Alchemist's Laboratory

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Alchemist's Laboratory
Tinkering Level:Master
Crafting Requirement:24 crafting points, 100 coin
Encampment Item:Yes
Brief Description:Used exclusively by savants

Tinkering Item: Alchemist's Laboratory

An alchemist's laboratory is a collection of lab equipment which should be represented by at least 5 different props which require inspection by props and atmosphere staff. This lab will only benefit a savant, though others can steal parts of the lab. The whole lab must be stolen to have any impact on the savant being able to use the lab.

A savant with an alchemist's laboratory gains 5 additional production points which break cap. These points stack with the bonus points gained from the Savant title for a total of 30 points.

An alchemist's laboratory can only be created by a master craftsman with the ornamenter five and tinker five skills. It costs 24 production points and 100 coins to create an alchemist's laboratory.

Related Rules

Savant Title

A character who has learned all of the following skills earns the title of "savant".

Savants may produce a copy of any alchemical item, potion, or scroll in their possession as if they knew/ possessed the requirements (such as formulas or the spell) to make it. All other normal production rules (such as costs) still apply.

Savants also gain an additional 5 points of production which break cap.

Production Points and Related Skills

Production points are used to create consumables such as potions, scrolls, and alchemical compounds. A character only spends production points when you first check-in for an event. In order to create items you'll have to learn to use the preproduction system. Characters can purchase additional production points each event for 3 coin per point. Some items may also be turned in at check-in for additional production points.

Characters are restricted to a cap of 20 production points from all sources.

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