These are terms that are useful for players to know but are not essential to game play.

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Key Terminology
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About Combat and Combat Safety in Novitas
Acid Calls
Adventuring Groups
Archiving Characters
Armor References
Armor Rules
At Will Abilities
Banish Calls
Blade Poisons
Blue Bags
Blunt Calls
Body Stat
Buckler Rules
Bug Repellent Calls
Calls in Combat and Types of Damage
Casting Spells
Character Backgrounds and Concepts
Character Sheets
Charm Calls
Checking In to an Event
Choosing Appropriate Garb
Coin and Currency in Novitas
Command Calls
Consumable Items
Craft Points and Related Skills
Curse Calls
Damage - Possible Meanings
Damage Requirements
Detect Life Calls
Disease Calls
Disengage Calls
Dispel Calls
Dissipate Calls
Dominate Calls
Dual Wielding Weapons
Elven Steel Calls
Elven Steel Items
Experience Points
Fear Calls
Game Days and Convergence
Game Hold Calls
Game Status: In-Game and Out-Of-Game
Garlic Paste Calls
Ghastly Visage Calls
Glossary of Terminology
Goblin Iron Weapons
Great Weapon Rules
Grounding Calls
Ingested Poisons
Kill Condition
Killing Blows
Lead Non-Player Characters
Limits (Caps) to Character Stats
Logistics Work Group
Lycanthropy Condition
Magic Armor Stat
Magic Calls
Magic Weapons
Martial Weapon Rules
Masterwork Weapons
Melee Weapons
Memory Loss Calls
Missile Weapon Rules
Monstrous Armor
Monstrous Creatures
Natural Armor
Nature Calls
Nature Weapons
New Character Amnesty
No Effect Calls
Non-Martial Weapon Rules
Non-Player Characters
Normal Calls
Novitas Holiday Events
Pierce Calls
Pin Calls
Pit Traps
Player Characters
Player Initiated Plots (PIP)
Poison Calls
Poisoned Condition
Poisons Effects
Post Event Letters (PEL)
Potion Rules
Preproduction of Goods
Primal Calls
Primal Weapons
Production Points and Related Skills
Props and Atmosphere Work Group
Ranged Weapons
Reflect Calls
Repel Calls
Sanctify Calls
Sanctuary Calls
Scroll Rules
Searching Other Players
Second Breath Calls
Shield Terms
Silence Calls
Silver Calls
Silver Weapons
Skill Points
Slay Calls
Smite Calls
Spell and Item Effects - Stacking Effects
Spell Calls Listing
Strike Calls
Stun Calls
Tag Bags
Taking Damage
The Inn
The Logistics Building
Thrown Poisons
Thrown Weapon Rules
Time Stop Calls
Tome Rules
Touch Spells
Unhallow Calls
Verbal Components for Spells
Weaken Calls
Weapon Definitions and Rules

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