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Best of October 2014

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Thank you to everyone! That's the very first thing I have to say. I don't know if I've ever been so excited for an event!


In no particular order...


-The intense RP! I had so many scenes of varying tone and intensity with Baevynn, Ivan, Eliana, Atticus, Yanos, Arbor, Naidre, Octavius and others. It was excellent!


-Winning the Fighter's Tournament! Some really excellent fights! I think armor may have helped me in that one...


-Fighting the dreaded Dan-wraith.


-Throwing all of the dreaded Dan-wraith's loot when he came back to life and murdered Octavius as he was looking for his Reap Spirit scrolls... Damn shame.


-GAMBLING! Oh, how I missed you Shut the Box and Stealing From Friends!


-Meeting some of our new PCs like Phoenix, Oscar and Drea.


-Seeing old friends like Dianysea(sp?), Sidhan and others.


-Watching Ferezzano and Eliana get married. Raines even supplied the bouquet.


-Getting free brew from the Brewmaster for a year. Kindness does pay!


-Fighting all of the Undead.


-'Killing' a Mummy Lord. OMG such book.Very wow.


-Geofredo(sp?) that wily old bastard with his Stranger lesson and his epic Harvest Festival opening ceremony speech.


-THE DOUBLE RAINBOW. Or the Double Raines-bow to commemorate his becoming Champion of Pinedale.




I'll post more if I happen to remember as I'm sure there's a lot more.


Thanks to everyone for your effort even though it was rainy for most of Saturday morning and afternoon.

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1st shift

Lion's Paw! This plot is intense. Michael is using every trick in his book to figure out how to save everyone and things are about to blow up in his face. If only he was owed a favor by crime lord who lived in Vlean.

Use of said favor is a horrible idea...

Jimmy's undying man, "I need to feed myself so I sell my old body parts."

Laying said man to rest. That was so wicked! A voice says to you "I am watching you." Shivers

Not actually screwing anything up. First time!

Ith doesn't count. (Facepalm)

Getting Odric's half a spark back and burning it into his body. Double checking the hard copy of the general's letter to make sure we didn't mess it up.

P.s. Thank you Maggie for making me a pretty letter prop.

Escorting Prince Jaroth through the woods to ambush a group of darkness worshippers. Ben "This is the only time I will ever call you my lord..."

"If you three need healing come find me and I'll do it." Said to Baulder and Jaroth

The fear torture method worked out. -scribble scribble-

"Wait... Who is on trial? Once again please... Okay so you know that moment when someone says something and you don't get it the first two times but you are too ashamed to ask it a third... My selective hearing must have turned on."

"I need a drink."

Drunk Michael lasted 10 minutes and was purified twice in that time. If you people are going to act like idiots then I am jumping on the bandwagon.

"Michael, the world is in danger! We need you now!"... "I'm... I'm ashamed to admit, that I am totally messed up." ... 3 times...

Undead dance party in the graveyard...

Saving a vleanoan crime overlord who was going to a wedding.

That moment when you figure out that you just spared the greater of two evils...

My thoughts of the Games Master just shattered


Harvest Festival

Too drunk to get to the Town Elders meeting on time.

Purified twice in under 10 minutes again...

A man calling himself the reaper is walking around town... Too drunk to care.

Raines is back!

No I don't remember seeing you naked in the woods Raines, stop bringing it up! My Minds EYE! It burns!!!!

The shop staying open all shift worked out perfectly

Story time!

And I forgot to ask Sidhan the question i needed to ask him.



What! two twin plots! What?!?

The ghost who wanted his body back. Best plot of the event in my eyes. All I am going to say is "You spin in a circle three times!" Zach was a really good sport

Bogarts, go throw 5 pins and then leave, just leave.

"Scream for me..."

-Dren blows out ritual candle- "Did I disrupt the ritual?"

The Midnight society and the tale of Calibaster= mind blown.


Great event everyone!

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Let's see, my turn:

Shift One: I realized I only went out on five plots and only one was fighting. I think that may be a first for me.

Meeting all of our new players and promptly being told, "You're a drunken asshole and these are your servants. Go be a dick and try to get them killed." Okay, I can do that.

Being banished by a PC, which then caused the death of my now leaderless mob of servants. Good Job whoever that was.

The unexpected resolution to that whole plot. Brian never ceases to surprise me and I'm also glad our rapport allows for cool actions like that together. Seriously, the physical drama is awesome.

I eagerly await the complete resolution to the events set in motion by this little shin-dig.


I also enjoyed the crime boss plot Maggie sent in. Michael's new double edged sword/favour from the Vleanoan underworld is just waiting to fall.


Shift Two:

Sleep, glorious sleep. Sometimes not PC'ing is the best thing to do on an all pc shift.

Eavesdropping on Al, Amanda, and then Tony RP'ing in the temple. I was enthralled until I realized I needed to go get ready to make life unpleasant for my best friends.


