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  2. Hello!

    Thanks for letting me know! I’m definitely going to be reading through everything now 😄
  3. Hello!

    Hey Greta! Welcome! I'm Maggie, Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal here at Kingdoms of Novitas. I'm glad you're joining us! I think you're going to have a blast. I recommend checking out our Learn to Play section of our Rules Wiki. It will help you get a bit of a head start on learning the game http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay. The World Book is always a good read too. It will help you get to know the World of Novitas http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf Feel free to join us on Facebook as well! We will be holding some online events in the meantime!
  4. Hello!

    Hi! My name is Greta- a super big fan of LOTR/Hobbit and a seasoned cosplayer! This is my first time attending a larp event (shout out to ToiaTheKing for finding this group~). I can’t wait for the next event and I hope everyone is fairing well during these hard times !
  5. Hello!

    Hi Chris! I'm Maggie, Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal. I was a theatre person prior to LARPing as well. It's a great transition. We're all super bummed about the current situation, but all of us staff have very exciting plans for our triumphant return! In the mean time, I recommend reading the Learn to Play section of our Rules Wiki (and any other sections that interest you) http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay Also, the World Book is a fun resource to learn about the world we play in http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf Let us know if you have any questions. Hope to see you in the fall! Welcome to Novitas! Edit: Also! Feel free to join us on Facebook. We are having online gatherings as well in the mean time.
  6. Hello!

    Hello Kingdoms of Novitas! My name is Chris. As a theatre actor I've been curious to try LARP for a while and figured I'd take a leap and look for a local group. I'm also a huge fan of medieval/fantasy style stuff so this seemed like a perfect place. Hoping to attend an event once the unfortunate events of 2020 subside
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  8. Monthly Nation News

    News Update 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W2AAJRXH07KryeLru50CPHlpUc0F6le5H3zAqd6V4QY/edit?fbclid=IwAR0wauMZc4Dl3Z0Qt5i0MV4IyVcijYFu3FJoLU_A53qbeklT9B-ympC2oPk
  9. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    CJ you certainly have a great start to a future PC! Most everything above looks great. While we have some time off due to this virus, I recommend you keep crafting :) Your sheaths will need a little work for our game as we do not allow tape covered anything. I am digging the aesthetic you are going for. Second thought. We are working on dulling down the brightness of lights and lamps that are being carried. I recommend hitting plastic/glass on your lamp with a "Frosted Glass" spray paint.
  10. bottle holder?

    Hello Avery. I apologize for not replying sooner, I have not been on the forums in awhile. First, I want to start with, I think you may be under the impression that you need a drink with you at all times. As an NPC, between roles you will report to Logistics. This is where we stage plots. In Logistics there are always drinks available. Always water, and usually something like a water cooler of Gatorade. You are welcome to bring something to drink other than those though. For example I usually have a bottle of iced tea. In Logistics your container does not need to be in anything specific, and is certainly fine in whatever it's sold in. As a PC, you are correct in assuming modern bottles need to be hidden. However, there is an "inn" as well as other another player run establishments and merchants that always have drinks. For them all you need is an empty cup/mug. The item you pictured above would be fine in the circumstance that the lid remains relatively hidden, especially if it is brightly covered like that red one in the picture. Speaking as a player to future player, I would advise against that purchase. It will be handy, and you will like it at first. Give it 3 events or so, and it will likely sit on the bottom of your tote and never get used. The reason? Comfort. 16 oz. extra in a bag, or hanging from your belt does not seem like much, but over the course of the day will grow old. IMO, you would be better investing in a good mug.
  11. bottle holder?

    alright thanks
  12. calimacil talk

    hey don"t know if any one has seen this new thing calimacil is doing for larp groups but i going to post it here https://calimacil.com/pages/guild
  13. bottle holder?

    I sent a message to our Prop Marshal, Dustan. He'll come have a look and give you an answer on whether it will work or not. It seems pretty neat.
  14. bottle holder?

    the suggested beginner kit includes a drink for the weekend such as a bottle of water, would this and a few bottles of tea or something that are kept in my encampment (wherever that may be at the time, not quite sure, but basically just with my other ooc stuff) out of sight to prevent breaking immersion, and then have one on my in this: https://www.medievalcollectibles.com/product/laced-bottle-holder/ to help make it look more like it belongs there and not break immersion work? I could swap it out for another one each shift if I run out. I figured I could have it around my belt with the rest of my pouches. just wanted to make sure it would be allowed.
  15. Hello! I am hoping to attend my first event

    alright great, given a bit of a head start that I will have now I will also be able to spare some more time to save to get stuff for both my pc and npc outfits, instead of having a month to try and get enough stuff.
  16. Hello! I am hoping to attend my first event

    I don't see why not! See you in February!
  17. Hello! I am hoping to attend my first event

    can't wait until February lol, that way events will be going on again and I will be 18, would I still be able to use the character I made (glim) then?
  18. Armor rules

    The head is not a legal target for damage, helmet or not regardless of weapon type (missile/melee). However, if you get bopped in the head with a tagbag which is our thrown magic signifier (literally a cloth square filled with bird seed), you do have to take whatever effect that was. TL;DR: arrows and weapons to the head no, tag bags yes. Regardless of helmet usage.
  19. Pictures Of Your Armor

    I know I posted these from on the other forum, but I overlooked this one. The inside has a shirt and foam glued in for padding, protection, and stability.
  20. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Ah finally! my babies!
  21. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Apparently I can't submit certain photos, hopefully when this thing all blows over y'all'll see my babies!
  22. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

  23. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Last Christmas I got some pretty sick additions to my garb! two swords, one very Greek inspired, and the other just for the sake of dual wielding I hope it's ok that I painted the handle with gold, I wanted to make it look shiny! I dont exactly have the craftsmanship of an expert, but my artistic skills allowed me to create sheaths and attach them to the back holder for them. I got these vambraces too, which I also painted with gold detailing! A spear, painted myself and detailed! A lantern, which lights rather brightly. a shawl which I could use as a sort of cape! a set of assorted pins for extra detail. And last, (but definitely not least!) the Corinthian Helmet I mentioned in one of the other chats! All I need is the ciurass and greaves and I'm all set!!
  24. Armor rules

    I have a question on whether arrows to the helmet count as a hit. I went to one larp in which they don't and I could guess that'd be different here.
  25. This is currently a work in progress. The information contained is accurate, but may contain writing errors. Over the next several months it will be revised. When completed a V1.0 will be released. Player-EC-2020-V.9.pdf
  26. 2020 Event Dates

    UPDATE: All events have been cancelled until September first. Please click this link to the website for more information: http://kingdomsofnovitas.net/cancellations-update/
  27. Skjoldehamn Hoods

    Extra heavy beige felted wool lined with natural color linen. (3 of these available).
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