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Welcome to the New Wiki

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A Note About Transclusion

Something special about this wiki, different from the past wiki, is that when you see the same paragraph in two different places it isn't copied and pasted. It's actually just in one place, but one page pulls the information from another page and spits it out. So for example the 'Learn to Play' page on the sidebar doesn't actually have much text in it at all. Just the introduction that explains what follows. Everything else is stolen from other pages directly. Change the other page, and the 'learn to play' page changes too.

Reporting Errors and Typos

If you find typos or errors please report them to Ryan Green via the forum, facebook, email or even in person. The page you found it on helps tremendously. Most section headings are links that will take you back to the page the actual original information is on.

Encounter Codex Update

The entire encounter codex has been updated in the wiki according to the meeting from earlier this year. A list of updates can be found here. You'll note that unless you are logged in with a valid password you can only see updates to the general rules on that page. If you have access to the creature section you will be able to see updates to creatures on that page as well. So not only is it safe for every player to view that list, you likely should to see what has changed. I also included in that category the small handful of pages that changed from rulings as this wiki was being set up (such as the interaction of blunt damage and the poisoned condition, which in turn altered the first aid skill slightly).

What's Next

Setting Information

This section now exists. It needs some work, including basic wiki-tizing to link the information together. I copied it directly from the old wiki, and some of the sections seem light on information. A new project has begun where players are submitting in character writing to be put up in the setting section. This project will likely be ongoing for some time, and as I get submissions they will be added to that section. There will likely be some commissioned topics to round out the information.


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