Shift Three: Just lots of good fights, a little C and S and a whole bunch of I'm so glad Drew, Anne, and Chrissie(?) made it. Anytime I get to see you folks makes my game better, even if it was only briefly.


Shift Four: Having a player see my favourite undead mask (the mowhawk'd piscean) in my hand and asking if I played that one last shift. When I said yes he proceeded to describe just how terrifying it was when I came around the inn and into the fire light and how happy he was that he had resilience when I dropped him. Knowing that I can put real emotions into players and affect their game, makes NPC'ing all the more enjoyable for me.


Overall: Getting to rock out with Randy again. A bunch of new players, if I forget any of your names, forgive me. You were great, took direction well given, didn't quit when I yelled and screamed at you and insulted you terribly, and never quit hammering on your NPC shifts. I hope you had as much fun playing as I did.

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Shit I'll remember..


+ Friends -- we had about two dozen of you come over and welcome us back, and thanks for that. It was good to see you too.


+ Party insta-gel'ing: We've been bouncing ideas around for a few weeks now, but nothing virtual compares with the actual. Parking ourselves on Grumble's porch and tossing digs and backstory around, and it all came together. I'm pleased to play with these folks, and kind of excited to see how MK steers us through plots.


+ Never underestimate the productive power of being an asshole: We ended Harvest fest with friends and feuds, and what a great way to start the game. Thanks go to Suzie for letting us tease her and for throwing that crap right back at us, it helped us out a lot!


+ F'ing Gabe: First, the tales of competitive urine drinking in the Inn/Outt. Then the singing contest, hilarious. And lastly, imagine, in broken English, the following: "As we say in Gersh.. you cannot help what gets your dick hard." We all lost it. Awesome.


+ Pudding versus Sausage: No Name was helping Grumble figure out Elven genders.


+ The rain? No Name's fault. Playing a cursed character? Genius.


+ Bucket's First LARP. I don't know how she pulled off the throat-cut voice all day, but she did.


+ "She looks good in that cloak." "Yup.. is it for sale?" "It is.. [price quote] ." "Is that the erection-rate?" "It is."


+ Prime's craftsmanship on a sheath worthy of Cimmerian Kings. Daaaaaaaamn.


+ KoN in autumn has plenty of John Woo nature moments if you know to look for 'em.


+ Ann was a big help to us: Braiding Chrissie's hair into her unkempt-murderous she-wolf do Friday night, putting together a manly roughspun bocksten for me, helping us figure out a game plan on the drive in, decompressing on the way out. Thanks Ann!


+ Pretty much everyone on our team deserves heartfelt thanks, but special spotlights on MK and Prime and 8ft Mike for calling me a pussy when I started looking at the weather report and grousing.


+ "Some people tell stories, other folks make 'em." "You said that already, old man." "I did?" Half-Dead's lack of inflection was creepy.


+ Ferrazano tells random NPC septon about the heresies of the Vlean church, about Draconus turning Vanya into..whatever she is, and doing it all with a quiet earnestness. It was not hard to play overwhelmed.


+ Angry Ivan, at wits end, looking forward to watching the town die about him while Atticus quietly tells him how that's a bad idea and he should feel bad. The bromance continues.


+ The temple encampment is great. Nice job!


+ Taps? In the Inn? Daaaaaaaamn.


+ "You things are the most person-like things I've seen today. I almost respect you. For serious, trees have tried killing me today. I will tell all that you are now friends of Krod son of Krod." " --Krod, son of Krod, to the lizardfolk over purchasing negotiations. This is what it looks like when you fail a diplomacy check by 1.. you can tell he's trying, but goddammit did he just call us 'things'? I imagine a steadycam following him throughout his Saturday shift would look like "The Zeppo" episode of Buffy.


+ Sebastian seems like a total turn for Tony's PCing habits. He was calm, urbane, unarmed, and passive. Nice!


+ Nice being back!

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- Getting complimented on how I played the mother character in the Puppet-Weed plot. Super flattered smile.gif Stuff like that just motivates me to NPC even more and even better


- Playing the friendly Golden Claw Skaven with the farmers (with strange russian accents?) who were turning undead. Alex had a nub of an arm that was just a bone, and he kept saying, "I just need a hand!"








- Taunting the wraiths and the bodaks that kept banging on the Temple's walls and garbage can


- The Bun Wizard's story about throwing a bun at a troll and getting it to leave. Epic!


- Getting a wand of dissipate from Oz for helping him assemble cloud cake.


- Missing not one chance, but TWO chances to get an elven steel sword.... then going out on a plot and Krod BUYING an elven steel sword for 350 coin.... only to come back and find out it's Balder's sword and we really should not be total jerk faces and give it back to him.


- Discussing with Eliana and Baldisari (sp??) how Lori is really not a proper Vleanoan woman and thus does not dress like one, and how people are now mistaking her for a Dellin because she wears fur and hangs around Krod


- Meeting Melody the bard, who was so interested in Lori's story that she wrote a ballad about it and will sing it in Pinedale soon!


