Blunt Calls

These are pages with rules that deal with causing, ignoring, or otherwise interacting with the blunt call.

Blunt Calls

This combat call can be made voluntarily by someone wielding a melee weapon. When used the "blunt" call is added to the weapons normal call (instead of replacing that call). It interacts normally with magic armor and physical armor, inflicting lasting damage that must be mended normally. What makes blunt damage different is that any blunt attacks that cause loss of body points or wounds will only last for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes are up any wounds caused by blunt damage are automatically healed.

A character with the first aid skill can wake a character who is unconscious from a blunt torso wound before the wound heals from 10 minutes passing. This counts as healing the torso wound. Limb wounds and body points cannot be healed by first aid in this way.

Should a character take "blunt poison" damage, the poison condition will wear off in 10 minutes. A character with the first aid skill can remove the poison condition in this circumstance (and only this circumstance). "Blunt disease" damage works the exact same way including removing the diseased condition with first aid in this situation (and only this situation).

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