Basin of Purify Spirit

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Basin of Purify Spirit
Tinkering Level:2
Crafting Requirement:8 crafting points, 40 coin
Encampment Item:Yes
Brief Description:Casts purify spirit 3/ game day with a head dunk.

Tinkering Item: Basin of Purify Spirit

A basin of purify spirit is a per game day magic object that must be kept in an encampment to be used. Three times per game day a character can benefit from the spell purify spirit by dunking their head in the basin while it is filled with water. During cold weather events players should only role-play dunking their heads.

Prop should be a basin that is large enough to at least dunk half a player’s head. Ornate or clearly special looking. Wood, metal, or plaster preferred. No plastic.

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Per Game Day Magic Objects

All types of magic objects that duplicate spells require an incant to activate the spell unless the object specifies something different in its description.

Objects that are per game day never wear out from use, but can only be used a limited number of times per game day. These items cast spells but don't require any magic power points from the user to activate. Separate from the cap character's have on power points per game day, there is also a cap of twenty magic power points (spell levels) worth of spells from per game day objects each game day. Per game day items with "unlimited activations" or "unlimited use" still count against this channeling limit unless they specifically state otherwise. Once the charges of one of these objects is expended it is useless for the remainder of the game day.

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Purify Spirit

The purify spirit spell purges a character’s body of dangerous poisons, returning their body to healthy state. A caster is permitted to heal themselves with this spell assuming they are still able to cast magic.

Purify spirit cures the character of the poisoned condition, the effects of weaken, and sometimes other story effects determined by the game master.

This spell does not heal body points, limb wounds, or torso wounds. Purify spirit does not reverse the effects of compulsion spells like stun and does not remove the effects of curses or diseases.

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