Barrier Stone

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Barrier Stone
Tinkering Level:3
Crafting Requirement:12 crafting points, 60 coin
Encampment Item:Yes
Brief Description:After one minute in your encampment gain 4 points of magic armor 1/ gd.

Tinkering Item: Barrier Stone

When a character spends 1 minute at their own encampment that contains a barrier stone they immediately gain 4 points of magic armor as if the spell improved magic armor had been cast on them. Each character can benefit from this effect at most once per game day, but any number of party members can benefit. A barrier stone is a permanent magic object.

Prop should be an interesting looking stone larger than a tennis ball. Can be painted or decorated by other means. No fake or plastic stones.

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Magic Armor Points

A character can gain magic armor from spells like Magic Armor, magic items, and or other unusual abilities. Unlike physical armor, magic armor covers the entire body and applies no matter where a hit lands. Characters benefiting from magic armor must wear a visible blue flag on their person.

Magic armor does not stack with other sources of magic armor, if you are affected by multiple instances of magic armor only the greatest number applies.

Magic armor has a cap of 4 points.

Permanent Magic Objects

Permanent objects are always active and are never expended. Because they are always active they should only require an incant to use if they explicitly say they do.

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