Updates from July 2018

Updates from July 2018

These are official rules changes from the every other year rule review.

Some additional changes reflect correcting errors found in the wiki, and changes implemented years ago that had never found their way into the wiki.

The Changes


Adventuring Groups

Update July 2018: Changed the definition of items that affect a "party" to only affect the owner of the item +5 people.

The Dissipate Call

Update July 2018: Clarified that the effect does not begin until a blue flag is held over head. The flag may not be tied to anything.


Update July 2018: Updated the definition of encampments for the buildings available at Camp Kinglsey.

Special Event (Feb Feast) Items

Update July 2018: Clarified how stealing a feb feast item from its owner is handled. Also changed what happens if someone steals a feb feast item from someone you loan it to.

The Sanctuary Call

Update April 2017: Added cant pull items like weapons back in if stuck out.

Removed the words "or leave" from the sentence "Only magic spells can enter or leave a sanctuary effect."

Added the paragraph: "Because only magic may enter the sanctuary effect if a character partially exits the effect (including, but not limited to, swinging a weapon outside of the effect), the parts of the character (and any gear) that exited the sanctuary can't be brought back into the sanctuary effect."

Update July 2018: Clarified that projectile weapons can be fired out of the sanctuary.

The Savant Title

Update May 2018: clarified that the production point cost of formulas is per level of the compound.

Update July 2018: Significantly changed what the title does. Removed any interaction with formulas (previously it allowed for copying formulas). Added can create copies of alchemical items without possessing the formula. Added grants +5 production points that break cap.

The Stun Call

Update July 2018: Clarified how the stun call is broken when attacked. Now reads being hit by weapons or tag bags instead of using the word attacked.

Setting Rules


Update July 2018: Added that all drakes must have their costumes approved by the props and atmosphere marshal before they are brought into play.

Snow Goblins

Update July 2018: Added that all snow goblins must have their costumes approved by the props and atmosphere marshal before they are first brought into play.


Alchemical Fire

Update July 2018: Created this item in the wiki. It existed previously but was not listed in this wiki.

Alchemists Lab

Update July 2018: There were two different write ups for this item previously depending on where you were looking for information. Now there is only one - it grants 5 production points that break cap.

Alchemy Formulas

Update July 2018: Changed the information about what a formula does. Previously stated that you could make the item with only rank one alchemy if you had the formula. Now formulas allow you to produce certain alchemy items that can typically only be produced with the formula.

Some items that required Alchemy formulas to create that were IN the previous wiki (not this one) had been disabled from view in this wiki. Those are now visible, each item that requires a formula to create notes it in the items individual entry.


Update July 2018: Clarified that only one character in the party gets to ask the additional lore question.

Shielding Stone

Update July 2018: Specified that this item affects members of a party present at the encampment, not everyone.


Update July 2018: Added that a shrine does not require a fixed location. No rules currently exist for what is required to set up a shrine in the wilderness, but it presumably is something that takes a little bit of time, not a thing that can be done because you see monsters 20 feet away.

Yebbing Powder

Update July 2018: This item is now included in the wiki, it was not previously in the wiki (though it did exist).



Update July 2018: Corrected the effect of spellburst. It previously read that you only got to throw the tag bags a spell generated at once, it should have read that you can throw a handful of tag bags for each tag bag the spell would have made.

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