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Vicious the Jester

Leather Gauntlets wanted

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I'm interested in getting a pair of these made for me. I started to make a pair, but it turned out the leather I cut was so thick that it ended up making them too small for my hands. I really don't want to chase down leather again. With my thumb in it's current condition, I'm still don't get the best grip in the world for working on something like this.

I have the parts to put a pair together, cut out, dyed (vinegaroon black) and shaped, but lacking holes for the rivets. I also didn't cut out the cuffs for them yet, but have some latigo I can cut them out of. Rob/Caius is interested in buying the pair I cut out once they're finished.

Dave has made at least 1 pair of these in the past and might be good for advice.


Who can I throw money and/or leather at to get a pair of these made?

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I'm hearing this pattern is as good as hoped. I need something with better thumb protection. Doing more research...

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