- Meeting more people like Annibal, Rosh (sp??), and Flint Malachite


- The Reaper NOT taking Krod's spark. Also finding out he isn't an asshole. Say what now?


- Getting attacked by ALL THE THINGS when escorting a Civen woman to the border of the Freelands. Lori was able to heal herself for the first time! Hurray for gradually getting less squishy! Also, Abel and Micah not being dead. We like them. We don't want them to be dead.


- Going to Eliana and Baldisari's wedding


- Becoming unofficial Temple Guards with Krod


- Vany'a's expression when Lori gave her a dragon statue as a present.


Lori: "You've been a good friend to me."

Vany'a: "I have...? I mean! Of course I have!"

Lori: "You didn't tell me I was stupid for defending Sylas."

Vany'a: "No, I didn't."

Lori: "Then you're my friend. Happy harvest fest!"


- Vany'a running out into the horde of hillbilly NPCs that wanted to kill fae and putting on her best hillbilly voice. "LET'S GO GIT 'EM! LET'S KILL THEM FAE! YEEEEHAAW!" It was magical


- Brian (Teridan) NPCing a little girl's father. When the two of them were reunited in the temple they both fell on their knees and embraced each other, and Brian began to sing to her to soothe her. OMG all the feels. Lori was so moved she had to go outside... and was killed by bog lurkers who she didn't realize were monsters. WHOOPSIES. When I complimented Brian I got a hug. GOOD JOB MAN. SO. MANY. FEELS.


- Talking to Eliana about Lori's future in Pinedale. Because of their discussions Lori is going to work hard to become a master resto mage.


- Discussions in the Temple between Geoffriedo, Vany'a, Krod, and Lori. Geoffriedo is a hilarious wily Septon and I love everything about this character.


- Getting complimented on the new additions to my PC garb smile.gif)) Cross my heart, it will be even better next game, minus the fairly modern pants. Each game I'm working to make it a little better.


- ACTUALLY GETTING TO USE THE WAND OF TRIAGE! Well, Lori didn't use it, Micah did, but it came in handy! For the first time since the drunk guy in the Inn gave it to her!


- Singing to the melody of Ride of the Valkyries, "WAND OF TRIIIIIAAAAAGE, WAND OF TRIIIIAAAAAAAGE, WAND OF TRIIIIIIIAAAAAAGE, WAND OF TRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!" and pantomiming running in slow motion to heal people.

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This weekend was super awesome!!!!! I really only have one Con for this event and that was getting a tick. Otherwise, I am perfectly happy with everything!


  • Super powerful gravespawn attacks!
  • Boglerked for a long time in town
  • Gargoyle!!!!!!
  • delicious food
  • Octavious searching me doing a "physical search" for the first time I let someone do a physical search
  • Listening in on the conversations between various townsfolk and Geofredo(sp?) while trying to change out of character into npc, "solarbearbites"!!!!!


  • New Terran PC alt!!!!!!
  • All the RP in town!
  • Gem studded Penis!
  • The treasure hunt that took absolutely forever!
  • Meeting all of the townsfolk
  • Specifically RP with Geofredo(sp?) and Van'ya!
  • RPing sex wth Van'ya and getting Lycanthropy from it!
  • Saving Able and Micah from death and losing all of there stuff!
  • Not bleeding out for the first time in an event as a pc! Resilience!
  • Double rainbow "The rainbow leads to Raines' Coinpurse!"
  • Getting many consumables and magical items
  • Making friends with Micah and discussing the awesomeness of gems!
  • Having the best pc shift out of all of my pc shifts

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First time PCing was a success! I was super facking nervous at first, but then I relaxed as I met other PCs.

Favorite things and stuffs:


- The Bun Wizard. He was the first PC to approach me and asked me if I wanted a bun. When I reached for the bun, he paused and said "Hmmm... Not this one. Have this one instead." Shady.


- Randomly talking to Eliana for the first time because I had heard she was getting married and witnessed her drinking and drinking at the Inn.


- Getting pulled into watching Raines, Oz (and Baevynn), Tidus, the Brewmaster, and Dren play Bet the Pot (and watching the Brewmaster lose all his coin and gems...... Ouch!), only to get sucked into playing it and actually winning some coin and sharing the profit with D (new bff). Then getting drunk while watching them play (thanks, Dren, for the ridiculous amount of beer), stumbling out of the inn mumbling something incoherent just to hear Eliana's sweet, sweet voice.

"Oh, Drea?"


"Uh... Are you alright?"

*strikes Captain Morgan-like pose on the tree stump* "Mmmmhmmmmmmmmm..."

"Let me purify your spirit so you can drink more."

"I like you!"

*happily walks back into the inn to continue drinking and gambling*


- Teaming up with D, Van'ya, Ferezzano, and the Bun Wizard to desecrate the cemetery. So wrong. But so right.


- Sebastian's uber awesome kindness and him keeping me from getting soaked since I had just walked tons of miles and arriving at Pinedale in such a rainy day. And his huge freaking apple.


