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Skills represent different talents a character has. They can allow a character to use better equipment in combat, aid in the creation of items to use or trade, assist in the casting of powerful magic, and help in daily activities with practical wisdom. Spells are also something that are learned like a skill, giving a character regular access to that magic.

Skills are purchased by characters by spending skill points.

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Category /
Combat Skills
General And Knowledge Skills
Magic Skills
Production Skills
Roleplaying Skills
Rules /
Chosen Roleplaying Skill
Combat Skills
Crafting and Production Skills
Druid Roleplaying Skill
General and Knowledge Skills
Magic Skills
Magical School Master Title
Master Craftsman Title
Medium Roleplaying Skill
Merchant Roleplaying Skill
Roleplaying Skills
Savant Title
Skill Points
Specialist Titles Earned From Skills
Status Roleplaying Skill
Weapon Master Title
Skills /
Advanced Lore
Alchemy Five
Alchemy Four
Alchemy One
Alchemy Three
Alchemy Two
Battle Rituals
Body - Skills
Body Four
Body One
Body Three
Body Two
Brew Potion
Buckler Fighting
Chosen Level Five
Chosen Level Four
Chosen Level One
Chosen Level Three
Chosen Level Two
Craft Points
Druid Level Five
Druid Level Four
Druid Level One
Druid Level Three
Druid Level Two
Enchantment Rituals
Estimate Value
First Aid
Great Weapon Training
Identify Magic
Lore Skill
Magic Power Points
Medium Level Five
Medium Level Four
Medium Level One
Medium Level Three
Medium Level Two
Melee Expert
Melee Master
Melee Proficiency
Melee Training
Melee Use
Merchant Level Five
Merchant Level Four
Merchant Level One
Merchant Level Three
Merchant Level Two
Missile Expert
Missile Master
Missile Proficiency
Missile Training
Necromantic Rituals
Ornamenter Five
Ornamenter Four
Ornamenter One
Ornamenter Three
Ornamenter Two
Production Points
Racial Language
Read Magic
Rituals of Compulsion
Rituals of Nature
Rituals of Protection
Rituals of Restoration
Scribe Scroll
Shield Fighting
Skills Navigation
Status Level Five
Status Level Four
Status Level One
Status Level Three
Status Level Two
The Alchemy Skill
The Ornamenter Skill
The Tinker Skill
The Weaponsmith Skill
Thrown Weapon Master
Thrown Weapon Training
Tinker Five
Tinker Four
Tinker One
Tinker Three
Tinker Two
Two Weapon Expert
Two Weapon Fighting
Two Weapon Master
Weaponsmith Five
Weaponsmith Four
Weaponsmith One
Weaponsmith Three
Weaponsmith Two

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