Missile Weapon Props

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Missile Weapon Props

Bows must have a draw weight of 35 pounds or less at 28 inches draw.

Crossbow draw weight should comply with this table.

Compound bows, PVC bows, takedown bows, brightly colored fiberglass bows, modern crossbows, or any other obviously modern archery equipment (including but not limited to peep sights, weights, camouflage or brightly colored shafting) are prohibited.

Brightly colored and/ or rubber fletching is allowed. Brightly colored plastic nocks will not disqualify arrows.

Each bow entering play must have at least 3 legal, arrows accompanying it.

A draw stop must be present on all arrows to ensure they are not drawn past 28 inches.

The head of an arrow must be at least 2 inches in every dimension and must be a uniform, round shape. The head of an arrow or bolt must not be wobbly or move from side to side.

All arrows must contain a coin or similar small rigid disk perpendicular to the end of the shaft to prevent shaft punch-through. Commercially made rubber bird blunts also fulfill this requirement. Golf tube arrows are not permitted.

All arrows and bolts must have at least two full fletchings and a nock.

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Missile Weapon Rules

Missile weapons include both bows and crossbows. Modern archery equipment is not allowed though there are some exceptions for fletching and nocks. Arrows and bolts must always be fired, they can never be thrown. Bows can never be used to parry or block. If a bow is struck in melee combat it is considered destroyed until it is repaired with an effect like the mend armor spell. If attacking at a range of less than 10 feet archers are required to only half-draw their bows. Crossbows may only fire at targets under 10 feet away if their bow has been tested to have a draw of 15 pounds or less.

Missile weapon hits to a wounded limb affect the torso. If a missile weapon strikes a weapon it deals damage as if it had proceeded unimpeded. Players may never use a weapon to intentionally deflect a missile, the penalty for doing so is taking the attack to the torso ignoring any armor the player might have but not body. Shields may be used to block missiles.

Archers within reason can call hits on their targets. Abusing this can result in being barred from using archery.

The damage a character deals with missile weapons begins at one. This can be improved by skills and sometimes magic items or other effects. A character using a bow may voluntarily inflict half the damage they are capable of (rounded down) to add the "pierce" call to an attack.

If a crossbow has a stirrup, goatsfoot lever, or other comparable device it calls for "pierce" damage.

In order to use a missile weapon a character must have the missile training skill.

Missile weapons have a cap of 4 damage.

Spells which enhance a weapon such as enchant weapon or silvershine are cast on the missile weapon itself not on the ammunition. Each attack made from such an improved missile weapon gains the effect of the respective spell.

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