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Salami Jones

Temple Bulletin

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**OOC: A signboard is posted just outside the Temple's newest location (formerly the Pagoda/STQBazaar) just down the path from the Inn**




Notice: The Merchants Bazaar has moved to the former temple location

just down the path to the left (<--) at the edge of town which also houses the

Templar's Barracks under the watch of Septon Veraya.

This new Temple building continues to house the Shrine of The Seven,

as well as the Shrine of The Dragon kept by the Lady Van'ya.









The Shrine of the Seven

Schedule of Services:

Lessons are conducted at Noon and Six convergences.

If you are unable to attend but wish to hear a lesson, the temple can accommodate.

Our door is always open.

Lessons are to begin promptly after the re-sanctification of the Shrine

In the Name of the Sept

Calendar of Lessons:

July: The Craftsman

September: The Mother

October: The Stranger

November: The Scholar

December: The Elemental

April: The Elemental

May: I will be on sabbatical - no lesson.

June: The Soldier

August: The Knight

September: The Dragon

October: Geometry, Magic & The Ley Lines

November: Ascension Day Service of Remembrance & Lesson on The God Wars

December: The Dark Lord & His Allies

April: History of the Race of Man (NL)

Other Services:

The Temple's supplies of healing magics are available to any in need.

Bring to the Temple any who are stricken with illness or who have fallen (so as they can not rise)

if you do not possess the power to restore them. Remember that these resources belong to all of the town.

Replenish the supply if you are able and please donate healing scrolls or potions when possible.

The life you save may one day be your own.

The Temple also provides alms to the poor and beds to weary travelers. Thus, our humble

Temple graciously accepts any donation or tithing of coin, labour or magics from those

more fortunate of the townsfolk. Our coffers depend upon your hard work and generosity.

The Elder Septon of the Temple welcomes any who seek his counsel on life, the Sept or any other matter.




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New Notice Posted on the temple door.


This Friday evening there will be a prayer service at the temple at 9:00 PM. All followers of the Sept are welcome to attend and participate. The focus of the prayer service is to ask the Sept for protection, strength, and wisdom in the coming months as we face the threats of the undead and Cairnhold. This services is intended to inspire unity, vision, and a sense of brotherhood. All Sept followers are encouraged to come and pray together as a town, this is not just for Septons. If there are any questions, please contact Kaden.

My appologies, I have had an emergency and will not be in town this weekend. Know that you will all be in my prayers. I will return as soon as possible.



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