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Medieval Day 2015: Watkins Glen High School

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Hey, all. As many of you guys probably know, I teach High School history in Watkins Glen. Last year, we began a new tradition of "Medieval Day," a hugely-involved festival for our ninth-grade students that works to immerse and educate about life during the European Middle Ages. Last year was a huge success; we teamed up with local groups of the SCA for workshops and live combat demonstrations, brought in a falconer from up north, partnered with several local businesses for crafts and decor, and oversaw nearly a hundred student presentations. Even though it's only October, I'm already working on trying to expand our event and involve even more talented people for our 2015 event.




The whole day is pretty structured, with various times built in for student presentations or for performances by our special guests (Combat, Falcon show, etc.). At several points during the overall schedule, students have the ability to break out into various workshops. While some of these are more informative (Last year we had classes on the Medieval Economy or on Medieval Combat Tactics, for example), others were far more hands-on (Medieval Dance had students up and moving about while Heraldry had them creating their own family banners). This year, we're hoping for many more of both types (with preference to the latter).


Given the sheer passion and amazing talents of the KoN community, I wanted to extend an invitation to all of you. Unfortunately, this is not (yet) a public event, but we have plenty of openings for presenters for those who are interested. If you're willing and have a particular historical interest or craft that you'd like to share, we'd love to have you come and present to our students. While we appreciate our volunteers, we also have access to grant money that can allow us to reimburse you for travel expenses, costs of materials, and also for your time. Workshops typically run about a half an hour (and usually involve a student group of 10-20), but you're more than able to join us for the entire day. Everything is in full garb, but I doubt anyone in the KoN community will have much of an issue with that.


If anyone is interested, please let me know of not only your interest but your intended topic as well. So long as it has historical context, we're really quite open to anything, and I'd love to see some of you showcasing your amazing talents.





Oh! And the best part of the day? We finish up with an all-out LARP battle between the different classes... :)

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