Mirror of Sophistry

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Mirror of Sophistry
Alchemy Level:1
Flag Required:None
Herbalism Required to Use:No
Production Requirements:2 Production Points, 10 Coins

Mirror of Sophistry

An alchemist’s mirror of sophistry acts as his philosophic focus, showing them a reflection of themselves in which they may judge and consider their morals and direction.

All second level alchemy requires a personal mirror of sophistry that acts as a reagent for the production of new items. It has no other effects.

Producing this item costs two Production Points and 10 coins. Each mirror is created specifically for its user. If a Mirror is lost, stolen, or destroyed, a new one must be created before any production of second level amalgams can continue.

Creation of this item requires the player provide their own prop and present it to logistics each time it is used. This can be any framed or engraved mirror that does not look anachronistic. It may vary in size from that of a playing card to a wall hanging. This prop must be presented and approved at logistics at sign in, where it will be given a treasure ID number. It is an in-game, stealable item.

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