Light Tubes

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Light Tubes
Tinkering Level:1
Crafting Requirement:4 crafting points, 20 coin
Encampment Item:No
Brief Description:A single bulb flashlight or a 1-3 LED light

Tinkering Item: Light Tubes

It would not be safe to bring a real world torch or a lantern into the game would even if these would be appropriate items to have in-game. For safety reasons the next most appropriate light source is to bring a small flashlight so that players have a method of finding things in the dark. To keep a flashlight from breaking immersion in the game, these flashlights are restricted to being a single bulb incandescent flashlight, or a 1-3 LED light. These should be handheld items with a narrowly focused beam.

Categories: Tinkering Items | Rank One Tinkering

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