Magic Lock Box

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Magic Lock Box
Tinkering Level:1
Crafting Requirement:4 crafting points, 20 coin
Encampment Item:No
Brief Description:A magic box that casts magic lock once per gd

Tinkering Item: Magic Lock Box

A magic lock box can be any ornate box or any size. Incorporating blue coloring is suggested..

Once per game day any character can activate the box to cast the spell magic lock on the box.

The box does not actually require a physical lock on it. The item is a "magic lock" "box" as opposed to a "magic" "lock box".

Related Prop Guidelines

Tinkering Item: Lock and Keys

This is any basic object with a lock on it.

A key should also be attached to the lock under a piece of tape that players can use when they use an in-game effect (such as an explosive charge) to open the lock. Players are honor bound not to use the key if they do not have access to a way to disable the lock.

The prop for a lock must be a real lock (commonly an iron or brass lock) that someone (not necessarily the person bringing the lock into the game) can successfully demonstrate picking using basic lock picking tools. No obviously modern locks e.g. master-locks or combination locks.

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