Alchemical Items

Alchemy Compounds

Alchemical products, sometimes called compounds or admixtures, are a special type of consumable item created with the alchemy skill. These items represent the pinnacle of old world chemistry mixed with a bit of magic.

Alchemy can produce a wide variety of game effects often allowing those without magic to act as though they did. Some effects are the exclusive domain of alchemy as well, such as stopping the curse of lycanthropy or curing diseases.

Some alchemical compounds require special formulas to create them. At this time any alchemical compound that requires a formula are not listed on this table.

Blade poisons, ingested poisons, and thrown poisons all require the herbalist skill to use. If a character attempts to use any of these types of alchemy compounds they fail to use the item successfully and suffer the effects as if the item were used on them.

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