- Ivan removing Van'ya's sparkless body from the inn because it was grossing him out.


- Getting glared at by Ivan on countless occasions.


- Getting an awesome Sanctuary necklace from Geoffriedo! And then running around to get his spark back.


- Acquiring awesome ring of Repel Undead. Yus.


- Spending lots of time RPing with Van'ya, D, and Geoffriedo after the whole "the temple has been desecrated" ordeal.


- Raines being Raines.




- Rush (sp?) winning all the things! So proud!


- Standing right outside the temple when Beavynn screamed bloody murder and freaked D and I out for a second, then having a time stop called right before Dren blew the ritual candle. Talk about a dramatic minute!



So much fun! Bummed I won't be able to make it back in November, but fingers crossed so I get the other events off. I can't switch days off at work until March 10th, so I have to go with what I get.

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First shift vanose runs into a head merchent who literally sold heads talked to him for a wile then killed him took all of his stuff and put his heads under the porch and one of our group members took the arms he was selling and put them in his belt. Latter he comes back out of thin air and asks for all his body parts back. A little bit latter I get downed and tell one of my group members to give me a health poison. It turns out to be a two step instead. And one of my other group members banished a NPC his reaction was priceless.


Third shift as a NPC on bag of tricks we go it as bandits. We are walking around in the woods find a PC's stash take it all and then use it on other PC's take their stuff and then try and use it on them again when they got back up.


Fourth shift another NPC shift go out as wraiths rains walks right by me an I stab him in the back a few times. Same wraiths I run into A PC group and make them chase me around for a wile before I died. End of shift i go out as scare crows and they send out of the in the only person with primal and he dies until another person picks up his sowrd and kills us. As the same scarecrows I stab pat lane in the legs a lot with a dag spear until the whole town surrounded me to kill me. Good job to the bun wizard for hooking my Spear to stop me from staving me

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Thanks to Guile, I am now tasked with writing the Alchemist's Guild Charter. Um. Okay. ;)


Raines gave Temperance 100 coin for his baby's upkeep. Wish babies were that easy to fund in the real world...


And I guess Temperance is getting a new staff, because Stupid. Let me list the ways I know better: Always cast Second Breath. Never assume they don't have the reach on you. Always bring a tank when you KNOW it's a trap. Never forget to watch the rear when you're bringing up the rear. As I said to the other folks involved, "Just learn something." Also applicable to me.


But it's good. We've been talking about building new gear for me, and this is a great excuse to do it, IC and OOC.


I was really glad to be back, even for a short trip. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work!

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Never assume they don't have the reach on you.


That moment when I stabbed you in the chest mid-incant was one of the funniest I remember in a long time.

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That moment when I stabbed you in the chest mid-incant was one of the funniest I remember in a long time.


A moment in which I thought "SHIT I thought he was farther away." And then thought "That would have worked on Not A Veteran, dammit."

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Oh my, so many things, I doubt I will remember them all.


First and foremost, as always, great to see everyone again! I love running around, playing cops and robbers with you all in the woods even when the weather is less than ideal. ^_^


That said...


GM Shift--

Players new and old did a fantastic job. Thanks to all the 1st shift NPCs who were constantly willing to go out in the rain again and again to make plots happen, and for providing me with recaps. I love seeing NPC's come to me after running a plot and be excited with everything that happened. Thanks especially to my "indentured servants" who got to be bossed around and yelled at for a good hour to make the plot interesting. ^_^


Bad --


I usually like to avoid the "bad", and I'm not going to get into it now, but I would just like to take the time to remind everyone, despite the fact that we should not need these reminders, that we're all adults here. We should treat each other like adults, and speak to each other like adults.


PC --


- RP with Geofriedo (I will never spell that right, y'all know who I mean), Lori and Krod in the Temple. Vany'a is finding that she rather likes having a couple of barbarians around to beat things with sticks.


- More RP in the temple - the darkness worshipers attacking! Standing dissipated on the opposite of the room, having already taken a hit and watching Geofriedo get reaped in front of me, leaving Vany'a with no other choice than to dash out of the temple and call for help. Followed by being reaped, and the townsfolk rushing to help. I will also say that I agree with Ivan, even if it's my dead body, it doesn't belong in the inn XD


- Interactions with Flint Malachite and the inevitable conversation about what is confined within a Terran's trousers. "Wait, one is studded and the other isn't?" Followed much later by "You should get yourself checked... for lycanthrope." I have no idea if you can catch it that way, my own fault for not having Vany'a chug her wolfsbane before heading to bed. >_> Whoops.


- Worst magic tournament ever. Kudos to Christina for being the only one not to Dissipate and stand there like a goon.


- Cloud cake one of the most sugary things I have ever eaten, which was very necessary when I felt myself starting to get sluggish. Unfortunately, sugar makes me silly and thus hilarity later ensued with a sugar-high dragon lover.


