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  2. Hello, I'm Morgan

    Hi, Morgan! Hype yourself and people you know with our monthly updated YouTube channel! We got a library of videos from plots, behind-the-scenes, etc. and we are soon to release video #39 hopefully this weekend! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCri3OoxKBhpeeTg9rFw9aaw Hope to see you at game soon and thank you for reaching out to us!
  3. Junebilee Production

    This is a reminder that while Junebilee is not a normal Novitas event, Logistics will still take your money ($30) and in exchange allow you to have an extra months worth of production and 3xp. You can redeem this production at your next event. NOTE: You MUST preproduce in order to use this production at your next event. If there are any questions regarding this, please pm me either here or the forums, or find me at the event for further explanation.
  4. 2019 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    You'll get the chart as a handout at Junebilee.
  5. Hello, I'm Morgan

    Hi Morgan! I'm the Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal at Kingdoms of Novitas. Glad you'll be joining us! It is acceptable to attend just one day of the event though for your first event I really recommend trying to attend the whole thing. A lot of the new player acclimation happens on Friday night and it's just a little bit harder to do Saturday morning. If you can't do it, that's totally fine and we can work with you, but if you can manage a full weekend, at least for your first one, I would. Glad you're already taking a look at our rules wiki. Gonna link it again for convenience www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay I also recommend the World Book http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf it has all the fun lore bits. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!
  6. Hello, I'm Morgan

    Hello! Im a total LARP noob and im hoping to NPC at a future event! Im still working my way through the rules. My schedule probably won't allow me to stay for the whole weekend, however. Is it acceptable to just attend 1 day of the event? Im looking forward to meeting you all!
  7. Hello, I'm Morgan

    Hello! Im a total LARP noob and im hoping to NPC at a future event! Im still working my way through the rules. My schedule probably won't allow me to stay for the whole weekend, however. Is it acceptable to just attend 1 day of the event? Im looking forward to meeting you all!
  8. 2019 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    Do you have the chart for the craftable epic item costs??? You said there was a chart but I can't seem to find it... Asking for a friend.
  9. Feb Feast Auction 2019 It's not the last minute yet! Behold the items we'll be auctioning off at the Junebilee! If you aren't familiar here's some history and info: These items are subject to change. There's often some hiccups/clarifications that need to get ironed out. ...Without further ado... 1. Silent Strap (Belt) 1/game day one of your spells (using your own power) no incant 2. Grand Masters Tassel (No slot) attaches to a weapon Grants plus one damage (doesn’t break cap) Grants one masters strike once per game day 3. Ambrosia (Armor): 4 armor base Casts Sanctuary 2/gd Casts Resilience 2/gd Casts Panacea 2/gd 4. Scroll of 64 pt item Yay here’s a chart! 5. Scroll of 32 pt item Yay here’s a chart! 6. Scroll of Full retirement 100%, not 50% 7. Scroll of Un-retirement (Not for dead PCs) 8. Blue Bag 9. Scroll *item of bones* of Bones (Item to be determined) Casts every Necromancy spell once per gameday 10. Crustacean Evacuation Station (Necklace) Item of Greater Leylines: you and (Party Cap) who are touching you can boop back to OUR set point. Not yours: Probably the Inn 11. The Knight's Seal Necklace (Necklace) cast Syncronize once per game day Wear under the effects of the Battle Mastery spell 12. Gorgonash’s Tome (Accessory) Battle level 5 spells cost as -1 Counts as a master staff. No hand requirements for battle spells Can throw 2 spackets at a time Tiiiiiny spell burst No double targeting. 13. Lost Sword of Vargainen (Sword) Immune to poison Immune to disease Can understand Immortal Can hit for Primal Gain an additional lore each month 14. Blade of the Baalor (Swords OR great weapon) Great Weapon or two identical marshal weapons Can switch back and forth at sign in if you want to Doesn’t need the skills to use. 2x per game day can hit for 6 slay Upon dying, you get the 4 slay death tag bag. Have 1 min to get off. Casts 2 spells per game day Can cast one Aegis & one Enchantment. 15. Shield of Betrayal (This is a scroll prop, Get your own Shield) Can cast Perfect Deceit as an incant 1x per game day Bearer Immune to truth effects Counts as a master staff of Compulsion 16. Vlean’s Necklace: (Sept star Necklace) Does 1 thing for each part of the Sept Craftsman Grants 8 shareable craftpoints. Doesn’t break Cap Stranger no incant Reap Spirit 1x per game day Elemental Does two things, one at a time During the Day: Bug Repellant At Night: Garlic Paste Scholar Everything can understand your spoken words Mother Casts Triage 1xgd Knight Once per game day, the bearer can say an incant and everyone touching them with hand or weapon gains Anti-Magic Shield Soldier Once per game day, the bearer can say an incant and everyone touching them with hand or weapon gains Toughness and Strength 17. Ouroboros ring (Ring, will order to size) lets you sacrifice a pt of body for the game day. In return you get +4 power for the gameday. Breaks cap. Can be done 4x per day 18. Boots of the better brackish boon (Gift Cert - Boots) $250 Gift Certificate for Boots Wearer is affected by Brackish Boon Wearer is never immune to the Restoration school. The person wearing the boots can be revived by being fed one 5th level Poison 1x per game day. 1x per game day can cast the spell Brackish Boon 19. Gift certificate for $250 Garb (Gift Cert - Slot to be determined by garb) 52 point item 20. Not so great weapon (Gift Certificate - Non-Great Weapon) Gift certificate for $250 Weapon (not great) The player works with rules to create a 40pt item and one additional ability. Ability not listed on new Epic craft table One example could be immune to lycanthropy 21. Scales of the dragon (Cloak) cloak that gives you +4 natural armor Can speak Draconic. 22. Scroll your Roll (Slotless) Roll your scroll up in this piece of leather This item will cast that spell 1/gd without consuming the scroll This item can only cast one spell per game day
  10. Last week
  11. Ye

