Repel Calls

These are pages that relate to the effects that cause, ignore or otherwise interact with the Repel spell call.

Repel Calls

A character hit by the repel call will be forced to avoid the repel's source for 10 minutes. Most repel effects will specify a specific type of creature (such as undead) that is affected, and if you are not that type of creature the call has no effect on you.

Anyone affected by repel must move away from the repel's source at their best possible speed. This effect is different from the fear call, it instead is a simple desire to avoid the repel's source. The repelled character must make every effort to leave the line of sight of the repel's source but can attack other targets that get in their way while this is happening. Unlike the fear effect, the creature is not compelled to attack friendly targets that block their route of escape but will not allow them to block their flight. The creature affected can attack the repel's source if they are blocking the only open means of escape.

The repel call never inflicts damage.

Unless modified by another call (such as poison) repel is a spell effect.

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