- Garbage Bodak, get out of our trash can!


- Solar Bears! Sunburn is now Solar Bear bites.


- Pretty new dragon from Lori to Vany'a. Pretty necklace from Richter to Vany'a. Playing a draconus worshiper is fantastic because everyone is like "I HAVE DRAGON YOU WANT DRAGON?" Why yes. Yes I do.


- So much more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

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This was a far less stressful event than the last and I'm super happy about that.


Things and stuff:

-I helped with sign in which was good. I hope I did it correctly...

-We didn't have too many new people, but they were all so excited and amazing and I can't wait to see them again

-Thank you to Richard for letting me run a plot. Thanks to Chris Blake for being my lovely crime lord and Sam, Leon, Courtnie for being my mob muscle and Jimmy, Alex, Guile, and John for being my bandits.

-I had so much fun being Ferrous's personal plot! It was small and I screwed it up a little, but hearing Delia rag on him was hilarious. "Look Ferrous! A nice young Terran woman!"

-Another interaction with Ferrous as a different character getting some information about the Consul. Not sure why I was collecting it, but I got a lot of information.

-Casual walk with Pat to check and see that there weren't piles of corpses at the covered bridge.


-PCing three shifts. Oh man. So tired.

-Not dying was a plus

-Fifties housewife Baevynn

-Baevynn loves weddings. She's never been to one before, but she loves weddings

-BET THE POT...and win wink.gif

-Amazing RP with Daitoro, we WILL find out what's up with your eyes

-Discovering skillful sneak tactics of avoiding someone. I mean, I thought I was good at avoiding my exboyfriend in the hallways at school, but literally diving behind tables to avoid Ivan: an artform.

-Eliana: "Rawr! Why you do dis to me you foolish child. Goddammit, I love you" -hugs-

-Wraith attack. I only was mortally wounded so that was good.

-Being dominated by a poltergeist. Corey Poltergeist: Scream for me. So. Creepy.

-Jumping over tables and running when Vany'a said someone killed Geoffredo and stole his spark. Ain't nobody mess with our old dude.

-Weight lifting with Jaroth and Oz. Baevynn is stronger than you think. She carries Oz's stuff and used to carry a seven-year-old all the time.

-Eliana uses the abomination wand on Baldiserrie as he runs out the door and she yells, "You look great honey!"


Will be adding more when I think of it.

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A great event. I have all of you to thank for it. Where to begin?


Shift 1

  • Showing up early enough to help set up Logistics and fully set up the Temple for viewing.
  • Spending first shift in the Inn was a relaxing throwback. Sad I didn't get to play NPCs but still managed to duel wield when I found there were two spatulas. I was a sammich makin machine.
  • Dealia's songs, and the sexualy charged banter we sharad that wandered through enticing to confusing to amusing and back around again in that order
  • Hangin with my main man Chris behind the counter and makin all that cold hard coin. The inn has come such a long way from even the last time I worked there a year or so ago. Would work there again.

Shift 2

  • All PC shifts are the best kind. Just seeing and interacting with as many other players as possible. Every one of you with whom I got the chance to RP even for a few moments really made putting that makeup on worth the while. Special thanks to GoST, Van'ya, Krod & Lori, Varaya, and everyone else who took the time to visit with me and talk at length. I enjoy talking with you all as Geoffredo more than you can imagine.
  • Being able to perform Geoffredo's sermon Lesson of The Stranger, personal aside, and Commencement of the Harvest in front of such a large and attentive (enraptured, as some said) audience, and realizing for the first time that I'm actually pulling this off. Really, I'm just an actor putting on a show with this character. It's something I put a lot of thought and effort into. It made me so happy that some of my older friends finally came to see what is essentially a play I put on just for them. Sadly not everyone could make it or had characters with reasons to avoid it, but this I understand. There will be plenty more games to come.
  • The not so red wedding. Another performance, this time with other actors. I was so glad to be the one to officiate the ceremony as my character and that it went absolutely swimmingly. I love my job as keeper of the temple.
  • Seeing JC as Sidhan after long absence. Still not knowing anything about Elves, as I am a typical fantasy-world human guy. I pretty sure in-character he's some sort of Elvish Lord. Its difficult to tell.

Shift 3

  • So many people (NPCs) seeking refuge in the temple. Handing out coin to all of them who needed it to help them on their way. Great RP from the NPCs.
  • More awesome RP with Van'ya Krod and Lori and GoST
  • Darkness worshiping butt-stabbers reaped my spark. I knew they were shady the moment they first arrived but, hey, what can you do. Still kicking myself. Always supposed to have grounding up for that reason.
  • Poltergeist out of nowhere. Still not sure why, but damn it was awesome. Peeps being surprised to find out that blunting an old man in the chest still causes him to start dying. Oh, Geoffredo. You so frail. Also, Ritual!
  • Blunting and throwing out some of the lynch mob with the help of others at the temple.

