Necromancy Spells

Necromancy School of Magic

The school of necromancy grants a character protection from, and limited influence over, undead creatures, as well as a limited ability to affect the living with curses and afflictions. Low level necromancy spells are defensive in nature, used to repel undead creatures, disguise the living from the dead, and lay to rest the freshly deceased preventing their return to life as undead. Higher level necromancy spells allow a caster to gain undead abilities, control the undead, and employ them for his or her own purposes. Specialist necromancers will often find that they feel somewhat useless during the day. It is not until the sun goes down that the true power of a necromancer becomes evident.

The use of high level necromancy is frowned upon because it attracts the attention of wandering undead. The lands surrounding the lairs of habitual users of high level necromantic magic are often infested with uncontrolled undead. Necromancers are often shunned and forced from settlements in fear that their magical arts will attract undead, and in many places law prohibits the use of high level necromancy.

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