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About Prosthetic Ears

For some PC races prosthetic ears are required parts of the costuming. These are some tips and tricks from the props and atmosphere marshal, Dustan Weidman, to help you make them look their best.

  • Blending: Elf ears should be blended to match skin tone. This means that the ears you purchase need to be painted or use makeup to effectively match your skin tone as close as possible. Additionally, the edge of the ear should be hidden by hair, ear cuffs, or makeup (see below). Note that this can be difficult, but can also look great.
  • Silicone ears: These are more expensive than latex ears, however, they look WAY better and require no blending (if the right color ear is purchased).
    • Places you can buy silicone ears:
      • Aradani Costumes: Small surface area, small ears. These are the ones Dustan W (Jace) uses.
      • A shop on Etsy: Larger ears. These are the ears Laura B (Stone/ Thaereon) and Stefan Bellows (Alareon) use.
      • Another shop on Etsy. Untested. Look good in the link.
  • Ear cuffs: A link to a picture of what they are
  • Painting your ears: A guide
  • Makeup to use: A regular makeup wheel. Something oil based so rain doesn't wash it off.

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