Strike Calls

These are pages that cause a player to call, ignore or otherwise interact with the "Strike" combat call.


A mageblade is a special ability that can be given to weapons, either permanently when crafting a magic weapon, or temporarily with effects such as the mageblade spell. The ability allows the bearer to cast spells that normally create tag bags, and instead deliver the spell through the weapon's next successful hit instead of dealing that weapons normal damage. When channeling a spell through a mageblade you do not require a free hand if the mageblade is in hand.

The call for using a mageblade is the call the spell would have made followed by "strike". The number of tag bags the spell would have generated is the number of times you can make that 'strike'. Charges must be used within one minute or they are lost. Each successful hit uses one charge even if the target calls "no effect" or you call something other than the strike.

A mageblade may channel tag bag range spells from any source, such as those from wands, scrolls, imbued magic objects, and anything else that functions by allowing you to cast a spell.

A permanent mageblade (one crafted by a weaponsmith) when used to deliver standard attacks (non-strikes) does "magic" damage. When the spell mageblade is used on a weapon, it does not change the damage call type of that weapon.

Spells that generate a 'poison' call never count as a spell and can never be channelled through a mageblade.

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