Base Paste

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Base Paste
Alchemy Level:2
Duration:Game Day
Flag Required:None
Herbalism Required to Use:No
Production Requirements:2 Production Points, 2 Coins, Mirror of Sophistry, Alchemy Two

Base Paste

Base Paste is a white paste with a slightly stinging odor that can be applied to a person or a shield with role-playing. The next 4 acid damage that strikes the player or shield respectively is negated by the paste, requiring a “No Effect” call.

Related Rules

No Effect Calls

A "No Effect" call must be made whenever an attack successfully hits you but does not inflict damage (or does not take effect in the case of spells) so that the attacker knows-that-you-know the attack successfully hit and so that they know they may need to attack with something different.

Acid Calls and Shields

When a shield blocks an attack with the acid call it prevents the effect of that attack to the bearer but this has an effect on the shield, which could become destroyed.

Destroying Shields

Should a shield block four points of acid damage during an event then that shield is temporarily destroyed. While it is destroyed the bearer automatically takes any damage that is inflicted on the shield, so it immediately should be dropped. In order to repair a destroyed shield, it must be set down, and someone must role-play repairing it while someone casts mend armor on it.

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