Affection Confection

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Affection Confection
Alchemy Level:3
Duration:10 Minutes
Flag Required:None
Herbalism Required to Use:Yes
Production Requirements:3 Production Points, 3 Coins, Hermetic Rod, Alchemy Three
Requires a Formula to Create

Affection Confection

This amalgam triggers a positive emotional response when imbibed, causing the subject to bond with the first person they interact with under its effect.

The mechanical effect of this ingested poison is a “poison charm”. There is no obvious source for the charm victim so they are charmed by the first person to speak to them after ingesting the compound. In the event it is not clear who spoke to the victim first and the victim knows who the poisoner was out-of-character they should become charmed by the poisoner.

Related Rules

Ingested Poisons

An ingested poison is a type of poison. Ingested poisons are consumables generally given to other characters through subterfuge and trickery (or just when they are helpless). It should be noted that ingested poisons only give the poisoned condition if they cause a poison call or otherwise specifically say they do. Even if they do not give the poisoned condition a character with an immunity to poison is still immune to ingested poisons.

To use an ingested poison it must be role-played being poured into a drink or onto food (assuming you can't somehow trick someone into drinking the poison straight out of the vial), then a green dot is applied to the container, typically on the bottom. This green dot gives characters with the herbalist skill a chance to identify that the food or drink is not safe before anyone ingests it. In the event that someone ingests the poison they should then be notified of exactly which poison they consumed.

Blade poisons, ingested poisons, and thrown poisons all require the herbalist skill to use. If a character attempts to use any of these types of alchemy compounds they fail to use the item successfully and suffer the effects as if the item were used on them.

Poison Calls

When a player is successfully hit by an attack with the "poison" call they are now considered poisoned until the condition is cured. Typically the poisoned condition is removed by the spell Purify Spirit or an item such as a Theriac or a Catholicon. A character who has the poisoned condition cannot have wounds or their body points healed until the poisoned condition is removed.

When the poison call is added to any attack even a spell effect such as pin or stun that attack no longer counts as a spell. This means that immunities to spell or compulsion effects no longer apply. The attack is now a poison effect.

A shield may fully block any attack that makes the poison call, preventing any effect to the bearer.

Charm Calls

A charm effect forces its victim to become friendly with the charm's source. The target hit by charm is overcome with a powerful feeling of friendship towards the charm's source. Charm effects last for ten minutes during which time the victim will not harm or conspire to bring harm to the charm's source.

Sometimes charm only affects certain types of creatures. When this is the case, the attack that calls for "charm" will list what types of creatures in the attack, such as "charm nature". In this example if you were not a nature creature the attack would have no effect on you.

On some unusual occasions there will be no obvious source for a charm effect. If there is no obvious source for a charm effect, the character influenced will become charmed by the first person they see.

Charm effects do not allow a character to issue commands to the charmed character or otherwise compel them to act in any other way. The charmed character will not act in a fashion that will bring harm to themselves or their party members in an attempt to protect the charm's source.

The charm ends immediately if the charm's source attacks or directs an attack on the charmed character, this includes telling others to attack the character. Simply drawing a weapon or starting to cast an offensive spell in the presence of the charmed target does not warrant the charm being broken unless the charm's source directly voices their intention to attack the charmed player.

A charmed character will not give up their possessions without good reason, though they might sell or barter them away to the source for a better price than they would under normal circumstances.

A few rare creatures (and the third rank of status) allow characters to charm others without making an attack. A charm aura is generally communicated by the character looking someone in the eyes and saying "charm" as clearly as possible. Because this effect is unlimited use it is not broken if the charmer attacks the charm victim, but the charm victim may defend themselves (aggressively if desired) they just feel somewhat bad about it. A good example for some is how some siblings might defend themselves from another sibling in a fight.

The charm call never inflicts damage.

Unless modified by another call (such as poison) charm is a compulsion spell effect.

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