Talking to Richard the Bard about the Knight's order he hopes to start, and actually considering joining it. *CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT*




- Cherry stout and pork buns and deliciousness


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So many things!



The bless your heart trial was perfect... wait... wasn't there one more fae?

Medium plot with Maggie, Kyle, and Blake. It was by far my favorite plot of the game.

Attempting to keep a straight face while Blagar messed around.

The Oath of the Covenant... Under a Full Moon!!! Ish

Observing Narene talk to a ghost. I wanted to chime in but some things are best left to the pro's.

The first half of my talk with Narene about the sight it was really interesting listening to someone else's perspective on how they play a medium..

Watching Blagar and Acalius run across the field. If Corey pulled Matt away from the fighting shit must have hit the fan.

That being said I missed having my ginger giant.

The LP plot. Who do you trust to come with you? Ricter.

Oh I almost forgot the treasure goblin. Dibs!



Killing the buzzers... I am not going to say that I enjoyed it... revenge is a b!#ch. Michael is the only one who knows how destructive Buzzers can be. (This is a joke brought on by an April fool's plot.)

Finishing up my talks with Narene about the sight.

Pretty much talked with random people the rest of the shift.

A bunch of dumb bandits, two bagmen and an Archon later...

Yeah... I should have owned up to killing the Buzzers.



Sylas is alive!!! Shit that was fast...

Nope, he is dead again. That was also fast.

Playing Sidhan, okay Ilius of the Wild Runners. It is exhausting to treat every one like they are 3 but do it in a way that you are still respectful.



Sent out 3 plots. I was very pleased with how they all turned out.

Then C&S training for the rest of the event. Which at night is S&C training.


It was a great event! I can't wait until harvest fest.

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Right, so September, first time back in ages! Definetly had a blast!


Shift 1: NPC


-Being a super effective bandit. While the main group drew the attention of the party of adventurers sent out to deal with us, me and another bandit, both equipped with giant spears just lazily leaned against the side of the colapsing red barn not ten feet from them and no one noticed us. Odd considering we were both in full armor. They left behind two men to guard the quest hook, and that's when me and the other bandit attacked, jumping the guys left as the rear guard. We blunted one down, grabbed a bunch of his stuff. The girl playing the quest hook couldn't really see what was going on so she yells, did you deal with the bandits? And I respond "YES FAIR LADY! THEY ARE DEAD!" only to have the archer shout, "No! the knocked out my companion." All I could think of to do was yell back "Spoil sport!" Then we lifted up the unconcious adventurer and used him as a shield while we approached the archer untill the rest of the party showed up. We dropped him in the middle of the path and booked it into the woods.


-As part of the same plot, my fellow bandit and I wandered the woods for about twenty minutes and ended up comming across the same adventuring group. They questioned us, and my friend convinced them that we weren't bandits, just hired swords. They let us go without even searching us for the loot we stole so we got of scott-free and a bit richer than when things began.


-Big ol' undead fight! I spent the fight hurling javelins at people to great effect. I loved grabbing everyone we killed and piling them up on the far side of the field for the PC's to come rescue.



Shift 2: NPC


-Heavy armored orc! I actually got to do stuff as an orc instead of just running in and dying immediately. Also, dragging Ferrous into the inn, throwing him on a table and carving him up like a turkey was epic. Sorry Ferrous.


-Bridge Trolls was pretty awesome. I heard someone say "Why is it trolls are always demanding tolls to let people cross bridges?" And I got to shout back "THAT RACIST!" Also, debating whether or not a pig should pay the same toll as a human was pretty great. "Why? Pig not important enough to you? Pig have less rights than human?"


-Stupid water elementals. Running around flailing my arms and yelling "Blub blub" was hilarious!



Shift 3: PC


-Being Richard again is always amazing. I ended up somehow being the defacto leader of a group sent out to deal with some orcs. I sent out some scouts who reported to me the exact number of orcs and we marched out to deal with it. We beat the twelve orcs we were informed about without a problem, not loosing a single man, and then they respawned out in the woods. I got to turn to the scout and say "You told me there were twelve." In a calm but accusatory tone of voice that was just hilarious before we were overwhelmed. I got revived by Eliana who said we were totally reckless and wasting resources. I dunno, I thought my plan was solid. And the inital twelve orcs went down without a fight.....I was just misinformed. And the fact that they found me lying in the middle of a pile of orc bodies should have been more impressive if you ask me.