    I didn't answer sleeping situation. We have bunk beds in cabins as well as lot's of lean-tos with bunk beds, completely in a cabin or out in the environment a little more in a lean-to is up to you.
  12. Ye

    Aiden, Props and Atmosphere Marshal here. For NPCing, Weapons and armor are not required. We provide basic meals, but they are that basic, bring snacks and things if you want them. Clothing wise, I suggest Non intrusive pants (hospital scrubs without cargo pockets work great), A basic medieval-ish shirt. And boots, we do not allow sneakers. I am more than willing to help you find any of the above at reasonable prices if you want help. Also, if you find anything yourself and want to know if it works, just ask.
  13. Ye

    Final question, or I hope so at least, what is the master list of what we should bring for strictly NPC Garb? If I understand the wiki right, we should bring - A Pair of Bland/Average Medieval Clothes (Though maybe a couple just for NPC's would be recommended?) - Weapons and Armor (?) - Camping stuff for our cabins (actually, are we set in cabins or tents?) - Snacks and things - Toiletries
  14. Ye

    You are always welcome to NPC any shift. In fact you get bonus XP for doing more than 2 shifts of NPCing.
  15. Ye

    Then a question I have is can me and my sister NPC for the entire time we're there, or do we at least have to play a shift or two per day as our PC?
  16. Double XP for Tagbags

    We have not done one of these in years. But, it is time again. We are in need of tagbags. Normally they are 1xp per 20 tagbags donated, but in AUGUST it will be double. That's 1 xp per 10 tagbags. I am posting this early, you have LOTS of time to make tag bags. Tag Bag Construction Guide.docx Note: The tutorial states "Sewn closed, tied shut with string, or closed with cloth tape" Although these are fine for your PC, only sewn shut ones will be accepted for donation. Note Note: This is totally just my preference, but blue fabric makes the best tag bags. It's easy to find in all weather conditions and blue represents magic in our game.
  17. Ye

    Hi Aidan! I believe I gave you my normal spiel in our email conversation so I'll spare you that. Instead, I'll just answer your question. Leveling up is actually rather easy in Novitas as you earn xp not by playing your character, but simply by helping the game. There are loads of ways you can learn xp! Signing in earns you xp, NPCing, helping set up/take down, writing a backstory, buying period appropriate footwear, submitting Post Event Letters, and so much more! Kingdoms of Novitas is a classless system so you can pick whatever skills you want. Choosing which skills you think will make your game fun is totally up to you. Also, the max health and the max damage you can do is four so a level 100 person and a level 10 person could have the same body and damage (if that's where you choose to spend your skill points). Things like armor also will help too. It doesn't take any extra skills to wear armor, but it will help protect you in your early days with not a whole lot of body. My best advice is to spend 1-3 (or more, I won't stop you!) games NPCing. It will help you build up some xp, figure out the game, and help you decide just where you want to spend those skill points. I think I NPC-ed three games before bringing in my PC and that gave me a pretty good groundwork for my first PC lo those many years ago.
  18. Ye

    My name is Aidan, I am someone who has recently gotten interested in trying LARP and, if all goes well, my first ever game should be on the 2nd of August. I am 19 years old and disappointing. I am what some would say enamoured with gaming and role-playing, especially with TTRPG's, and I have decided I need more friends. Me and my sister will be joining up with this group in August with the closest experience we have prior to this being our many endeavours at the Sterling Ren-Faire. However, we're fast learners and hope to have a great time. My only question here is that I have heard that leveling up and grinding to the top is like pulling teeth in some LARP groups, so my question is what is leveling up like in this group and when is the level where people will look at us and say "Yeah, they'll be aight."?
  19. Earlier
  20. On weapon materials

    Hi Claire, great to have you at last game! Good question, you just need the appropriate skills on your character sheet, and you can make anything your weaponsmithing rank will allow. Basically, you're assumed to be buying the raw materials between games if you're a weaponsmith. See the KON rules wiki entry on weaponsmithing for more info: http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Skills.Weaponsmith And, if there's something I missed, someone from Rules will chime in! Happy Crafting, -Richard/Reaver
  21. On weapon materials

    (This is Claire, new by the June 2019 event!) So at the last even I saw a lot of people had weapons of different materials -- Elven Steel, Goblin Iron, etc. I've had a look around the forums and wiki and couldn't find specific ways on how to get these materials. Do I have to have crafting skills (ingame) to 'make' these weapons, or do I have to buy them ingame? If possible I would like to paint them for material use myself. Thanks!
  22. More splinted bracers

    Who can recommend to me the best product among those in the list on this site? https://bestsewingmachinereview.com/best-computerized-sewing-machine/
  23. Hello Everybody!

    Super wonderful to hear! See you in August!
  24. Hello Everybody!

    Great to have you Devin, looking forward to seeing you then!
  25. Hello Everybody!

    I just wanted to say that.. this past weekend was my first ever event @KoN and i just have to say it was absolutely the most AMAZING THING IVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!!!!! Thankyou all for being so inviting and friendly cant wait for august!
  26. ID Magic, Estimate Value June 2019

    ID magic had to be updated, except now it doesn't want to re-upload, will try and fix as soon as i can. Only one item was added, so if you already printed it, it's not a big deal
  27. Here's the ID Magic and Estimate value lists for June 2019, please only use these in game if you have the prerequisite skills ADMIN UPDATE HERE: Temporary link to the ID Magic list https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zDt06lZNuuRZ9Idu4XePUZahgXJaiPgk/view?usp=sharing estimatevalue-Jun-19.pdf
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