Magic Power Points

These are pages (other than spells) that relate to the gaining and spending of Magic Power Points.

The Magic Power Point Stat

Magic power points also called "power points" are a resource used to cast magic. A character gains a number of magic power points based on how many times they have taken the magic power point skill. These points automatically refresh to full each shift when convergence happens. If a player cannot remember how many magic power points they have spent they are honor bound to assume they have spent the highest number they believe they have spent, even if this brings them to 0 points remaining.

It is possible to refresh magic power points before convergence occurs, generally through alchemy items, but sometimes through other means. Even with the benefit of such items, a character can only use so many magic power points between convergences. A character can only spend a total of 20 magic power points between any two convergences unless an ability or effect explicitly allows them to break that limit.

At will spells and abilities have no magic power point cost.

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