-Saving the sisters. A group went out to deal with a hag mind controlling a mans three sisters. They brought down the hag, then rushed out to meet the impending Kasvac threat, which turned out to be an army of children bent on fighting the undead hoards. I got left to deal with the dominated sisters, who insisted on running into town to find a healer to fix the hag. I was under the impression that town was under attack by monsters, so I did the sensible thing and knocked them out before running back to town. Later two of the sisters came into town to thank me, and stuck around for a while asking me to play songs and such.


-Saving the sisters.....again! Apparently while looking for a treasure box on the shore of the lake, two of the younger sisters ran into some scarecrows. One was killed and the other escaped to town and a bunch of us went out to help. My favorite thing was when someone asked, "Richard, can you hurt a scarecrow?" and I responded "No, but I can sure make myself a big flamboyant pain in the ass distraction." The scarecrows were defeated, the box recovered, and the sisters saved, and they ended up recognizing me. It was pretty funny all things considered because when they left the inn earlier, I had told them I hoped we met again. This was not what I had in mind. It must be my fate in life to rescue damsels in distress. Not that I mind.



Shift 4: PC


-Apparently Im some kind of wraith magnet. While heading out to save someone by the barn, I was ambushed by wraiths, and the rest of the party I was with went on ahead to help the person. I stared at the moon for about a half an hour before they picked me up and dragged my corpse to the inn. The wraiths forgot to reap me though, so there was a stroke of luck. I got revived by Steve's new character, grabbed an ale, and sat down near the door. About two minutes later, the door flies open, a wraith jumps inn, stabs me to death, and then runs off....this is not five minutes after I got revived from another wraith attack. Steve revives me again, and at this point everyone in the inn is in stitches because of how much terrible luck just took place.


-I spent most of shift 4 playing music and drinking heavily in the inn, also I had to leave early because I had a morning shift the next day, so not much else happened. Got to hang out with Daitoro after a several month absence though, so that was cool.

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wow this was an amazing event. in no order other then hen they pop in my head.


first off I want to thank everyone for making my game so much fun.



1 got to bring my new character in.


2 ALL THE SEPT PLOT. my god I lost count of all the things I was asked to do.


3 thank you to brian and everyone else that came in on the dead paladin plot. unknown to everyone is that my character is(was) a paladin so that hit really close to home for my guy.


4 all the compliments I got for how well I played my new character. you have no idea how happy that made me feel.


5. getting a chance to mind fuck balder one last time with grog in the form of a death letter.


6. thank you neccy for the tabard. it came out 150% better then I anticipated.


7. thank you alex for the shield. the pic didn't do it justice.


8. finally getting a chance to spend all of grogs ill gotten loot. (no I wont tell ya how much I had from grogs death but after spending like mad I have a lot of coin still to go)


9. everyones reaction in the inn 4th shift when I retired early and started spellstoring a shit ton of spells into peoples weapons.


10. finding out later that all those spells I stored for people saved their collective asses shortly after I retired for the evening.


11. got to play one of the brownies "gnomes" for the buzzer plot and then got to be an earth elemental for the following consequences.


12. getting back from that plot to go back out with a bunch of water elementals. that was by far the most fun I had at this event. we got laughing so hard especially when pat grabbed a double handful of tagbags and tosses them ujp in the air and calls "bubbles" and then zander then proceeds to command nature me cause im different then the rest and has me kill them.

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Shouty caps aside, here were some of my highlights:



-Playing a bitchy (and probably concussed) bandit victim and being massively offended, angered, and putting the PCs in their place when they started victim-blaming me for "walking around at night unaccompanied" as if that's an excuse to be beaten and robbed (which, in Pinedale, I guess it totally is).

-Buzzers vs. Brownies. I was totally shocked and completely excited about that whole encounter. And, well, I always like running around as a buzzer.

-I really enjoyed playing a noble's handmaiden, being killed in cold blood by a PC, and being able to rehash and finish that plot the next morning after being KB'd by a PC for literally no reason.

-HITTING THINGS WITH STICKS. I didn't realize how much I missed the fighting with the swords and the weapons until I did it.

-Dancing girl. Playing a dancing girl is always a ton of fun, especially when Hivemind is outside the Inn with a drum playing me some nice beats. :)



-Borrowing swords. D's excuse of "I may have had way too much fun and it got lost/stolen" worked out fairly well. (Thanks to Nick and Lauren for that.) XD

-Fighting an Ben ogre by the lake and having to team up with the Inquisitor to do it.

-Being able to pay back mah debts, just like the Lannisters.

-Having coin leftover after paying off those debts.

-Eating all. The. Food.

-Finally being able to use my magic items for magic item-y things and remembering what they do!

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Wraiths don't like music.


