Fear Calls

These are pages that relate to the effects that cause, ignore or otherwise interact with the Fear spell call.

Fear Calls

The fear effect causes its victim to flee in terror from the fear's source doing anything necessary to get away. Fear lasts for 10 minutes or until the fear's source attacks the target.

A victim that is hit by fear is so gripped with terror that they must flee without hesitation from the fear's source until the effect ends. The victim is not permitted to hide behind an obstacle or another player to avoid the fear's source, they must flee and continue to flee with all possible speed.

If others try to block the feared player, the feared player will attack friend or foe without mercy or restraint in their attempt to continue escaping. The victim will flee even if it means possible harm or death. For example a fleeing victim would run straight into a pit if it were the only viable avenue of escape. It is legal for the fear's source to chase after the target forcing them to continue running if they feel it is necessary. If for some reason all possible means of escape are blocked, such as in a locked room, the target will fall to the ground helpless and should role-play digging through the very floor to attempt escape!

If at any time the fear's source attacks the fear victim the effect immediately ends and the victim is free to act as normal. Other characters may attack the fear victim without ending the fear effect though the victim is permitted to attack back if the attackers are blocking the victim's route of escape. The fleeing victim will not stop to make use of magic objects or spells while they are running; they must wait for the fear effect to end to do such things.

The fear call never inflicts damage.

Unless modified by another call (such as poison) fear is a compulsion spell effect.

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