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"Joy Strifeborn spent her early childhood traveling with her father Navarro throughout the Freelands. Never moving during the day, Joy came to appreciate the light of the moon and started to worship Draconus. When the two were unable to travel in the winter they’d stay in a blind crone’s cabin. From her Joy learned and excelled at the art of bone throwing divination. This continued for several years until a blaze took the cabin while Joy was exploring nearby. No remains were found and Joy still holds hope that someone escaped in time.

She was adopted by a woman named Violca who was the storyteller in caravan group. For the remainder of her childhood and young adult years Joy became a member of the nomadic family. Each taught Joy the best they could and from them she learned much of the skills she still employs today. From Violca she learned the art of stories and a love of mysteries. To her everything had a story if you looked hard enough. Joy was introduced to tea reading from Sister Sinfi and tarot reading from Sister Acorn. Joy was also encouraged to continue bone reading by an old snow goblin named Sashigasa.

Tragically, the entire caravan was attacked by undead when wandering too near the Grasmere Graveyard. She and Violca were the only survivors though the fate of Violca is uncertain as she was kidnapped by an undead creature. Joy met her future husband during this dreadful event, a mercenary by the name of Bennett Strifeborn. The two have adventured together ever since with the goal of finding Violca and the undead who took her.

Joy constantly struggles with macabre visions she claims are gifts from Draconus. These sudden episodes have endangered her more than once but Joy takes them as her duty to share. When not on the trail of her mother figure, Joy is most likely found wherever people are gathered. Dressed in blues and reds, Joy loves sharing tales beside a fire and divinations for those seeking guidance. No matter the outcome Joy approaches life with a smile and a spring in her step."

~Unknown Source

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