Unhallow Calls

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Unhallow Calls

Unhallow seals a building with foul magical energy that prevents the living from entering. Unhallow will not protect temporary buildings. This effect does not prevent creatures from casting spells or firing missile weapons into a protecting building.

Limited use effects like anti-magic shield and aura of reflection will not allow a creature to pass through the barrier. A dispel effect can end the unhallow effect. Living creatures under the effects of the spells ghastly visage, abomination, or anti-magic aura, as well as the alchemy compound ethereal sealant may enter an unhallowed area.

When cast on a building, all of the building’s doors and windows glow with magical energy and no living creatures, regardless of their level, may enter. When cast on a period tent, the doors are considered to be the only valid entry points; no other means of escape or access are permitted, such illegal actions include, but are not limited to : crawling under walls, disassembling tents, and so on.

An unhallow effect's creator must be inside the building when the effect begins but may come and go as they please once the effect is in place. The unhallow effect will force out any living creatures that are in a building once the effect is created. Creatures being forced out of the building may cast spells as they are exiting, and any affected creatures that become dissipated count as having exited the building. If a living creature's only means of exit is blocked by enemies, the affected creature(s) may fight their way out of the building. Should escape be impossible, they will instead cower in terror as if affected (regardless of immunity) by the fear effect and unable to flee.

With in one minute of creating this effect every ingress and egress point of the building must have a blue flag visibly attached to it. If the creator fails to do this, the effect fails and creatures may freely move in and out of the building. It is not legal to hang blue flags on portals in preparation to create this effect, however it is not required that the creator hang the flags personally and may employ as many free hands as needed to get the flags in place.

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