Shift 4

  • GM shift went well. Heard lots of people were happy with general pacing and had a good time overall. Also heard there were problems. They are being addressed.
  • Special thanks to Makeup. You guys rock.
  • Making Pat Lane sad.
  • Sending out a Sedusa
  • Staying up till 5am in logistics chatting with Kat. Also Jamie, Chris, Rachel, Zach and Christina. Can't remember if anyone else was there. It's all kind of fuzzy.

In general

  • Great time at Good Gollies
  • Every time someone walks into the temple for the first time since my shrine has been set up. Having all that stuff in my house makes me forget how sweet it looks all together.
  • Sending out ALL the in-character letters.
  • The compliments. So great to feel appreciated.
  • Seeing all my friends again. You guys are the best kind of people.

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There was so much awesome stuff this event. =D


Let's see, I guess I'll start with PCing, since there was SO MUCH of it:



Fighting tournament! First time really fighting in over a year, and man it felt good. Also, winning a round, a definite plus (that was a good fight - I so enjoyed that fight). And then there was winning 1/3 against the Bun Wizard, which was pretty awesome, too, even though I lost the match overall.


D and Rionna cornering Blagar and trying to seduce him because it's just not right for a Fae-touched not to have a little fun. That was pretty epic. ;)


Ambrose Grab-dose was super fun, and I think that game should make random reapparances.


Raines! Raines is back. Card tricks from Raines! Such shock! So awe! Wow.


Gambling with Raines and Tidus for "peasant loot" or whatever they called it, because I'm not a noble or a rich person. Also learning that I'm terrible at "bet the pot" and still wanting to play more and more.


DREA! Meeting Drea as a new townsperson, splitting loot and winnings from gambling and plots, because, as drunk-Dionysia put it, "us big-boobed people gotta stick together." laugh.gif


The RP with Vany'a because of how responsible I felt about sending darkness worshippers to the temple who killed and reaped Vany'a and Goefredo. Also getting mad at Ivan for moving Vany'a's corpse outside because it didn't belong in the Inn, even though Dionysia (and I think, Eliana) logic said that since Vany'a is cold blooded the body needed to stay warm so she wasn't cold when she woke up because that makes so much sense when you're talking about a corpse.


Giving alcohol to the child whose parents were attacked by undead or something like that. Even though I was totally thinking it, D won't take responsibilty for being a terrible person because Eliana told her to do it.


Dying by the fire outside the inn. That'll teach D not to have a dissipate ready to go in her bra at all times. Then, purchasing more dissipate potions from Oz ("Wow, I said your name way louder than I meant to.") and somehow coming up with the term "dissa-tits" when I crammed two potion vials into my cleavage - just to be on the safe side.


NPCing/General -


I loved the mafia boss plot that I hooked for. Arguing with PCs in annoying accents is apparently what I live for.


Getting beaten down as a Crimson Courrier (in the Inn, no less) because my stupid self was standing next to the door and couldn't get an incant out without being hit. Also getting Balder a favor for doing a good thing and reviving the Courrier.


Helping Camila out with overall Novitas information where I could give it. It's the first time I've actually felt helpful with newish players, even if I had to pass some questions over to more experienced players when I didn't know something.


Staying super dry and warm all day in the rain thanks to my super awesome cloak that I will never stop telling Lauren is super and awesome.


Dry feet thanks to new boots.




It seems like every time I'm in the Inn third shift, Adam's Innkeeper makes some sort of insult or slight to Ferrous ("Ferrous? Isn't that guy like, dead or something?"), which as a player I find super amusing.



I'm nearly positive that there's more than that. But that's what I can remember for right now.

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Had an amazing time this event, and it was awesome seeing soooooo many new people.


1. Playing a Darkness worshipper, fear tortured by a certain blue-faekin :) I tried my best to make it as realistic as possible. And lost my voice after the encounter lol. And Amanda did an awesome job with her RP on that encounter, pleading with the Covenant to stop torturing my npc.

2. Dominick the Lumberjack Foreman, looking for oddjobs and not getting killed...he's a fairly reasonable guy...with a zombie workforce.

3. Playing a rich Vleanoan noble trying to escape his arranged marriage by marrying whoever is willing to marry.

4. I missed everyone and being able to come back on a regular basis has really put me in a good mood :)

5. Rolling with the Spires and being rolled by them.

6. Banding together with Chris Blake and Leon for NPC roles, can't wait for next year.

7. Baevynn's still alive? Hurray!

8. Tony lives! Miss you buddy.

9. That feeling you get when you sign in and get a skill that you've always wanted but had to put on the back burner for so long.

10. The make-up ladies were awesome. Great techniques and tricks, I literally thought one of the npcs was punched in the eye, very realistic.

11. There's so much more but I am still sleep-deprived.


I can't wait for next event :)

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+Lady Cecelia, niece of Lord Archbold. Thanks to the PCs who provided good information on forming ties in Pinedale. Also, my bodyguards were on point!