It was pretty funny that every time I ran through town or a combat I managed to find you. I started to feel bad after the third time... I think it was at the entrance to the field near the inn. I lost track though because I kept laughing. Every time I jumped out of the bushes.... Kill Da Bard!

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Hey all, I know I am late on posting this but hey, better late than never!



-had the best morning orcs ever, I ate a pc's arm as a shaman!

-being the most annoying water elementals in the land made my day for third shift to start up to pc! It definitely made a huge difference!

-even though it rained and my everything got soaked and I still feel my feet in pain from being wet for too long, it was more than worth it!

-I loved playing the scare crow, where I was set up hiding, no one noticed I was there until they were attacked when they went through the fence area to get behind the enemy

-As much as I feel bad for killing everyone, it was more than exciting and fun to rp with the dead bodies and drag them all over and fight over them!

-The last undead fight was amazing! I had a great time taking out Jaroth and trying to reap him!



-so, saber didn't make out too hot this event, but he learned a lot

-Saber is going to be staying in the group more or sneaking out and around behind after the enemy is engaged to stay safer

-Saber died trying to save a friend.

-Saber is no longer going to stay back for the one person in the back, he was feared and robbed multiple times from that.

-I am going to make a potion rack or bag to hold my potions instead of the system I have now because everything is falling out all over the place.

-Saber is starting to channel his natural abilities and connection with the world to begin his druid training.

-Saber was glad to have been able to hang out with the covenant even though he was denied a place with their group.



Overall I am more than excited and happy about this event and I can't wait until I bring in my new character! It will be a great time and I am super excited! :P I will see all of you in October!

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So, for me...


The awesome:

*ALL TEH BEERZ. At a few points, I thought fights were going to break out over why would buy my limited stock of ice-cold drinks.

*The 4th shift undead fight was fantastic. One of the best fights I have ever been in as an NPC. The moon, the incants, the chaos!

*"You're on the wrong porch, motherfucker!"

*Fountain Lion!

*Half-asleep Hivemind: "I want a tunic completely covered in trim. No. Visible. Fabric."

*Any event I walk away from without some injury, I consider a win.

*Taking a freezing cold shower never felt so good.

*Taking a poison tagbag to the ass from a skaven, "Eliana, help! My ass hurts!" "Is it poisoned?" "Yeah, probably"

*Ambrose: "Shang Liao, did you drink too much and pass out on our porch again?" Nope.

*Playing "Sneaky" orcs. Krod charging out of the temple in his underwear at us. FOUR ELVEN STEEL. "AAH right in the dick!"


The kind of crappy:

*The weather Friday night. Much hot, so muggy. Wow.

*Getting killed during the 1st shift undead fight, dragged off FAR AWAY from everybody else, being simultaneously eaten alive and looted. Being the last one revived, to find out that all my stuff had disappeared, even though "all the monsters are dead".

*Learning the hard way that Shang Liao can no longer to afford travelling as an independent. It doesn't matter how much people like you, you are still basically last on everyone's priority list.

*Spending what felt like 3/4 of my PC shifts walking back and forth between the Inn and the cabin, to constantly refill the four bottles I had. If I have to keep doing that, prices are going to go up.

*Being used to a late-night schedule. Wandering around town at 4am, hoping that someone is awake to talk to, cuz I can't sleep.

*Bog Lurkers are now my second least favorite creature in Novitas.

*Being squishy. I need to get some serious free time to repair my armor. Or acquire new armor that is less labor-intensive to deal with.

*Not getting RP time with some of the people that I wanted to get RP time with. But, that's what Harvest Festival is for...


The absolute shit:

*Falling on my tankard during a fight, and breaking off the handle.

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*Taking a poison tagbag to the ass from a skaven, "Eliana, help! My ass hurts!" "Is it poisoned?" "Yeah, probably"




your welcome. don't think I could have done that again if I tried.

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This time circumstances required that I arrive fashionably late to this post. So here's my favorite moments in no particular order:


King Earth Arcon! I enjoyed that tremendously. The look shocked and abashed look on the town's collective face was pure joy to me. Literally the only reason I opened the pit trap on Blagar instead of the groups of other townsfolk was the sullen look on his face. Sorry Corey!


The NPC hooks on Friday night at the undead fight drawing attention to the lone pc with them and then running of into the woods, leaving him to fight me alone. Poor guy died very valiantly.

Rick's acid spear was my favourite part of that fight.


Turns out I can fight pretty well left handed.


I thoroughly enjoyed bringing in my Innkeeper NPC and getting to roleplay with Adam while cooking up cheesy chicken goodness.

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No hard feeling, I faced my judgement and couldn't ask for a better judge.

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