+My darkness worshipper of Vlean would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids! Thanks for literally shielding me from the rain, Don.


+Highly effective 1-1 skeleton! You too can wreck shit with Waterdancer aka Zach Werheim at your side!


+Best-looking Dryad set-up. All of the flowers!




+After Baevynn and Eliana had their moment - "YOUNG LADY" - all is well and she is safe!


+Best PC interaction with Raines, getting deep with how he feels about Baevynn, Eliana, and being in Pinedale. Never thought we'd get past the "wanna do ya" and "hahaha nope" interaction. Glad I was wrong.


+Exchanging looks with Baldisere, Octavius, and Daitoro during the Brag-a-thon. Losing it.


+Also a great "aww" moment when Sebastian complimented Eliana for her words at the Brag-a-thon.


+Actually, generally a lot of "aww" moments for Eliana. Everyone was so nice in a way I haven't noticed since I first brought her in!


+Feeling distinctly like I was cornered by my babbling grandpa as I interacted with Geoffreido. Al continues to be fantastic.


+Wedding was short and sweet. Reindeer cloak was awesome. Must consider purchase.


+Also, I feel like it has to be said that Ambrose is often an unsung PC portrayal. I love his consistent tone.


+Eliana's little "hangry" breakdown culminating in Brian's NPC poisoning her food. I hate you.


+Bun Wizard in general. Getting to watch him hop in and out of pit traps with his special boots was great.


+Best (?) wedding gift ever: Titus is purchasing Eliana and Baldisere's honeymoon at a Civenite resort. This should go well. Blog to follow!


+Best NPC interaction: Suzy's papers vendor. Glad I got to express Eliana's feelings about Vlean beyond her naivety. Vlean was supposed to be great, founded on solid principles, and lost their way. Maybe once Darkness is driven away they can be great again.


+Double rainbow. A sign Eliana will have twins? Maybe faekin children? A curse on all of your houses! You're so mean!


+Rachel's child NPC broke my heart into a million little pieces. Glad to be given more chances to show Eliana's maternal side.


+Convincing Lori to focus on healing. Future PC interactions are being plotted in my head!

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I forgot to add to mine --


Accidentally putting my horns on backwards this event. Looking like a pincer bug. Having Atticus ask if my horns were growing in closer together.


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This was a pretty awful event for me. Not because everyone wasn't fantastic, but because I just am not healthy enough to do it. Walking from Logistics to the Cabin nearly made me feint at one point on Friday Night. Even though I wasn't feeling well, everyone did a fantastic job at showing me their kindness and giving me lots of hugs and good words. I truly appreciate it. I will work my butt off to get healthy for November Event so I can be back to my ridiculous self.


- With that said, I want to thank the new players!! I was in a pretty rotten mood and you all did a fantastic job taking my constructive criticism and really enhancing your RPing for the weekend. Chloe, you had an epic RP moment with the puppet weed incident. I will be asking for discretionary xp for you. That was just great RP and I loved to watch it go down.


- Al, your character adds an entirely huge part of the fun I have each weekend at Novitas. I never intended on RPing with you the way I have, but I have really come to like how we do things and it adds a huge realism aspect to my game. It really helps fill the gaps in the day and gives me something to worry about aside from just loot and nonsense. I love it. I seriously might cry when you decide to retire him.

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1--Thank you all the wonderful NPCS! I certainly was impressed with everyone of my NPCs on shift one--intermittent rain, but zero complaints. Also, a big Thank You to Lauren and Nick for GMing alongside, it couldn't have happened without you two.


2--"Ambrose Grab-those" was a fun way to spend the Harvest Festival, thank you all to those who played!


3--New PC's are great! I really dig Flint, he seems like he has the makings of a Terran Ambrose. I sense massive hijinx in the future...


4--Wow, the interpersonal fireworks was amaze-balls (as Drea introduced me to that term), Ivan making his words known, and people taking issue with those words. Bravo, all who are biting on this (pc-made) plotline.


5--Full frontal, full on Double Rainbow. Wow. VK, just when I think I've seen all the beauty you have to show, you show more.


6--I am so sorry I didn't get to meet Antigone's Bruisers, but happy to (briefly) meet the brains. Looking forward to more!


7--Geofreddo, fantastic--not a stereotype of an old septon, just an old septon. You completely transform, I don't see a bit of Al in the character you've got going. Great job.



8--So much wedding!


9--hehehe, setting up a daytime ambush for dissipatin' dissipaters was very satisfying.


10=--Setting a successful cookfire in the morning rain--that's an Oddfellow Rank-up challenge if I ever heard one.


11--Rosh's transformation is great to watch, keep up the awesome man!

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This event had plenty of ups and downs for me. Some really great moments, and some not so great moments.


The Good Times:

+New armor is awesome. New winnigas are awesome.


+BET THE POT! It actually really sucked losing all my possesions, but the aftermath and RP with Raines, Titus, and Micah made it totally worth it. Free beer, bitches!


+Terridan doing what everyone else was thinking, fuck the consequences. You, sir, deserve a gold loincloth.


+Talking with a blindly bigoted Vlenoan Inquisitor with faekin on either side of me about how fae children are evil and must be destroyed. I wasn't sure who was going to stab him first, Arbor or me. Watching Kyle talk her down afterwards was precious.


+Atticus, Ivan, and mycanoids. "Can we kill them?" "NO." "Are they people?" "No." "Why can't we kill them?" "They just want dead trees, I will show them where some are" Later, "Hey Atticus, how did it go with the mycanoids?" "Yeah, they are all dead."


+Baldisere and others dig giant holes in the graveyard, disrupting the graves so they can't be raised. An hour later, yebs pop out of the holes.




+Watching Ivan teabag a limbless Iron Golem, while an overly enthusiastic Arbor cut down some hostile air elementals.


+Having Chris Blake's NPC walk up to a group of us in search of epic magic items in exchange for gems. Rosh and I simultanneously said, "Micah has epic magic items, and he loves gems!" priceless.


+Sparkly dancing girls....


+Playing a fatvack. Hiding in the woods, creeping out slowly to flank the party. Getting stunned by Naidre. They weren't sure what I was, apparently. Bun wizard walks up to me, bends down at me, then pokes me. "1 blunt". I get up to my knees, " WRAAAAAAWR! FOURTEEN! FOURTEEN! FOURTEEN!" Bun Wizard drops, and all I can hear are people incanting dissipates.


+Getting ready to go out on an encounter, Kerrie hands me an item for loot. I give her a look, "Is that the necklace you lost last month?" Yeah, it was. TOO SOON BRO, TOO SOON




The Not So Good Times:

-Getting thrown out of the Inn by the elves, during the Harvest Festival, in the rain, so they can do their private thing. "Fine. No one with pointed ears gets a drink from me today," The Innkeeper chimes in, "But there is free Terran Thunder here for anyone that wants it, courtesy of Raines!" If I hadn't have left my sword in my cabin, shit would have gone down.


-Dying to undead. Dying again to undead before I could even stand up. Dying to uber yebs like 15 minutes later.


-Learning new things about some of the people of Pinedale that I didn't need to know. I hate to admit it, but I am starting to agree with Ivan on some things.


-Not even knowing about Eliana's wedding until it was already happening.



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-Not even knowing about Eliana's wedding until it was already happening.


Awwww. Um. Blame Baldisere? But seriously, we wanted it small and quiet because reasons and I was literally inviting people as I saw them at the last minute. Sorry!

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Welp I had a crazy event filled with RP and shenanigans, in no real order


Fighting all the things Friday night,


The head merchant was sick as hell. Great RP


Akalius is a badass. Must I say anything else?


Using all the anti magic auras. Sanctuary will not protect you...


The merchant guild RP, Steve you almost were turbo murdered. But the ignorance of everything that happened last event furthers my beliefs about the merchants guild, I hope the GMs enjoyed reading the contracts, Maggie you are amazing.



My encounters with Jaroth, always fruitful.


The pixie, and selling my socks of running. Those were my old varsity soccer socks with a lot of ooc value. :-) I hope you enjoyed the smell.


Selling my Goblin Iron mageblade, I only wish I was in logistics when that was brought in to see everyone's expression.


Why my group ! did not kill the flesh golem is beyond me.... Finally got Odrics spark back. FINALLY.


Less than half an hour later healing said Odric. Bout friggin time bud.


The lions paw plot. Sorry Leon, no hard feelings.


On that note the group that came with us failed the Bless your heart challenge. Better luck next time.


Blagar's sick Draconus incant for fear. Mwhahahahahaha Randy you made that work so well, now if people listened to Blagar....


"She incanted to darkness." Why am I the only one who heard that.


Figuring out what to do with the loots all the loots.




Dropping 250 coin, 40 points of potions, 40 points of scrolls, and 60 points of magic items. Giving back to the community as only Blagar knows how to.


Kick starting the loots gathering of multiple Low level PCs. And even paying a few for running errands for me.


Sell sufficient shop opened for all of harvest festival. Having the ability to leave shop when I wanted to and knowing people covered for me. Yes Riona I am married to my store.


Fae seduction and the RP that has followed. Riona is the only one who knows my true motives.


Mages tourney, I wish more people would have participated.


Michael intoxicated was hilarious lol.


Calling Ashrak out on being a scaredy cat to JC's face. Maybe now he will show up....


The twin ghost plots, I am beginning to think there is a reason I am sent out on plots as a crazy person.


Dispel, Dominate, creeps on Baevyn, "you like the darkness, it fills your heart, scream for me..." God that girl has a set of pipes.


The look on everyone's face when she screamed was worth a short plot. Sorry Ryan, blowing out the candle would have been too much.


The Zombie body. Octavius "follow behind me." Ask you wish XD


Boglurking, or as I call it, PC hunting.


Great event guys, can't wait to see everyone in November :-)

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